Dax Carter’s protein shake – ALL NEW


16 min.

We took all the ideas/criticism from those in the vore community and made the best vore film yet. Please keep in mind this is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script.


“oh man, finally a really awesome vore video. Dax is so dominating and aggressive as the pred, love it. They also added in digestion sounds, the muffled sounds of Connor, and I love how Dax moved. Bravo.”

-Dax and jay are watching tv and then Jay says he needs to go to the bathroom. He gets up to go but accidentally leaves his phone on the couch unlocked. Dax glances over and sees a text where he sees jay messaging a friend about how he’s gonna eat Dax, and how he’s not the only one he’s ate. Dax shocked and then upset, puts the phone back and acts like he didn’t read it. Jay comes back and then says he’s hungry, to which Dax agrees. Jay asks what they should eat, and Dax says he has an idea, and goes for jay. It’s a fight, but Dax emerges victorious and struggles to get up. He hits his stomach and says he read his text. He feels something come up and he spits out his phone, and then says he can’t have him calling for help. We hear stomach gurgling and jays screaming muffled. His stomach moves around a bit and jay comes up and fights around his mouth before he swallows again, and burps. He then looks at jays phone and says he can go for dessert and says he’ll text jays friend to come over. He laughs and rubs his stomach and then grabs the phone and starts texting, and the scene ends with one more burp.

-Jay hypnotizes Dax and tells him he’ll suddenly want to eat everything around him when he snaps his fingers. He’s laid out a bunch of food at the table and Dax eats it all. Dax then says he’s still hungry and asks if there’s anything else, to which jay says no. Dax then looks at jay and says there’s him and then before jay can do anything, eats him. Jay snaps before Dax fully swallows his hand, but Dax finishes him off before the effect wears off. Finally, Dax completely snaps out of it, and feels full but doesn’t know why. He looks down and sees he’s bloated, but doesn’t know why but likes how it feels. He feels around his stomach saying how big he is and tries flexing but can’t. He jokingly says he looks like he ate a person and looks for jay to show him, yelling for him. After no response, he shrugs and burps and then yawns and then says he needs a nap. He lays and bed and rubs his stomach and then his stomach moves, and Dax says he thinks he saw it move, but then says he must be seeing things and closes his eyes.

-Dax is training for a bodybuilding competition and is working out. Jay comes into the scene asking what happened to all the food, to which Dax says he ate it cause he needed it to get bigger. Jay goes on a rant about how while he admires Dax’s fitness lifestyle, it can be a pain, which just annoys Dax. Jay asks if he’s even listening and Dax puts down the weights. He says he was busy thinking about eating again cause he already burned off what he ate earlier, and says he still needs to get even bigger. Jay says there’s no more food, and Dax disagrees and throws jay to the ground and eats him. Dax stands up and burps, laughing and looking at his struggling stomach. He flexes his arms and says how now he’ll be even stronger thanks to his annoying friend. He jokingly just says he hopes he doesn’t absorb any of his annoying traits. He coughs up his glasses and says he’ll have something to remember him by, but say he doesn’t need to remember him anyway since he’ll just become part of Dax, and swallows the glasses again. He takes a selfie of him looking all bloated and says he’ll do a hashtag cheat meal, still hungry. He goes back to his workout but then in the middle of it starts to feel sick. He continues for a bit longer but then puts down the dumbbells and says wonders what’s going on before his stomach starts moving. He flexes it hoping that will crush jay and stop the moving, but even while flexed his stomach still is moving around. He then burps and then something starts moving in his mouth. He throws up Jay, and jay takes bends down and pulls his glasses out of Dax’s mouth. He flips out. Dax stands up and jay hits him with something making him dizzy for a second and jay runs to the next room. He’s cornered and Dax walks in and says how his food shouldn’t fight back, and says how his arms and chest and muscles need to grow. He demands jay to become part of him, and accept it, and get back inside, and jay tries to punch him but Dax grabs the punch and drags his arm into his mouth off camera, and starts slowly eating him again. He walks back on screen full, and flexes his body parts and says how jays pathetic self will become something great soon. He then burps and grabs a beer and sits down to watch tv to relax.

Superhero jay known for his super strength is in his casual clothes and is relaxing in his home when he senses something not right. He hears something in the bedroom. He walks in there wondering what that was and then supervillain Dax from out of the closet uses his powers and touches jay turning him into candy(gummy bear) he taunts the now candy-fied jay about how easy it was to find out his secret identify and laughs. He then picks up the candy/gummy bear and it fights around a bunch in his closed hand. Dax is somewhat shocked that he’s still fighting back in this form but then assumes it’s due to jays super strength. He tightly holds with both hands jay and decides his super strength would be a great ability to have and then tells jay how good he looks. This causes more struggling in his hands and annoyed jay throws the candy up and it falls in his mouth. There’s a lot of struggling in his mouth. Jay opens up by force Dax’s mouth which Dax is trying to close using all his energy, and falls out and tries to get away, but Dax picks him up before it gets far. He then shoves the candy bear jay in his mouth and swallows quickly. He lets out a burp and laughs evilly about how good that tasted. He starts feelings stronger already, and says he’ll start eating all the super heroes and taking their powers, and flexes a bit, but before he can truly absorb jays strength, he starts to burp and Dax jokingly says it must be indigestion. Then Jay starts punching a bunch around his stomach causing it to move, it gets so bad that Dax even moves around due to the force of the punches. He tells him to stop, but it keeps going, until Dax says he doesn’t feel good from the stomach ache, and feels something come back up. He tries to swallow it back down as jay travels back up but it’s useless and jay starts fighting around his mouth one more time before Dax spits him out unwillingly. Jay transforms back into a human and tells Dax he was an idiot, and will now be away to prison for a long time.

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