Matt gets ready for his clients – PG RATED VERSION

Unwilling Escort

17 min.

Don’t want to spend the extra money to see Matt’s ass/cock? Well, we are now offering this PG version for a limited time. Please note this is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below.


“I absolutely loved your first video with Matt! He is definitely one of my favorite models you’ve ever had and he did an amazing job in the Unwilling Escort role. I would love to see more of him in this series!”

“Thank you for making my Unwilling Escort script with Matt such a success. Matt was sensational in the role of the unwilling escort. Matt proved to be a natural in the knockout scenes. What a discovery! He is so fantastic at playing the part of the unsuspecting and limp masculine victim. Your manipulation of his body was also exceptional. The bed sequence was a real treat. Matt was one of the sexiest rag dolls you have filmed. Well done, Matt! I can see Matt becoming one of the best “unwilling escorts” and I hope that we will see him in many more episodes with sexy knockouts.


The doctor is on his computer and he is speaking on the phone to a customer. He is reviewing some of Matt’s sneak photos he has sent to the customer as a sample. Matt, of course, is unaware that these photos have been taken( e.g. photos of Matt asleep, taking a shower, undressing in his bedroom)

The doctor praises the qualities of his new unwilling escort. He explains to the customer how Matt -his new lodger- has responded well to medicated foot stickers and spiked drinks, as well as sedative foot injections that cause amnesia. He refers to his new sedative talcum powder that he plans to test out on Matt. He plans to put some on Matt’s flip flops and check the results.

The doctor books the eager customer for an appointment with Matt that same evening. He is still looking at some of Matt’s sneak pics when Matt enters the room. The doctor manages to quickly change screen/close laptop. Matt has no idea that the doctor has been looking at the photos.

Matt says he is going to have a shower. He leaves his flip flops just in front of the bathroom door. The doctor puts a small quantity of the sedative talcum powder on each flip flop and leaves them outside the bathroom. When Matt comes out of the shower we have a close-up of his feet as he slowly puts his flip flops on and the drug starts penetrating his soles.

In the next scene Matt appears in the sitting room just wearing his flip flops and a pair of shorts with a white tank top. Matt rests his feet on the table in front of him still wearing his flip flops that do their sedative work moment by moment… The doctor looks at Matt’s feet and smiles knowingly…He knows the hunk will be in deep sleep soon.

After a brief discussion Matt collapses on the sofa. His feet (still in flip flops) relax and go limp on the table. The doctor approaches and performs an eyecheck to determine depth of sedation. He moves the legs from the coffee table into a seated position. He sits next to his unconscious subject and plays with his limp arms and legs. He then pulls the limp body down to the floor and then through the corridor into the bedroom. (Another eye check takes place in the bedroom when Matt is positioned on the bed)

The flip flops come off and Matt’s feet wiped off with a towel or baby wipes making sure that all sedative talcum powder is gone and feet are ready to be played with. Then the doctor strips Matt and leaves him just with a pair of small briefs. He plays with Matt’s feet, nipples, and poses Matt’s body taking photos of his new escort.

(Posing the body could include the following: moving him all over the bed both on his back and face down. You can improvise as long as he is limp. On his back with the upper half of the body hanging from the edge of the bed with arms limp hanging off the bed. On his stomach with upper body on the bed and legs hanging off the bed with soles and ass facing the camera. On his side arranging his legs in different positions. On his back, lifting each of his legs and letting it drop, or both his legs, spreading them, dropping them etc)

The doctor might choose to suck the unconscious guy’s toes or play with his unconscious feet.

“Time for your next customer, sleepy boy!”, says the doctor and injects Matt’s big toe with a sedative. Matt’s eyes open momentarily as he is being injected in the foot but he quickly becomes cross-eyed and passes out before he manages to say anything (close up of the face as he passes out). Matt’s mouth remains half open as he goes under.

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