JB is for rent – ALL NEW (review)

Unwilling Escort

17 min.


“I just bought the “JB escort” video. Wow! He is really good. His unpowerfull body is very realistic. His turned eyes are so amazing. he is one of the best model. I can’t wait to see more of him.”

In this video we find JB already passed out on the bed as Dr. Smith takes some photos of him for his client John. JB come around only to be knocked out (eye check). Dr. Smith then does some arm drops, feels up his tummy/belly button, does an eye check, plays with his nipples, and knocks him out a second time as he comes around. Then we see Dr. Smith manipulate his legs, drop him back from a upward position, have lean up against Dr. Smith, and another knock out. Finally, Dr. Smith removes his shirt and shorts and manipulates his rag doll more and worships his body. JB is then dragged off the body and out of the room. Now we see him seating and played with like a rag doll as Dr. Smith talks to the client about his night with JB that is coming up.


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