Beau is a bit open minded (review)

Unwilling Escort

Dr. Smith hires an escort and puts him under willingly with a new lotion he created. Beau goes under and Dr. Smith performs an eye check, removes his pants, does some legs/arm drops, and sits him up and moves his limp body around. Beau begins to come around after Dr. Smith records some findings and does more eye checks and arms drops etc. . . As expected Beau remembers nothing. Dr. Smith pays Beau and says he knows others who might want to hire him and he refuses. Beau is then offered a breath strip and he slowly falls asleep and ends up on the floor. Dr. Smith drags him the living room and takes pics/video of him positions limp and removes his underwear. Finally we see Beau facedown on the bed as Dr. Smith places different sex toys next to the bed and invites John over for a session with him. The video ends with a nice shot of his ass and his penis sticking out under his balls.

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“I just wanted to give you credit on job well done with the new Beau videos. When Dr. Smith and Beau get together, you know that we are in for a treat. Beau seems to have a very easy-going and congenial attitude combined with good acting skills and a perfectly muscular hairy (DO NOT SHAVE IT) body makes for excellent films; I think that I have most of the Beau Collection :) I don’t know why Beau does not have more work (maybe he’s being discerning who he shares the goods with), but I am glad that he comes back to Film 911. I hope there are plans to bring Beau to film more content: another unwilling escort/massage, Dr. Smith classic , robot (theme: returned malfunctioning Beau-bot unit for repairs) and, my favorite, hypnosis. I am also happy to see you collaborating with Pablo.”