Aldo has mechanical issues – ALL NEW (reviews)

Unwilling Escort

26 min.


“Aldo’s Unwilling Escort was such a fantastic version in the series! His acting was great in the initial knockout scene. His confused and helpless look as the Doctor applies the sedative stickers on his sexy soles is something else. The eye checks you performed on Aldo both in the lounge and bedroom scenes were some of the best on your site. Not all models are able to appear convincing during an eyecheck, but Aldo was a natural. The chloroform scenes in the corridor and in bed were fantastic. Especially in the bedroom chloroform scene, you do a wonderful close up shot of Aldo’s face. Aldo acts the part of the knocked out escort beautifully and I hope we will see more of him in the future. Well done to both of you for this Unwilling Escort favourite!”

“Aldo was a fantastic actor, and hope you are planning to shoot more content with him soon. I wanted to suggest a script for a Dr. Smith/CPR script you could do later on. Aldo was one of your best models at rolling his eyes back when they were checked and also playing a limp ragdoll. I think this would showcase how well he can sell that in one of your other genres.”

Aldo’s phone dies and so he knocks on Dr. Smiths door for help. Dr. Smith offers him a drink and Aldo slowly goes under medicated stickers are used as well). Once under, Dr. Smith feels him, does eye check, and moves him off the couch and down the hallway and onto the bed. In the bedroom Dr. Smith does some muscle worship, moves his limbs about, uses some chloroform, calls his client, and performs CPR when he flatlines. Dr. Smith leaves the room and Aldo tries to escape only to be knocked out in the hallway. Back in the bedroom Dr. Smith goes to town with all the rag doll manipulation and worship of Aldo.

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