Matt’s never ate so much – ALL NEW (review)


24 min.


“Hi. I just purchased the video of Matt Stuffing. Matt is the PERFECT
guy for food porn videos. He looks fantastic. Great to see him
shirtless with belly button in view as he eats large amounts of food.
Love the soda pop going in a funnel. Loved all the references to his
beautiful belly button, and touching and playing with and in his belly
button. Thanks for the great video!!”

Matt is home from work and his friend Jay suggests checking out this video he found so he can unwind. The video pops up on Matt’s phone and he goes under Jay’s control. Jay tells Matt that upon waking he will have in insatiable appetite. Jay says “wake” and Matt comes to and begs for something to eat. Of course Jay is ready and comes out with a pile of tacos, a few churros, a quesadilla, and more. Matt begins to eat and is put under again and told that when he wakes he will ask Jay to feed him. Jay then feeds him a few churros. Now that he is almost bursting at the seams, Matt unbuttons his shirt and pants revealing his ever growing belly and sexy chest hair. Jay suggest he stands up so he can help rub his belly and then says maybe some soda will help. In the kitchen, Matt starts guzzling down soda and letting out lots of burps while Jay rubs his belly. Back at the dining room table (shirtless), Matt continues to eat until he is put under and told to go outside and allow Jay to use a funnel to feed him more soda (no cap was used on the funnel). Now we see Matt drinking soda from the funnel as Jay pours it down. Eventually it is to much and it spills down his belly and Jay feels up his wet sticky belly. Matt is now cleaned up and laying on the couch and enjoying Jay rubbing his belly. Jay has him stand up so he can rub his belly and play with his belly button. Finally we see Matt laying on his side in bed moaning in agony cause he is so full with Jay rubbing his belly. Jay leaves and Matt lays on his back touching his belly and moaning more and more.

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