Jaxx can’t stop


14 min.

Note: Jaxx and Brad are just fantastic in this video. This might be my favorite stuffing video that we have produced.


“Getting even better every time! Jaxx easily has the biggest belly of all the models! The burping, the chemistry between Brad and Jaxx, exactly what’s needed for every video. One of my favorite stuffing videos. Keep up the great work!”

Jaxx is working out and his roomie Brad asks him how he is doing and he expresses his frustration about taking things to the next level. Brad suggests hypnosis and puts him and under. Jaxx doesn’t notice a different immediately afterwards and goes about his day. Later, Brad finds him hunched over a ton of pizza, breadsticks, sauce, soda. Jaxx tells him he just never feels full and can’t stop eating. Brad helps him out by stuffing him a bit and then spills something on his shirt and takes it off. Now both guys are stuffing each other, admiring each others bellies, and worshipping them a bit. Brad brings out the funnel and Jaxx drinks the rest of the soda (lots of burping though out) They both lay down to rest and digest and then Jaxx gets up to get dressed and bursts through his shirt (he literally put it on and ripped through it). The roomies walk back to the kitchen and Brad reverses the trance and now Jaxx wants nothing to do with food.

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