Ethan + Kyle pop – ALL NEW

Hypnosis, Stuffing

19 min.

Part 1:

It is shot from a first person perspective like the first stuffing video with Kyle was done, you walk in and Kyle and ethan are sitting on the sofa and they look up at the camera

Kyle says “Damn dude, I am so bored, there is nothing to do , I don’t want to watch anymore TV I want to do something,  Ethan says “Yea we haven’t done anything in weeks, there has got to be something we can do around here.”  You say well I found this really interesting video online, here let me send it to you both so you can watch it.  Ethan roles his eyes and says “Dude we don’t want to watch anything else we are sick of watching shit!” To which you reply listen trust me you will both like it.  They both pull out their phones, Kyle says, “Uh I think your video is messed up, I’m only seeing some static type stuff, is something supposed to hap…” he trails off as Kyle and Ethan pass out.

You ask Kyle and Ethan if they can hear you and they boy reply yes.  You say to them both okay Kyle and Ethan,  when I say the phrase “Would you please” you have to do whatever it is that I ask you to, they both say Yes.  You then snap your fingers and they both wake up.  Ethan says “Dude what the fuck happened, I just passed out so quickly.” Kyle says “I guess it was because that video was just weird and boring, it probably just put us to sleep.”  You say it wasn’t that weird I’m sure there is weirder stuff out there, besides It was something to help pass the time.  Oh kyle and Ethan would you please come with me into the kitchen?  They both say yea sure and follow you into the kitchen.

When they both get into the kitchen you say, okay Kyle and Ethan, would you please chug a gallon of water? Kyle and ethan both look at each other and are little confused, but they both get a glass and start to fill up the glasses with water.  They both look at each other and say cheers and start to chug.    It then cuts to both of the guys finishing chugging a glass of water and they both set the glasses down.  They both wince in pain from being full,and rub their bellies to try and help with the pressure.  Kyle says “Oh man, I don’t know what I did that, that was weird but hey I managed to get a gallon of water in this gut.”  and lifts his shirt up and pats his swollen belly.  Ethan says “Well dude I am right there with you”  and he lifts up his shirt also.  You say damn guys you both really swelled up, and you reach foward and gently poke both bellies and say wow you both feel like water balloons.  Kyle laughs and says “well I mean both of us kinda are right now with a gallon of water in us both.”  Ethan says “yea man not many people can fit a gallon of water in their guts as easy as we did” and slaps his belly, and he winces and says fuck that was a bad idea.  You laugh and say well dude what would really help you both is a couple of pizzas, How about I order two large pizzas for us both and a couple of two liters?  They both agree to it and you order the pizza”

The pizzas and two liters get there and they both bring them back to the sofas and open the boxes and Ethan asks you how many slices you want, and you say I Just need one slice and you take one from the pizza that is in front of Ethan and you say Kyle and Ethan, would you please Eat the rest of the pizza in front of you?  They look down at the pizza and Ethan says “dude I dont know I don’t think I could fit a whole pizza in me if I was empty, but sure I will get it a try.”  Ethan says “Yea man I don’t think I have ever eaten a whole pizza before but I will try also.”  After they have both eaten a few slices you ask them both how full they are feeling, Kyle says “Oh man I am feeling so full, but I don’t know why but I feel like I have to eat all this pizza”  Ethan says “yea I know you what mean, I feel like I have to finish this pizza even though I have never felt so full in my life.”  You say well you both should keep eating then If you feel like you have to, you must be hungrier than you thought. Kyle and Ethan, would you please take off your shirts?  The both take them off and keep eating, and then it cuts to them both with having one slice left.  They are both leaning back and they both have their last slice in one hand and the other holding onto their gut,  Kyle looks up at you kinda worried and says “Damn dude I don’t know whats going on with me, I feel like my gut is ready to pop but I still want to eat more.”  Ethan moans and gently pokes his gut and says “yea man my gut feels like its gonna burst but I want to keep going.”  You say well I know something that would help, Kyle and Ethan, would you please rub your guts?  They both start to rub their guts and feel a bit of relief, Kyle says, “wow that actually does feel really really good and they both start to eat the pizza slice again, and you get up and get and get in front of Ethan and kneel down in front of him and say Ethan would you please let me rub your belly?  He says sure dude and you start to rub his belly gently and  you say wow you weren’t kidding your belly really does feel like it could burst.  Kyle says “dude you think he does? I had a extra slice more than he did, what about giving me some belly rubs?”  You get up and get in front of Kyle and you rub his belly gently before giving it a poke and he winces and says “ow be careful Don’t be trying to pop me!”  And you say okay okay I will be gently and you rub his belly a bit more and you say well you both better finish those slices.  They both eat the rest of the pizza slice and They both let out a moan and Kyle says “Fuck I have never been this full.”  Ethan says “yea man we should be competitive eaters with how much we can fit in our guts.”  And gives his gut a slap and moans loudly and sayd ” shit I should not have done that, I am way too full, I could h ave accidentally made myself pop!”

You laugh and say nah dude I think your your gut could handle a lot more before that happened and  you gently poke Ethan’s gut and he says “ow dude be careful with it.”  You then say well I bet you both must be really thirst right about now, how about you both have a two liter of soda each?  Kyle and Ethan look at each other and Kyle says “Oh nah dude nothing else is going to fit in this gut.  You say, Kyle and Ethan would you please go into the kitchen and each chug a two liter of soda?  Ethan says “wait what” but they both get up anyway and go into the kitchen and get a two liter each,   Kyle says “dude whats happening to us?”  Ethan says “something is wrong I can’t stop myself as they both start to chug, after a bit of chugging they pause and Kyle looks at you says said “wait you have been saying would you please a lot today, and I have to do whatever you say, what did you do to use?”  And they both start to chug again, you say well, that video I sent you?  little hypnosis video I made specifially for the two of  you, you have to do everything I say.  Kyle says “oh man, please, let me sto[, I can’t fit much more in this gut, look at it its really about to burst!”  You laugh and say well then I guess we will see what happens.  it then cuts to them finishing the soda and they are both moaning from being over stuffed and holding onto their guts.  Ethan says ” Please don’t make us do anymore, we really might over do it and burst! Look how full we both are!”  You say you both do look full, but I’m not done with either of you yet.  Ethan, would you please go lay down on the bed and Kyle would you please go stand in the bathroom?  They both leave the kitchen holding onto their guts and moaning

You walk into the bathroom with Kyle and say Kyle would you please swallow this, Kyle looks at the pill in your hand and says wait what is it, while he reaches and grabs it and swallows it, after he swallows it you say well you know what happens to a mentos after its dropped into soda right?  Kyle pauses and gets wide eyed and says Yes.  You will, what I just gave you was 10 times stronger than a mentos, and as you finish he says “Oh shit, I can feel myself expanding!”  You start to back away and say dude you you’re gonna pop any second now and you give a last poke to his belly and you say bye Kyle and you shut the door and from the other side you can hear him say “Oh shit I’m really gonna burst! Oh no…fuck…I’m gonna pop! I’m gonna ” and you hear a popping sound meaning that Kyle popped.

You walk into the bedroom with Ethan laying on tbe bed holding onto his gut and you have the last pizza slice in your hand that you saved from earlier, he sees the pizza slices and says “oh no dude please no more, I can’t handle anymore, if you make me eat anymore  You are going to be cleaning me off the walls because its going to make me burst!”  You laugh and say well I already did make Kyle burst so lets see what happens to you, Ethan would you please eat this last pizza slice?  Ethan moans but reaches for the slice anyway, as he eats the slice you get on the bed and straddle him looking down at his belly as you gently poke his gut, making Ethan moan more.

When Ethan has just a few bits left he says out of breath because he is so full“please…get this away…can’t handle it…gonna burst”  and as he eats the last bit and he is chewing it up he says “too much food…too much… gonna” and as he swallows the last bite, he looks at you wide eyed and says “Uh oh.”and then he bursts with a loud pop

Part 2:

Coach Ethan is telling his wrestler Kyle that he isn’t doing enough to bulk so he suggests some dessert and smashes a banana cream pie in his face. The torment doesn’t stop there as he uses whip cream and chocolate sauce to really get the point across as he continues to verbally beat Kyle like the asshole coach that he is. Suddenly we hear the word FREEZE and the two freeze as Dr. Smith commands Kyle to go after Coach Ethan with a strawberry cream pie and the whip cream/chocolate sauce. Dr. Smith says wake and Kyle proceeds to get back at his asshole coach. Dr. Smith then FREEZES them again and when they wake they apologize to each other and get nice hug in.

NOTES: This video contains some burping, pizza eating, water chugging, and soda drinking.

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