Amir gets messy – ALL NEW (review)


16 min.


“Insanely hot!  Something for everybody! Stuffing!  Muscle worship!  And MESS!! Amir takes the pie and slop like a champ!  I love the natural reactions from everybody.  Brad CLEARLY enjoys his role here and takes his time savoring every lick and muscle rub against Amir’s flawless body.  This is stunning work and a CRAZY hot video!”

Amir comes to see Dr. Smith with his pal Brad cause he is having some issues. Dr. Smith instructs Brad to handcuff Amir and stuff him full of tacos (he ate almost a dozen). Amir isn’t very cooperative and when he thinks it’s over Brad gets dessert. Dessert consisted of two pies, whip cream, and chocolate sauce all over his body. Brad then feels up his muscles while smearing everything all over Amir before licking some of it off. Some great burping scenes to.

Note: This is one heck of a hot stuffing video mixed with some humiliation. Hope you guys like it.

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