Jonah with Mr. Latcher – ALL NEW (review)

Robot, Unwilling Escort

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script in the final product.

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“Jonah is so good as Mr. Latcher’s new toy. Love seeing his Uncle Dr. Smith program his nephew and have some fun with him as well. And damn, what a cock.”

A Mr. Latcher video: Dr. Smiths other nephew Josh

Mr. Latcher is looking at catalogues of guys given by Dr. Smith that could potentially be his new toy. It so happen he picked one familiar guy to Dr. Smith, his other Nephew Josh… so Dr. Smith Immediately called Mr. Latcher that there has been a mistake on his part he accidentally put the photos of his nephew in the catalogue folders.. he was very apologetic that its his family so he told Mr. Latcher that he thinks its not possible… but Mr. Latcher was very adamantly stubborn so he keeps naming prices and Dr. Smiths keeps on declining.

Until one day Josh coincidentally came to his house and ask his uncle if he could stay for a while in his house because he is in some trouble and he really needs some money to solve it.

Mr. Latcher still keeps contacting Dr. smith and giving offers then dr. smith with urge to help he realize that maybe the offer could help… so he bargained to mr. latcher that it could be possible if he could from time to time return Josh back because he doesn’t want to have problems with family regarding Josh missing. Mr. Latche and Dr. Smith had come to terms and so the programming of the new toy is about to begin soon.

SCENE 1 (you do your usual Mr.Latcher introduction. Improvise I know you can 😊)

Josh on the medical bed with the VR and Headphones already attached to him some electrodes on his chest. Twitching from time to time moaning, groaning whenever his muscles tensed when he twitches. Sometimes in the scene he is resisting (sometimes screaming “no” as if he is being tortured in the VR feed, etc you can improvise in this scene 😊. Would really be cool to see this scenes). You explained that it’s been a bit complicated the screaming is natural during his conditioning so no worries its just a bit complicated to do this custom toy for you specially it’s my nephew. That you also documented all the things that had happened that he can watch it after this brief demo. “He is already ready infact I can activate him now for a simple demo introduction of who he is and that he can fulfill all your desires.”

*you can make him flex here too I just hope he is like a robot

SCENE 2: Josh recruited for a project

Dr. smith proposed to Josh that he has this new project that he was just in time to have a volunteer and it pays well that the project is sponsored and that he could even buy an apartment if the project succeeds.

Josh was actually thankful because he really needs a job to pay for things so he actually ask his uncle that he could be part of the project that he even ask where should he sign to be a part of it. Dr. Smith printed some documents and Josh never even bothered reading it because he is being desperate and also he trusted that Dr. Smith is family so he didn’t think twice to sign in for the project his uncle have in store for him.

Dr. Smith then told Josh that the project is simple that he just need a volunteer for his new prototype of gadget its not in the market yet and that its top secret. so he present them to Josh, the Earbuds and fitnessband he explained that its not gonna do harm all it will do is just boost ones fitness ability, and monitor specific vital signs he just needs datas and volunteers to prove his theories and for now just one volunteer is ok. So he handed the gadgets to josh made him download a special app to sync the devices and so that dr. smith can monitor him too. Josh happily and excitedly downloaded the app, then Dr. smith told Josh that they are about to start and that the important thing in this project is never take the device off, that he should be wearing them 24/7 it’s a self charging earphones that charges from the body’s static electricity so no need to worry about battery running off. Josh said that he read that part in the contract and just when he is about to ask a question about that.. dr. smith just started the app.

After starting Josh in mid-sentence froze completely, eyes went glassy blank then slowly rolled to the back of his head (for atleast 30 sec or I hope longer to seem like rebooting the mind like a computer robot) then his eyes slowly return back to the normal glassy blank stare then his consciousness returned like nothing happened. Josh upon returning to his consciousness did feel energized in a way and completely forgot what he was about to say. Dr. Smith said “congratulations you are now completely part of the program. Looking forward for the results.”

SCENE 3: Multiple things you can do

Everyday Josh is working out and seems like he never gets tired he felt more and more energize each and everyday able to do workouts effortlessly.

Here you can freeze him mid workout for a while and touch his body, manipulate him in every way you can by voice command or manually, even get him naked if you want but with his eyes completely blank staring without him even realizing what is happening. Just like a mindless statue. (TWUNK is a good trigger because I think he has a twink-hunk body) *I hope he avoids blinking too much, and if he does I hope in a very robot like fashion.

Days that you just sometimes tease Josh touching his body while he works out and sometimes Josh feels awkward about it and also gets angry and you calm him down with the App making him docile and compliant like a robot. (You can make him stroke here too) (no triggers in this one just use your phone)

Days that you make him do chores cleaning, gardening, making dinner becoming your human table with his abs as the table etc. really hope he could really be robot like in every way when blank

Days you make him your personal thing for use in romance, cuddling, etc.. (ROMEO MODE)

But your favorite days are when you use him as your robot butler (hope he can do
something british accent lol) wearing only a Bow tie, cuffs, something like the chip’n dale
but in undies that he wears where his cock and balls are pulled out. (up to if cock out or
not) Functions like a personal organizer, assistant and event notifier, or even feed you if you are too lazy to do it on your own (BUTLER MODE)

But every night dr. smith goes in to Josh room to recalibrate the devices. Whenever you do this you always put Josh to sleep using the app his eyes rolls to the back of his head while sleeping under the influence of


the app and putting the VR goggle and this are nights where Josh looks like having a nightmare (screaming shouting etc..) but every morning he just look like nothing happened.


Day where Josh becomes curious about what if he takes the devices off his body… the one time he was just curious what if he takes off the earphone after the workout… curiously he took off one earbud he went blank briefly and spoke words robotically “Warning System Failure Please Plug Earbuds Properly” was like having split personality switching on and off but Josh is hearing what he is saying robotically… he was like “WTF?! Is going on” he starts to get weak then he took the other one off then he suddenly collapsed on the floor having seizure eyes rolling, mouth drooling, and also saying robot like words error.

Dr smith received a warning in his phone “I told him never take it off, omg” and he ran towards Josh room who is still having seizure, saying ERROR, error where he needs to be revived at some point, filling him up mouth to mouth , defib etc. (a bit medical scene here)

Josh wakes up in the lab tied tightly on the bed naked and ask his uncle “what happened? Why am I naked?” But Dr. Smith answered with a question “why did you take them off? anyways it’s okay lucky I have all things backed up you’ll be running smoothly in no time for Mr. Latcher.”

Josh confused about what his uncle had said “what do you mean? Back up? Running smoothly? Mr. Latcher?” getting confused and angry as he starts to recall things flash backs etc… “What have you done!?”. Dr. Smith replied “its okay you’ll be fine you’ll be back in no time.” Smith slowly bring his phone out and seem like he is Pressing something in his phone that’s says upload backup. Josh uttered some words a bit “Wait… don’t… please… uncle…” then suddenly become robotic, eyes rolling, twitching, body stiff like a doll on the bed “UPLOADING BACK UP… COMPLETED… REBOOTING… REBOOTING…” then he completely went still then said “RE-CALIBRATING” Josh starts stroking… till he came out… then he went completely still again still eyes wide open blank and said robotically “WAITING FOR COMMAND” Dr. Smith commands him to jerk off.

You can end however you want from here if just end here.