Matt gets a software upgrade


24 min.

This is a custom video and some changes/additions have been made to the script below in the final product. 


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Dr. Smith is on the phone with John telling him about an add he saw on Grundr for something called ManApp which allows you to take control of someone by placing an earpiece in their ear.

The doorbell rings.

Dr Smith: Who could that be?

Dr Smith goes to the door. Matt, his neighbor is standing there. He is in a suit.

Dr Smith: Hey, Matt how is it going?

Matt: Hi, Doctor Smith. I need to speak to you.

Smith: Oh well. Please come in. What can i do for you?

Matt: I just got home from work and my wife told me about how you yelled at my kids this morning.

Smith: Your kids were being so loud. They were screaming and bouncing their ball against my fence. I had a friend round so it was very distracting.

Matt: That doesn’t give you the right to yell at them. You could have asked nicely or even messaged me, you know I’m on the neighborhood watch group chat.

Smith: I’ve spoken to you about it before…

Matt rubs his face. He is frustrated. As he does Smith gets the microchip from the side.

Matt: Just listen. Don’t yell at my kids or I’ll report you to the cops, OK.

Matt turns to leave and Smith quickly places the microchip on the back of his neck.

Nothing happens until Matt get’s to the door and Smith clicks the app. Matt shakes and blinks rapidly for moment before he quickly stands at attention.

Matt (blank and robotic): Welcome to ManApp. Please wait while we take over your chosen man’s mind… loading… loading… takeover complete. You have selected… MATT… to be controlled. Please use the app to control Matt. You have 3 days to use Matt before the microchip deactivates.

Matt has no emotions. His arms glued to his sides.

Smith is shocked with delight.

Smith: Oh my god. OK

Matt: Please accept the terms and conditions. Matt is now property of ManApp and –

Smith: Accept all, please. I haven’t got all day.

Matt goes silent.

Smith taps the app and moves Matt. Matt walks right into Smith.

Smith: Woah. OK. So i can control him remotly.

Smith controls Matt like a remote control toy car. He makes him walk around the room and into the living room. He jokingly has Matt walk into the wall and the table. Matt’s walking is stiff with no personality, his arms stuck to his sides. Dr. Smith activates remove clothing mode and asks Matt to take off different piece of clothing.

Smith: OK.

Smith has Matt stand still. Smith feels the man up. Rubbing his belly, stroking his face, stroking and fixing his hair. Then he activates fitness mode and Matt does a variety of exercises. Now that Matt is pumped up, Dr. Smith activates muscle worship mode and Matt starts flexing and Dr. Smith worships his body.

Smith kisses Matt and licks his face and messes with his hair.

Smith: Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Let’s activate master/slave scenario. I wonder if I can command you… what does the pause button do?

Smith taps the app.

Matt snaps awake in an instant.

Matt: Woah… what the…

Smith: Oh… I guess that the pause button pauses the microchip.

Matt: What are you talking about? I – I gotta head home.

Smith: No problem.

Matt: Are you going to stop bothering my family?

Smith reactivates the chip

Matt: ManApp activated.

Matt stops and stands at attention.

Smith: Is there a voice control for this thing? Ah yes – Matt turn around and return to me.

Matt does as he is commanded. He stands face-to-face with the doctor.

Smith: What is your objective?

Matt: ManApp has overridden my mind with the microchip. I must do exactly what you tell me to do.

Smith: What if you don’t do what I want you to do?

Matt: If there any glitches with the chip please consult customer services.

Smith: Enough of the talking.

Smith has Matt freeze in various positions and plays with him. He even unpauses Matt a few times to get a taste of control.

Smith: I am your master Matt, you will refer to me by that name. Do you understand?

Matt: I understand Master.

Smith: Matt, drop to your knees. And worship me.

Matt drops to his knees and stretches his arms out. He worships him like a king, raising his arms up and down

Smith: Who do you obey?

Matt: I obey you, Master Smith. Your will is my command.

“I obey you Master. I have no free will. Your will is my command.”

Smith: Repeat your mantra three times.

Matt does so.

Smith orders him to stand up.

Smith: Whats your wife’s name?

Matt: Yolanda

Smith: And how many kids do you have?

Matt: Three. Two daughters and a son

Smith: I think by the end of my free trial you wont be a husband or father anymore. Now when I say Activate Dog mode, you will become a dog. Do you understand?

Matt: Yes.

Smith: Smith wakes Matt up.

Matt: What the hell, what’s going on?

Smith: Dog mode.

Matt drops to his knees and barks. He crawls around the room barking. Smith feeds him from a bowl.

Smith puts a collar and leach around Matts neck.

Smith: You’re all messy. I think its time for a shower.

Matt barks.


Matt is standing in the shower. He is in his boxers. He is standing. Blank faced.

Smith turns on the shower and the water falls over Matt. He does not react.

Smith orders his to wash himself like Jameson’s video. He rubs himself slowly and picks up the soap when ordered.

Smith orders Matt to step out when finished.

He follows Smith to the bedroom.


It’s the final day. Matt is lying on Smith’s bed. He is still in his trance state.

Smith is fondling him and kissing him.

Smith: My final day of play. How long do we have together?

Matt: 5 hours left.

Smith: Not long enough.

Smith enjoys his last few hours with Matt, making him act like a zombie, controlling him some more with the remote and freezing him.

It comes to last final minutes and Smith has had Matt put his suit back on, ready to return home. They are in the bedroom still.

Smith: I had so much fun with you these past few days.

Matt says nothing as he is in trance.

Smith: 30 seconds left. May as well wake you up.

Smith clicks the app and Matt wakes up.

Smith: Hey man

Matt: Wait what happened? What’s the time?

Smith: Man, we’ve had so much fun together.

Matt: We – we have?

Smith: Yes, we had a blast! But I think your family will be wanting you back

Matt: Yeah… I’m going to go. I don’t know how i got here but my family will be –

Matt suddenly pauses as he starts to walk out.

Smith is confused. He waves his hand in front of Matt’s face and checks the app.

Smith: Are you broke? I didn’t touch the app.

Matt spins around to face Smith. He has a big, grin that almost looks like it should be on a mannequin

Matt: ManApp Chip Deactivated. Thank you for using ManApp. Matt has now been inducted into our catelogue. He will now make his way to the ManApp headquaters.

Smith: Wait, aren’t you going home?

Matt: Matt is no longer known as Matt. He is now in our database as Drone 150. His wife means nothing to him. His children mean nothing to him. He will be given a new identity each time he is rented. If you wish to rent Drone 150 again in the future you can find him in the app as: Stefan. Now please step aside so Drone 150 can leave safely.

Smith fixes Drone 150’s hair, hugs him from behind and gives him a last kiss and squeeze. Drone 150’s smiling face doesnt change. Doesnt blink. Doesnt react.

Smith steps aside

We follow Drone 150 who is mindless but has a small, polite smile on his face – almost like a Stepford Wife. He walks stiffly out of the bedroom, down the coridoor and to the front door where he turns to face Smith a final time

Matt: Thank you for bringing us Matt and thank you again for choosing ManApp



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