Dr. Smith’s robot Langley – ALL NEW (review)


Dr. Smith comes to the lab to take delivery of his new robot Langley. After pulling down the sheet a bit and feeling up his body he turns Langley on. Langley sits up and does a systems diagnostics (limbs moving, head turn left/right, etc. .). No errors are found and Langley reboots and asks how he can help Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith has him do some cleaning around the house and freezes him to feel up his ass. Then he has him do jumping jacks and sit-ups. During this time his battery runs low and he freezes. The next scene finds him plugged in, felt up, and audibly telling Dr. Smith the charing progress. Then they head to the bedroom where Dr. Smith gets the robot hard and watches him jerk off. The orgasm causes him to overheat and shutdown.


“I love how Langley portray as a robot its super hot! like I have no words to describe it! It’s making me ask for more!”

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Note – Langley is so good at playing this role and I think all robot fans will really enjoy this one.