Austyn’s robot clone – ALL NEW (review)


20 min.

Please note some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.


“Austyn did a great job being a robot. :) Literally nicely done. This one is really perfect.”

Director’s Notes:

-in the very beginning, when Austyn is human, have him show a lot of personality to provide contrast to the robot

-As a robot, Austyn should be as blank/emotionless as possible

-I don’t think Austyn does nudity, but I think  the robot should stay in underwear through the video until then end

-I’m aiming for the robot really stiff and robotic through the whole video until the end, like this is the first time the robot is activated, so dr.smith is just testing all the programs now and taking notes of stuff to fix later

-Instead of having Austyn lie down when charging, I changed it to have him stand in a corner next to a power outlet to make it easier for you to play with his body

-when Austyn is frozen, play with him like he’s a ken doll, don’t be afraid to pose him in more unconventional poses and changing his facial expression too

-Remember to do a lot of head manipulation while frozen too, freeze fans really love that

-try to draw out the malfunction scene as much as you can, try to not rush through it


Austyn arrives to volunteer to be scanned into Dr. Smith’s system for replication into a robot companion for clients. Dr. Smith has him sign some consent forms and then has him remove all his clothes for scanning. Scanning takes place and Austyn is paid cash and leaves.

We now see Dr. Smith taking pieces of hair and places them onto the robots head and grafting them on. Adjusting motor movement of fingers and toes. Attaching the last leg. Removing power cable.

Robot is powered up. Eyes blink and stare straight ahead. Dr. Smith asks him to run a diagnostic and he states left leg inoperable at this time. Dr. Smith adjusts it and runs diagnostic and he reports it is now operating within normal parameters. Dr. Smith asks him to introduce himself.

I am Smith Robotics unit 2718. Dr. Smith tells him he will now be called Damon. Damon is told to standup and to start some movement tests. Dr.smith then stands back and silently take notes as the robot goes through some motions, like various stretches and arm/leg movements, to test mobility. Because he’s a brand new robot, his movement are stiff and inhuman.

The two are now in the kitchen as Dr. Smith test out Damon’s chef programing. We see him scanning the directions on some rice and beginning to cook. Dr. Smith records video with some notes for him to review later. As Damon goes through the motion of cooking, Dr.smith walks around to watch and take notes. Damon sometimes misses steps in the cooking process or does a step in the wrong way. Dr.smith doesn’t interfere or correct, he just takes down some notes

It’s now time to be charged overnight and Damon is standing in a corner of the room, staring ahead unblinking, next to the power outlet and we see Dr.smith plugging him into the wall. Dr. Smith decides to explore his body cause this is the hottest robot he has ever built. We see him sucking his nipples, kissing his neck, and playing with his belly button. Occasionally, dr.smith ask Damon where his battery level is and he answers. Dr.smith then pretends to undress Damon and touch his dick off camera. After Dr.smith is satisfied, we see Dr.smith leave the room and turns off the light while Damon stands in the same place staring ahead. Then the camera cuts to black.

We see Dr.smith comes back into the room where Damon is charging, in the same position as the last scene. Dr.smith turns Damon back on and has him run through various exercises. During the exercises Damon is sped up and slowed down with a remote. Freeze him during portion and manipulate body/head. Dr.smith plays with Damon like a doll when he’s frozen.

Damon goes into shower and cleans his body. Everything is going smoothly until some water get into Damon’s system and he malfunctioning. As Damon is malfunctioning, we see him move around spastically, sometimes twitching randomly, and repeating ERROR-MALFUNCTION-EE-EE-ERROR-… We also see dr.smith turn off the water and frantically trying to regain control but with no success. We then see Dr.smith turn Damon off and take down some notes. Damon is in the robot build office being dried off and diagnostics run. He keeps repeating “I am Damon” over and over till Dr. Smith corrects it. We then see Dr.smith typing on his computer as Damon lies there and the camera cuts to black.

Damon is watching porn as Dr. Smith’s plays with his nipples so he will know what the clients want.



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