Ryder’s innie/outie

Belly Button, Hypnosis

20 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.

The scene starts with Ryder coming to the front door. Dr Smith answers the door where Ryder introduces himself and he tells Dr. Smith that he just moved in across the street and is just stopping by to say hello. Dr. Smith likes the idea of this young attractive man being at his door so he invites him in.

It’s been a hot day outside, so upon walking into the house Ryder lifts up his shirt to wipe some sweat off his forehead (here we get a nice close up of his body). Dr. Smith immediately admires his smooth young body by staring and then quickly snaps out of it. He says to Ryder “It’s a hot one out there let me grab you something to drink.” Ryder waits as Dr. Smith prepares him a drink. Dr. Smith has other plans instead. Upon entering the kitchen he grabs a chloroform bottle out of the cabinet and a nice rag to soak it in. Dr. Smith returns to the hallway and when Ryder isn’t looking he covers his mouth with the rag watching him slowly drift off into unconsciousness. While holding the rag over his mouth, Dr. Smith also start feeling under his shirt and starts touching his body. Once knocked out, Dr. Smith says he has big plans for his new neighbor and drags him to the bedroom.

Upon entering the bedroom, Dr. Smith places Ryder on the bed on his back. Knowing that Ryder will be waking up shortly Dr. Smith takes out some bed restraints to tie him up. He removes all of Ryder’s clothing except his underwear and while doing so worships his body. He then restrains his arms and legs spread eagle on the bed. He noticed it looks like Ryder is beginning to move and awaken from his knockout. Before fully awakened Dr. Smith places a nice piece of duct tape over his lips and then proceeds to give him a kiss over the duct tape. This is where Ryder wakes up and starts freaking out. He tries screaming for help but it’s no use as his mouth has been gagged. Dr. Smith places his hands around his neck and says if you want to live you’ll quiet down and do exactly as I say. Being terrified Ryder complies and agrees to Dr. Smiths terms. Dr. Smith then begins to worship his body starting from kissing his neck, to worshiping his nipples, then down to his belly button. Upon getting down to his belly button Dr. Smith tells Ryder about how he’s had a belly button fetish for his whole life and when Ryder lifted his shirt up in front of him, he knew he had to have him. Dr. Smith spends time licking, kissing, and fingering Ryder’s belly button.

After having his fun, Dr. Smith takes out his pendulum and is ready to hypnotize Ryder. Ryder laying there bound and gagged is very nervous for what Dr. Smith is going to do but he knows he has no choice. He follows the pendulum as Dr. Smith swings it back and forth. Dr. Smith tells Ryder that he will be drifting into a deep sleep and when he awakes he will listen to Dr. Smith’s every command. Ryder drifts off into sleep, and after a moment Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and says “Wake!” Ryder comes to and has blank stare on his face. Dr. Smith removed the duct tape from his mouth and admires Ryder’s lips. He decides to test out if Ryder is really hypnotized or if he is just trying to get free. He tells Ryder that since he has such kissable lips to pucker his lips up and make a kiss face towards Dr. Smith. Ryder does as he is asked and Dr. Smith says good boy and begins to untie him from the bed.

We then move into the living area where Dr. Smith wants to have some fun with his new toy. He tells Ryder any question or command he is given he will say “Yes sir.” Ryder replies using this statement. Dr. Smith can’t stop admiring Ryder’s belly button, so he decides he is going to have Ryder play with his own. He commands Ryder to begin playing with his belly button, to which Ryder says “yes sir.” Ryder slowly fingers around his belly button (both close up and distance shots). Dr. Smith then commands Ryder to lick his finger and then start fingering his belly button. Ryder says “yes sir”, but now Dr. Smith wants him to describe to him what playing with his belly button is like. Ryder begins talking and saying that playing with his belly button feels so good and he never knew how much he liked it. Dr. Smith says to Ryder that he wants to play further with his belly button, to which Ryder says “yes sir.”

For the final scene we are down in the lab room where a hypnotized Ryder is laying flat on the patient chair. Dr. Smith enters and places whipped cream in Ryder’s belly button and down his happy trail. He tells Ryder that anytime his belly button is licked that Ryder will begin to moan and show how turned on he is by it. Ryder says “yes sir” Dr. Smith proceeds to lick the whipped cream off of Ryder, to which Ryder becomes extremely turned on and even places in hand on the back of Dr. Smiths head as he probes his belly button with his tongue. Dr. Smith then places more whipped cream in the same spots and now also his nipples. The same reaction happens again from Ryder once his belly button is licked. Once finished, Dr. Smith is disappointed he is going to have to let Ryder go home, so he then proceeds to tell Ryder that he wants to keep him as his belly button slave. Ryder says “yes sir, my belly button and I are yours forever.” Dr. Smith smiles and the final shot is nice close up of Ryder’s belly button as the screen fades to black.

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