Pablo the unwilling escort

Belly Button, Unwilling Escort

15 min.

Dr. Smith is helping the new renter place some boxes in the garage. Pablo notices some sheets of stickers and asks what he uses those for (tries to touch them but Dr. Smith stops him). Dr. Smith says he uses them to mark charts at the hospital. Pablo remarks that he sure he a lot of them and goes back to work.

The two are now inside the house and Dr. Smith is introducing Pablo to his dog Charlie. Pablo talks about his dog back home that he had to give to a friend when he moved for college. Pablo then reveals that he came here as a child from Columbia and he has no more family left. Dr. Smith tells him that hopefully he will become part of his family (talks about Dr. Smith Jr.).

Pablo settles into his room and falls asleep. Dr. Smith sneaks in and starts to take some photos and Pablo wakes up and wonder what he is doing. Dr. Smith tells him he forgot to take some images of the room for insurance purposes and apologizes and leaves.

Pablo is now working out shirtless in the living room and Dr. Smith starts to talk to him about his routine and makes comments about how great his body is. Pablo is flattered. Dr. Smith mentions he is an amateur photography and asks if he can take some pics. Pablo is weirded out that he is taking close-ups of all his body parts but shrugs it off.

Pablo is out of the shower and in a towel and notices the stickers on the ground. He picks one up and then notices one on his foot and starts to get dizzy and passes out. Dr. Smith comes inside and starts to touch him all over and do eye checks and limb drops. He then drags him behind the bed and puts him in some jeans. Then he lifts him onto the bed and moves him in all sorts of positions while taking photos. Pablo starts to come around a bit and then falls back asleep.

Dr. Smith drags him down the hallway and into his office and up into a chair and then kisses his body all over and plays with his nipples and belly button. Then he drags him down the hallway and gets on top of him and just rubs his hands all over his body.  Pablo starts to wake and Dr. Smith explains that he passed out. Pablo says maybe he worked out to hard after all the moving. Dr. Smith then says he should examine him and he listens to his heart and his him breath in and out. Dr. Smith suggests a couple of forced breaths. Pablo then heads to bed.

Dr. Smith calls his client John and says the kid is in good health and ready for him. Then he goes into Pablo’s room and places a number of stickers on him so that he is sure he is out. John comes in and has his way with him (not shown on camera). Pablo wakes up confused but goes about his day. Dr. Smith then knocks him out in the hallway cause he is so turned on by Pablo and drags him all over and worships his body. Don’t forget lots of eye checks.

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