Leo Giamani’s high school friend

Belly Button, Feet

16 min.

This is a custom video so some changes have been made to the script below.

“Thank you for Leo Giamani’s high school friend! In my opinion this is one of the most erotic and subtile films you ever made. I loved this perfect little master piece from the beginning to the end. And it is – believe me – the best foot fetish video I have seen in my life. Could you please include this type of script in your permanent repertoire?”

Leo’s character is an actor who has taken some time off work to relax and he is visiting an old school “friend” who has invited Leo to stay at his home for a week. The school friend is the doctor and he has plans for Leo… When Leo first arrives, the doctor has a brief chat with his old “friend” in the sitting room. He congratulates Leo on his recent successes and says he has been reading on a forum that many people would love to see photos of Leo in underwear and pics of his feet and soles. Leo says that he has stopped doing shirtless photos and that those “perverts would never catch a glimpse of my soles” The doctor has his own ideas…He gives Leo a “welcome drink” in the sitting room. Leo starts feeling sleepy and decides to go to his room. Leo barely reaches the bedroom where he collapses on his bed unconscious still wearing his clothes (white shirt and dark trousers). The doctor comes in the room and checks Leo’s depth of sedation. He eye checks Leo, lifting one eyelid and holding it for a few seconds, then allowing it to fall back. He repeats the same with the other eyelid. (Please perform a few eye checks during the video). The doctor strips Leo to his underwear and makes the photo session he always wanted. He is planning to sell the photos and make a lot of money out of his “friend’s helpless body”. Please show the striping of Leo’s clothes. When the shoes and socks are taken off please do that from a view from the bottom of the bed showing a good view of the feet and soles in close up. The doctor poses Leo’s body in different positions. Include the positioning of the limp body and the taking of photos in the video. He also takes pics of the man’s feet and soles (placing the legs and feet in various positions) During the “sleepy photo session” please also show some close ups of Leo’s face. After the photo session finishes, the doctor makes a phone call to a “client” and we hear him say: “Yes, I got him here…Yes, he is sleeping like a baby…Ok one-hour session at 18:00. Cash payment please! You can leave it on the side table as usual. No worries!” (you can show an indication of the client playing with Leo’s body (hands caressing Leo’s feet, fingers playing with Leo’s nipples, a hand caressing his face and body…) In the next scene it is 19:30 and the doctor gets in Leo’s room after the session with the customer has finished. The money is on the side table. Leo is unconscious face down in bed; a white sheet just covering his butt; his legs and soles uncovered . The doctor uses the opportunity for another photo session taking pictures of the unconscious man and his feet. Leo is now on his back. As the doctor touches Leo’s toes, he notices some movement and before Leo completely wakes up, the doctor injects Leo’s big toe with a sedative. We see a close up of the injection in the big toe. Leo opens his eyes and tries to curse but slowly his eyes roll back and he collapses with his mouth open. The doctor pinches Leo’s toes but gets no reaction from the unconscious man. (“Zero reactions! That foot injection always works!” says the doctor.) More eye checks on Leo.. Then another phone call where the doctor confirms with the next customer that Leo is ready for the overnight session…(He makes the phone call while sitting at the bottom of the bed playing with Leo’s feet and toes / some close ups of Leo’s face in deep sleep with mouth slightly open and relaxed. Scene three: The following morning…Leo cannot remember anything. He gets back to his room after a shower with a towel around his waist and in a very good mood. The doctor comes from behind and chloroforms Leo. Leo fights back and we see him on the floor gradually losing the battle. Some views of his bare feet as he is fighting. “You were always the popular one at school, but now you are just my sleepy toy!” says the doctor Close up of the face as his eyes are rolling back slowly and he falls in deep sleep. Then Leo is placed on his bed and he is eye checked again. The doctor uses this opportunity to lick Leo’s toes and soles. When he finishes he caresses Leo’s face and says:v “Ready for the next customer, dude?”. “Let’s make sure you stay asleep…”. An additional injection in Leo’s sole secures a deep sleep for his next session…Close ups of both his foot injection and his face with eyes initially wide open with surprise and then gradually fading and rolling back in deep sleep with open mouth. The doctor does one last eye check on Leo (fade out)

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