Leo Giamani’s adult hypno show

Belly Button, Hypnosis

This is a custom video so some changes have been made to the script below. 19 min.

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“The Leo hypnosis show was amazing – it was sexy and funny at the same time. I loved the barking trigger and seeing him strip for the audience. I also loved watching Dr. Smith oil him up as he resisted in handcuffs and “nailed” to the floor; but I think the sexiest part was the humiliation when he was woken up! I hope to see more of these videos in the future and will certainly be buying more. Great Job!”


DR. SMITH (facing the audience): Good evening. I am Dr. Smith, your hypnotist for tonight’s private party. I cannot wait to introduce you to the joys of entertainment hypnotism in tonight’s adult show and hope to show everyone a good time. Now to start, I will need an assistant from the audience. (looking around) Anyone? (looking at someone in particular). You there. The gentleman standing up there.
LEO (from the audience) Who me?
DR. SMITH: Yes. Come on up.
LEO: (from the audience) No, that’s OK. I am working.
DR. SMITH: No worries. Come on up on stage.
LEO: (reluctantly come on stage) Listen, I am a waiter for the party tonight. I am working. I cannot get involved in the entertainment.
DR. SMITH: (turning to the audience) Is that your boss out there at the back?
LEO: Yes
DR. SMITH: It’s OK for him to take a break and participate in the entertainment, right? See, he’s given the all clear.
LEO: (still reluctant) I really don’t like being in the spotlight. Can’t you pick someone else?
DR. SMITH: Your boss has given his OK and the audience obviously wants to get going. You don’t want to disappoint everyone, do you?
LEO: I guess not.
DR. SMITH: Perfect! Now have you ever been hypnotized before?
LEO: No.
DR. SMITH: What are your thoughts on hypnotism?
LEO: I can’t say that I have given it a lot of thought. I never thought I would be in a position to experience it. I gather that it does not work on everyone and I am a bit reluctant to do this, so I am not certain that I will be a good subject. I will probably ruin your show – I should get back to bussing the tables.
DR. SMITH: You let me worry about that. Now, I would like to know who I am working with. What is your name?
LEO: Leo.
DR. SMITH: Great, Leo. Now, I am going to take out a pendulum and I want you to follow it very closely with your eyes. (Dr. Smith swings the pendulum in front of Leo’s eyes) Watch it as it swings back and forth. Back and forth. You are feeling really relaxed and receptive to my voice. I will count backwards from ten and then you will fall into a deep sleep. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7- 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.
Leo falls into a trance. And Dr. Smith begins addressing the audience.
DR. SMITH: Good. Leo is out for the moment. We are going to have an amazing show for you tonight. What our friend, Leo, does not know is that the guest of honor, our birthday boy, saw Leo waiting tables earlier tonight and specifically requested me to pull him up as a volunteer for tonight’s show, and Leo’s boss was more than happy to help oblige. This is an adult show for a private party, so I can risk getting a bit more daring than usual, but before we start the big fun and games, we try out a few basics.
Dr. Smith turns to Leo and goes through the standard basic routines of forgetting his name and barking like a dog at a certain command. Leo is a bit freaked out that he cannot remember his name and does not understand why people seem to be laughing when he barks like a dog. Dr. Smith puts him into a trance again.
DR. SMITH (to the audience): Now Leo is in a very receptive state. He seems to be a good subject, so it is time to move on to the main portion of tonight’s entertainment. As I said, this is an adult show for a private party, so I can be a bit more daring in what we can do here. And I mean, look at him. Hoo-ha! I think he is wearing entirely too many clothes. Let’s see if we can fix that.
DR. SMITH (to Leo): Now Leo. When I say the word “Strip”, you will remove an article of clothing and not realize that you are doing it. You will do so until you are down to your undershorts. When I say the word “Flex”, you will flex for a few moments without realizing that you are doing so. When I saw the word “Wake”, these commands will take effect. Wake.
Leo wakes up and Dr. Smith begins the test alternating strip and flex commands. Leo removes his shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and flexes in between, while Dr. Smith asks him a variety of personal questions, all while Leo is oblivious to what he is doing. Once down to his underwear, Dr. Smith tells him to sleep. Leo falls back into a trance.
DR. SMITH (to the audience): Now normally at the regular shows, I would stop here. But tonight we are going to really have some fun with our friend, Leo. If any of you have cell phones or cameras, I would suggest having them at the ready because you are definitely going to want to get this for posterity.
DR. SMITH (back to Leo): Leo, when I wake you again, I am going to start chatting with you some more. About 10 seconds into our chat, you will suddenly realize that you are standing in front of everyone in just your undershorts. You will be embarrassed and freaked out and start putting your clothes back, but you will not leave the stage yet. Wake!
Leo wakes up and Dr. Smith engaged in some brief chat. Leo suddenly realizes he is in his underwear and freaks out. He snatches his clothes and starts getting dressed, shouting that he knew something embarrassing would happen and this was one reason why he did not want to volunteer. He gets pretty much dressed, when Dr. Smith puts him back to sleep.
DR. SMITH (to the audience): Leo is not going to get away that easy. The entertainment has barely started.
DR. SMITH (to Leo): Now Leo. When I wake you again, you will think that you are at a charity event. You have been training for weeks for this and it is now time for you to do a full monty striptease. You are feeling incredibly sexy and the more you strip the more you get for the charity. This makes you feel good and you want to strip off everything. Wake!
(You can have some music or not, it does not matter) Leo begins a sexy striptease for the audience. He gets back down to his underwear and starts showing some reluctance towards removing them. Dr. Smith starts telling him that it is really important for everything to come off so the charity gets all its money and starts shouting “OFF! OFF! OFF!” Leo finally strips them off and dances around a few more moments shaking his bare rear at the audience before Dr. Smith puts him under again.
DR. SMITH repeats the earlier effect of waking Leo up and having him realize a few moments later that he is completely naked in front of the audience. He is embarrassed and starts to freak out again, but before he can put anything back on, Dr. Smith puts him under.
DR. SMITH: (to the audience) And now a very special and explosive climax to our show.
Dr. Smith removes a pair of handcuffs and hand cuffs Leo’s hands behind his back. He then tells Leo that when he wakes, his feet will feel like they are nailed to the floor. Now matter how much he wants to escape, he cannot get his feet to cooperate. Dr. Smith then wakes up Leo. Leo is pissed that he is naked and handcuffed and frantic that he cannot get his feet to move. Dr. Smith begins to oil up Leo, who is furious and sputtering the whole time.
Now depending on the comfort level of the model, it can progress one of two ways. Ideally, (1) Dr. Smith gives a hand job to Leo and forces him to cum in front of the audience to his utter shock and embarrassment, or (2) Dr. Smith hypnotizes Leo to make himself cum in front of the audience.
Once done, Dr. Smith puts Leo back under.
DR. SMITH: (to Leo) Now Leo, when I wake you up, you will be free to move at will. You will not physically confront me, but you will be incredibly embarrassed and upset about what has happened. You will run off the stage clutching your clothes. Within 10 minutes, you will remember nothing about what happened this evening other than that the hypnotist is always your best friend, you had a fun time and it was an amazing experience. Wake!
LEO wakes up, he is upset and humiliated. He grabs his clothes and runs off stage shouting the whole way.
DR. SMITH (to the audience): I hope you enjoyed tonight’s festivities and the unveiling of Leo. He will be just fine shortly. Be sure to share the word on what a great show this was and feel free to upload any caps or video footage to the internet, so your friends can see what a great show I put on and can see Leo…REALLY SEE LEO!