Jacob with Dr. Smith part 3

Belly Button, Hypnosis

This is a custom video so we have made some changes/additions to the script below.





The skit begins with Jacob entering Dr Smith’s new office setting dressed nicely (dress shirt tucked into dress pants please if he has it and I’d like his hair combed into a formal businessman-like side part) and I’d love Dr Smith to dress in something snazzy too as he looks cute), a new patient to Dr Smith’s new free counseling service. (Yes he specializes in this now as well)

Jacob says he’s here because he saw the ad seeking men with partner issues for a free counseling session, and he reveals he’s been feeling stressed out about work and his life, and his lack of intimacy with his boyfriend. Dr Smith says he can definitely help him with this, but he needs Jacob to put complete faith and trust in him and to do whatever he says, even if it seems rather unorthodox. He says he’s coached many men to relax and let go and that he can help him put away his stresses. Jacob says okay and that he’s willing. Dr Smith gets him to sign some papers, as a formality that he will not be held liable for his methods of counseling.

Dr Smith then asks Jacob to please stand up. Dr Smith is still sitting on his chair. He asks Jacob to close his eyes and tell him something that he’s afraid of, or makes him anxious. And after each sentence is said, Jacob is instructed to remove one piece of clothing. And Dr Smith wants him to continue until he is completely naked. Jacob asks why this is necessary and Dr Smith says he needs to trust him, and that he’s a doctor. Dr Smith assures him this is part of the therapy session to invoke vulnerability in him so he can do his work by easier access to his body and therefore, his mind.

The camera should show both Dr Smith observing Jacob undressing and Jacob’s body in full view.

Jacob shrugs and says okay, agreeing that he is the doctor, and closes his eyes and says he’s afraid his boyfriend is not in love with him as he doesn’t sleep with him anymore. He then removes his shirt. Dr Smith says very good and asks him to continue. Jacob says he’s afraid that he’s not good looking enough and he needs to work out more. And then he removes his belt and pants. Dr Smith says now he needs one last confession, and he’ll need Jacob to remove what’s left on his body. Jacob is quiet for moment and say he’s afraid he’ll never be able to leave his dead end 9-5 job. He then slowly and hesitantly removes his final piece of clothing, his underwear (and socks and shoes), and stands naked before Dr Smith. He tries to hide his genitals but Dr Smith asks him to put his hands by his sides, as he wants to see every inch of him. Jacob hesitantly releases his grip on his genitals and lets them free. Dr Smith eyes his body up and down, and the camera will pan from up to down of Jacob’s delicious body. Dr Smith gets Jacob to turn around and Dr Smith checks out his ass and says, “very nice.” Dr Smith asks him to turn around and then open his eyes and look at him. Jacob looks at Dr Smith.

Dr Smith, to Jacob’s surprise, is holding a pendulum and he lets it go beginning to swing and swing. Jacob is instantly captivated by the swinging pendulum, his eyes following it, and within seconds, his eyes roll up and Dr Smith has him under his control. Dr Smith instructs Jacob to let go of all his inhibitions and embrace his primal self, enjoying the intimacy that will come to him this session. Jacob says yes doctor. Dr Smith also instructs Jacob to forget everything and go back to his normal self at the snap of a finger, and to also go back to his primal self with the clap of a hand. Dr Smith then stands closely right in front of him, hugs him and tells him that he did a great job. Jacob hugs him back and says thank you doctor, under mind control and acting as blank as paper. They will hug for a bit, Dr Smith holding his naked body tenderly against his own, and then Dr Smith looks at Jacob and says he is now going to kiss him as part of the therapy, and that it’s necessary to help him feel intimacy, and he WILL enjoy it. Jacob says yes doctor. Dr Smith will kiss Jacob gently or passionately depending on his comfort level. Jacob, in his primal hypnotized self, kisses him back. Dr. Smith also places his hands on the bottom of Jacob’s ass, grabbing it as he kisses him.

Then Dr Smith says he will also kiss parts of his body to simulate foreplay, so he can experience the feeling of lust that he doesn’t get with his partner. He begins to kiss Jacob’s hairy chest, and sucks and licks both his nipples. Have Jacob moan and sigh quietly. Dr Smith also gets on his knees and kisses down to Jacob’s bellybutton, licking it and exploring his navel. Jacob sighs and moans even more. Jacob will moan that this feels fucking amazing, his eyes closed and he’s breathing hard. Dr Smith asks if he feels good, and Jacob says yes, very much so, doctor.

Dr Smith then stands back up, and asks Jacob to sit down on the blue armchair. Dr Smith himself sits down as well. Jacob sits down, and Dr Smith asks him to relax and sit loosely, spreading his legs apart and to just… sink into the chair. He gets Jacob to close his eyes and imagine his happiest wish come true. Jacob sits there naked and with closed eyes in silence for a little while; eventually smiling to himself and saying that he can see himself in Hawaii, soaking up the summer sun, free from his work and his life. Dr Smith asks Jacob to imagine himself in Hawaii having sex with a hot hunk who just came back from surfing. And to touch himself.

Jacob says yes doctor, and begins to touch himself. He begins to sigh and moan while Dr Smith watches him in silence. Dr Smith says in a sexy tone, “You know you want to cum. You need it. You’ve been unhappy with your boyfriend, so why not have some fun? Touch yourself, Jacob. Touch your penis. Your nipples. Your testicles.” Jacob is slowly going erect and starting to feel hot. He eventually starts to jerk himself off, while Dr Smith is shown watching him. Jacob starts to arrange his body in the most comfortable way he can to jerk off, spreading his legs apart and relaxing into the chair; facing an observant Dr Smith, and eventually he jerks off and cums and Dr Smith says he did a great job. Jacob says thank you doctor. Jacob is asked to clean himself up while Dr Smith leaves the room for a moment, and then they will continue the final part of the therapy, but asks Jacob to still stay undressed. Jacob says “yes doctor”.

===Jump cut to the next scene after Jacob blankly cleaning himself off, unless you think it’s hotter to have us watch him do it===

Dr Smith returns, and Jacob is merely sitting on the blue armchair naked, still staring blankly. Dr Smith snaps his fingers, causing Jacob to go back to his normal self. Jacob looks around and is confused and asks what happened, and he says the last thing he remembers was taking off his clothing. Dr Smith says that Jacob was just coaxed into a relaxing sleep with some hypnotherapy shortly after he undressed, and now he’s awake now and rejuvenated. Jacob confusedly says, “oh. okay. sure.”

Dr Smith says now we’re going to do some breathing exercises. He gets Jacob to stand up and lean against the wall, front-facing Dr Smith. Dr Smith rests his head against Jacob’s chest and asks him to breathe in and out. Jacob looks visibly uncomfortable with this intimate touch, but doesn’t say anything. He then asks Jacob to close his eyes, and he holds Jacob’s hands up against the wall (like a prisoner with his arms raised to the ceiling) and presses his nose against Jacob’s almost close to a kiss, in an intimate act of breathing together. He asks Jacob to breathe with him. They both do this and breathe for a bit. Jacob says this feels weird… and asks if this is normal for this kind of alternative therapy, and Dr Smith says this is how he treats stressed out young men like himself. Show the entire scene happening in wide-angle and closeup to capture the intimate moment. Dr Smith’s body is very closely touching against Jacob’s naked body. Have Jacob turn to face the wall, and do the same thing, leaning his chest against the wall and Dr Smith will stand behind him and press himself against his ass and his body, Jacob’s arms held against the wall. “Breathe…” whispers Dr Smith.

And then Dr Smith says to finish off the therapy session, he will engage with him in touch therapy, explaining that it will be him touching his body intimately, to invoke senses of warmth and affection. He starts by asking Jacob to look into his eyes, and he begins to stroke his beard and his hair, while they both share an intimate moment of looking at each other, Dr Smith’s hands on Jacob’s hips. Jacob is shy and doesn’t keep eye contact long and tries to look away, but Dr Smith will hold his cheek and turn it towards him so they look at each other. He then begins to feel up Jacob, copping a feel of his chest with two hands, touching his nipples, touching his groin area (zoom in that area, and also do a whole body shot of that scene) and also making him turn around. And then touching his back and squeezing his ass a few times, Jacob uncomfortably looking behind and asking if this is really necessary, and Dr Smith says he’s trying to relax some pressure points and this is normal, and to relax. Have the camera close up on his ass while Dr Smith touches the area. He makes Jacob spread his legs apart and bend over forwards so his asshole is exposed to us, and massages his spine while also copping a feel of his ass.

Then he makes Jacob face forward and stands behind him, asks him to put his arms above his head, and Dr Smith feels up Jacob’s front (chest, nipples, bellybutton) and such. He also touches around Jacob’s groin area and the camera will close up on his genitals. Make his genitals wobble please. He then makes Jacob bend over again this time while he’s standing behind him with his crotch at his ass. Dr Smith says “very nice… very nice’ as he stares down at Jacob’s ass.

Then Dr Smith gets Jacob to lie down on the floor, and Dr Smith will be standing by at his feet, and lifts his legs off the ground, asking Jacob to close his eyes, relax and breathe deeply. While having his legs in mid air, he then spreads Jacob’s legs apart, then closes them, and spreads them apart, and closes them again. He assures Jacob that he’s just stretching out his muscles and being naked is better for stretching, and Jacob grudgingly says “this is weird, but I guess hippies do this kind of crap”. He also lifts Jacob’s legs towards his head and asks him to breathe deeply as Jacob’s body contorts. Then he has Jacob lie down in silence for a bit as Dr Smith kneels over him and glides his hands across every part of his body and asks him to inhale and exhale.

Then Dr Smith climbs over Jacob’s naked body, his eyes still closed and tries to kiss him, hoping Jacob would give in and kiss him willingly, except Jacob reacts in shock by exclaiming, “what the fuck” and tries to push Dr Smith off him. Dr Smith tries to pin Jacob down and Jacob yells for someone to help him. They struggle for a bit, and eventually Dr Smith claps his hands, and Jacob is back to his primal blank self, and lies there quietly. Dr. Smith laughs and then kisses Jacob, who kisses him back, and proceeds to kiss down to and licks his nipples, down to his belly button as Jacob moans and sighs in pleasure, and he asks Jacob to flip over and lie on his stomach, and does the same thing to his back and ass, touching and kissing wherever Jacob as an actor will permit. It’ll be pretty hot to see Dr Smith spread apart Jacob’s ass and taking a look, and if that’s not okay, have Dr Smith grab his ass again, with both hands. (I just really like Jacob’s ass, okay?)

He then gets Jacob to stand up, and crawl around the room for him. Jacob does so. When he’s done humiliating Jacob, he gets Jacob to sit on his desk. Jacob sits on his desk and sits there staring blankly. Dr Smith stands in between his legs and puts his hands on his chest, and squeezes them. He says that “you’re all mine now. To touch and do whatever I please.” And he slides his hands down to Jacob’s thighs, spreading his legs apart. Dr Smith is shown getting close to his crotch in an act of sexual pleasure before the camera cuts…