Derek’s unstable moods

Belly Button, Hypnosis

21 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made.

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“That Derek video you filmed for me turned out GREAT. Derek is no doubt sexy as hell, and all the acting in it by you both was flawless. He played the innocent shy guy so well. I really loved your bedside manner voice, you did such a great job as a doctor… it was just such a turn-on for me watching the whole video. The closeup scenes also felt very personal almost like I was the one being examined. Watching Derek being controlled and to see him strip dance gave me so much pleasure. My thanks to you for filming this and bringing my script to life and also to Derek for his good looks, acting, and dancing.”

This script for Derek begins with him coming in for an appointment with Dr Smith at his home, who is a licensed hypnotic therapist. Derek has long struggled with unstable moods and is trying to fix it; as well as deal with his self confidence and become an exotic dancer to make some money for college. He came across the ad on Craigslist and wanted to see if it would work on him.

Dr Smith first asks Derek if he is okay undergoing a neurological physical exam. Derek asks why and Dr Smith says he needs to ensure Derek is physically able to withstand the effects of hypnotherapy.

Derek agrees and so Dr Smith gets his to get undressed. When Derek gets to his underwear, he hesitates and asks if he needs that off as well. Dr Smith says that he needs to see everything to make a proper evaluation. Derek then agrees to takes off his underwear but covers his goods with his hands, shy. Dr Smith gets Derek to stand at a distance and gets him to turn around, and his naked back view is shown to the viewer. Then he asks him to turn back to face him. He also asks Derek to remove his hands from his genitals, and Derek hesitantly removes them after some convincing. Dr Smith stares at his body for a few seconds while Derek seems uncomfortable. Dr Smith remarks, “very nice physique, very nice.” Derek then covers his genitals again with his hands. Dr Smith tells him that he’s seen it all and he doesn’t have to be so modest, and to be able to take a compliment, man to man. Derek then relaxes a little and loosens his hands and says he will try to let go a little. He said he’s been single for a bit and hasn’t had much sex recently so he feels sexually deprived as well as low confidence. Dr Smith assures him he will help him get back on track.

Dr Smith gets Derek to do some neurological tests: he asks Derek to walk from one end of the room to the other to check his gait, one foot in front of the other with his arms stretching out to his sides. He also has Derek cover one eye after the other while he gets him to count how many fingers he’s holding up from a distance. He then gets Derek to step up and down a chair to test his coordination and balance. He also gets Derek to balance on one foot at a time while holding up his knee to his chest, while hopping a few times. He also gets Derek to touch his nose and then Dr Smith’s finger as Dr Smith moves his finger around. Finally, he gets Derek to close his eyes while Dr Smith cups various parts of his body with his hands (chest, nipples, ass) with his hands and asks if he can feel his touch. Derek will say yes each time. He then also rests his ear against his chest to check his heartbeat. And he also checks Derek’s eyes to look up and down and left and right, and gets Derek to look into his while he’s holding his cheek. He also gets Derek to open his mouth while Dr Smith checks his oral cavity. Finally he gets Derek to bend over forwards so he can check his spine alignment. Derek’s ass is then exposed to him.

He then asks Derek to lie down on his couch. Derek does so. He asks Derek to relax and focus on his breathing while his eyes are closed. Derek says he’s kinda nervous and wishes he had some clothes on. Dr Smith says this is a part of the psychological programming; by exposing his body to the elements and making him feel vulnerable, it makes it easier to reach into the depths of his psyche. Derek says sure, you’re the doctor. Dr Smith then begins swinging a pendulum above him and asks Derek to open his eyes and focus on it. Derek becomes instantly transfixed and his eyes follow it, eventually his eyes roll up. Dr Smith instructs Derek to follow his every instruction from now on, and to call him, master, and to not remember anything after he snaps his fingers. Derek agrees and says “yes master”. Dr Smith instructs Derek to crawl around the room on all fours and Derek does so.

Dr Smith then gets Derek to get dressed. Then he asks Derek to be more confident in his body and that he will attend and take exotic dancing lessons without any worry or fear. And that he will feel the most confident when he’s dancing.

Skip to a week or so later and Derek is back for a follow-up and feeling good. He wishes to thank Dr Smith for his help and he says his exotic dance lessons have gave him more confidence and boosted his mood. Dr Smith congratulates him and then asks him to do a dance for him. Derek says maybe next time as he has somewhere to be; he has a date happening.

Dr Smith is not satisfied with his answer. He snaps his fingers and Derek instantly becomes transfixed before he can leave the house. Dr Smith commands him to come back and to strip dance for him. Derek starts dancing and stripping while Dr Smith watches him in pleasure, and Derek eventually strips completely naked. Dr Smith then snaps his fingers and to Derek’s surprise he discovers he is naked and he gasps and goes “what the fuck?” and tries to collect his clothes. He says he doesn’t remember doing this and he thinks Dr Smith is messing with him. Dr Smith laughs, and snaps again. And Derek drops all his clothing. “You won’t be needing these anymore.” Dr smith says as he takes his clothing and tosses them aside. He holds his face in his hands and asks him to look at him, and says to him that he’s gonna have some very rich and wealthy Russian men over soon who will buy his body for a good price. And he laughs and then he tells Derek he’s gonna have some fun with him before he sells him to the highest bidder. He begins making out with Derek and kissing his chest and licking his nipples and bellybutton. He also stands behind Derek and reaches in front and touches his front, playing with his nipples.

He gets Derek to kneel on the floor and has Derek bow down to his feet and worship him as a master. He also has Derek do more dancing, preferably a sexy dance with a chair. The skit finally ends when he gets Derek to get on all fours on the table and tells Derek to stay there until the men arrive. Derek says yes master, climbs on the table and is ready for the auction as he stares straight ahead. The skit ends with Dr Smith calling someone on his cell phone and saying, “Vladimir? The man servant is ready for viewing.”

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