Brad Johnson lets loose

Belly Button, Hypnosis

No demo but this video is in our top 10 best selling videos.


“Just wanted to say that your Brad Johnson Lets Loose clip was simply fabulous. Handsome guy, great scenario and the best part was the unscripted moments of him growing unexpected wood. Many thanks and keep up the great work.”

“Christmas came late for me in the form of Brad Johnson. What a hunk! It’s rare that someone is hot and a good actor but he’s got it.”

This a custom video and some elements of the script below have been changed. Originally it was written for Beau but the customer decided to use a different script for him and use this one for Brad. Brad is not only one of our hottest models of all time but a really great actor. He comes from a performance background so it makes sense.

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Note: Brad is naked almost the entire time and during the muscle worship portion he got hard and it’s a nice close shot. Totally unexpected.

Beau is sitting in the office of Dr. Smith *Dressed in suspenders, a button up shirt and slacks as well as a bow tie and glasses*, he states he’s here because a friend recommended hypnotherapy to help him with his overwhelming social anxiety and fear of public speaking, but also notes he’s not sure hypnosis works and all he knows about it are those stage shows where people become chickens. Dr. Smith laughs and recommend he give it a shot – he takes out a pendulum and begins swinging it in front of Beau’s face and states as he counts from 5 to 1 he will fall into trance. As Dr. Smith counts down Beau will state he doesn’t feel anything different but once he hits 1 he falls into trance.

Dr. Smith tells Beau when he wakes up when he speaks he’s only going to be able to “ribbit” like a frog * I would like to see him answering questions with “ribbit” and doing it multiple times depending on the length of the answer*,  he won’t realize he’s doing it until he hears a snap of the fingers at which point he will realize he’s only able to say ribbit, but unable to stop. He becomes increasingly confused and will keep trying to speak only to have “ribbit” in varying lengths come out. Dr. Smith asks if he wants to stop speaking like a frog and Beau replies “Ribbit” and nods his head. Dr. Smith then tells Beau “Now, when you speak the only thing you will be able to say is “I love sucking dick” and snaps his fingers. Beau now tries to speak but the only thing that comes out is “I love sucking dick” he tries hard to say other things but again only repeats “I love sucking dick”. Dr. Smith asks Beau if he wants this to stop and Beau nods his head while saying “I love sucking dick” and Dr. Smith tells him when he snaps his fingers again he will be able to speak but his right index finger is going to begin slowly moving towards his forehead and when it gets there he will fall asleep, snap goes the fingers and Beau begins speaking but can’t stop his index finger from moving to his forehead, he tries to hold it back but it continues moving until it touches his forehead and he collapses into the chair deep asleep.

Dr. Smith then gives Beau the following commands:

1)      Whenever he hears “flex” he will strike a single flexing pose towards the camera and hold it for 5 seconds then go back to talking, he will realize he did it but not know why. *He can say things like “I don’t know why I did that”, “All I could think about was flexing”, “I felt like I needed to flex”, etc.* (I would like this to be done like the Sean Holmes video where he does a different pose focusing on his chest/biceps each time it’s said)

2)      Whenever he hears “Freeze” he will freeze in place but be movable like a mannequin until he hears unfreeze, he will have no memory of anything that happens while frozen.  *I would like this used to have him posed in different positions like finger in his nose, thumb in his mouth and to do things like unbuttoning his shirt/opening his fly etc. as well as putting his glasses in his hands/pocket I would like to see close-up shots of his face as he’s frozen and see Dr. Smith touching his face/body without any reaction from Beau to show he’s frozen.

3)      Whenever he hears “muscle” he’s going to suddenly become enthralled with his own body, he will begin feeling his body and remarking on how muscular/hairy/sexy he is until he hears the word stop at which point he will realize what he was doing. *I would like him to say things like “My pecs are huge”, “check out how hairy my chest is”, “my dick is huge”, etc. they key here is I would like him to say things that are increasingly sexual about himself like he’s just discovered his own body*

4)      Whenever he hears “strip” he will take off a piece of clothing – he will not realize he’s doing it. *I would like him to take off his dress shirt first, leaving his suspenders/bowtie on when it’s first used, and I would like the bowtie to be the last thing he removes*

5)      Whenever he hears “roar” he will roar loudly like a lion realize he’s done it and be unsure why *I would like him to just roar, but not do any movements with the roar*

Beau is woken up and they talk about his anxiety. Beau states he’s scared people will laugh at him and is terrified of being humiliated when he does presentations. Dr. Smith compliments beau on his body and states someone like him doesn’t have much to be anxious about and states the purpose of this session is going to teach him there’s nothing wrong with a little humiliation. The above triggers are performed (I would like the muscle and flex triggers to be used generously, and each used at least once while he is shirtless, but still wearing the suspenders), each time Beau being extremely embarrassed and unsure why he did it, and asks if the hypnotist made him flex/worship himself/strip, and Dr. Smith states hypnosis can’t make someone do something they didn’t want to do and then puts Beau back to sleep and gives him the following new commands:

1)      Whenever he hears dance he will do an embarrassing dance until he hears a snap of the fingers (I would like to see him do different dances each time, sometimes twerking, dancing like a stripper, shaking his chest, helicopter dick, etc) he will realize he’s dancing but be unable to stop himself. (we did not use this trigger)

2)      Whenever he hears nipples he will be unable to stop playing with his nipples, he will again realize he’s doing it, but unable to stop until he hears “stop”

3)      Whenever he hears his name he’s going to begin pec bouncing, he’ll realize he’s doing it but unable to stop until he hears “stop” *I would like when this is done to have at least one close-up showing his face and his pecs in the same frame as he pec bounces, I would also like him to not try to cover it up*

4)      Finally, whenever he hears “sex” for 5 seconds he will believe he’s getting the best blowjob of his life and it will stop spontaneously and each time it’s used it’s better and better and he after he will be extremely embarrassed.  *I would like to see him “enjoying it” then coming to the sudden realization of what he was doing*

He is also told upon waking he will now realize he’s naked. Beau is woken up and states he’s uncomfortable that he’s naked and was doing all these things and states he’s changed his mind about the session. Dr. Smith tells him that the humiliation is good for him and the more humiliated he gets the less it will bother him in the future. Beau states he still wants to go and didn’t agree to being naked. Dr. Smith tells him “You’re completely comfortable naked and you don’t want to leave” then snaps his fingers and Beau repeats in a “dreamy” voice “I’m completely comfortable naked and I don’t want to leave” and then snaps out of it and tells Dr. Smith he’s changed his mind and wants to stay, besides being naked around a professional isn’t weird. The above triggers are used generously *I would still like to see the first set of triggers used here too, I would like all of them to be used multiple times, but the focus to be on the flex/blow job/muscle/freeze triggers*

Dr. Smith begins talking about how attractive Beau is which makes him very uncomfortable and asks Beau if he’s ever considered modelling. Beau states he wouldn’t as he’s far too shy and gets nervous when people watch him. Dr. Smith then tells Beau when he snaps his fingers he’s going to believe he’s a bodybuilder at the Mr. Olympia competition and will begin flexing towards the camera, pec bouncing and showing off his muscles. Beau laughs and states he’s not going to do that, it would be too humiliating, but a snap of the fingers and Beau begins the show. At one point while Beau is in mid flex, Dr. Smith freezes Beau and begins worshipping his muscles and licking his nipples then unfreezes him as he continues to flex and pec bounce. Dr. Smith then tells Beau when he hears another snap of the fingers he’s going to ask for baby oil and generously apply it to his body, snap goes the fingers and Beau asks for the baby oil and generously applies it to his body and goes back to performing. Dr. Smith will even give him some weights to show off his strength. *When he’s doing this I would like Beau to be just flexing and posing maybe even grunting as he flexes but not talking*. Dr. Smith then snaps Beau out of it and he’s extremely embarrassed and will say things like why the fuck did I think I was a bodybuilder, all I could think about was oiling up and flexing. Dr. Smith then asks if Beau would mind doing some sit-ups and push-ups for him, Beau declines and states he thought this was a session to work on his confidence and not for him to show off. Dr. Smith then tells Beau when he snaps his fingers he’s going to do 10 jumping-jacks, Beau declines, a snap of the fingers and Beau says again in a dreamy voice “I’m going to do 10 jumping-jacks” does them then doesn’t know why he did it – this is repeated for 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups each them Beau repeating “I’m going to do 10 push-ups” and the same with sit-ups. Each time Beau not sure why he did it, but when asked will just state he “needed to do the push-ups/jumping-jacks/sit-ups”.

Dr. Smith then asks Beau if he ever thought of nude modelling and would mind if he took some pictures, Beau declines and states he feels like he should leave and this was all too humiliating for him. Dr. Smith then tells Beau when he hears another snap of the fingers he’s going to really want to model for Dr. Smith and will pose however he’s directed. As Beau begins saying he’s just going to leave mid-sentence he hears a snap of the fingers and suddenly states he’s had a change of heart and would love to model for Dr. Smith, he then begins striking different poses, lying on the couch, acting like a tiger, etc. While Dr. Smith takes pictures *I would like the shots here to have close-ups of Beau in the poses* Dr. Smith the puts Beau back to sleep.

Dr. Smith tells Beau upon waking he’s going to remember none of what’s happened and believe it was an amazing session and feel much more confident about his body. He is also told he will get dressed, but believe his underwear goes over his pants and he will not put on his shirt. He’s woken up and gets full dressed with his underwear over his pants and all the rest of his clothes including his suspenders and bowtie/glasses on, but leaving his shirt off and then leave- but as he’s leaving he will have the “muscle” trigger used and will begins worshipping and commenting on his own body as he leaves. *I would like to see him still feeling his body and commenting on his chest/abs as he’s leaving, IE it’s implied the trigger is used but never turned off as he leaves*