Axel with Dr. Smith part 3

Belly Button, Gut Punch

12 min.

This is a custom video and some changes/additions have been made to the script below.

New Guy (NG) is hanging out with Dr. Smith on the couch in his living room. NG is wearing a tight, plain white t-shirt, jeans with a belt, and every day shoes. He and Dr. Smith are talking about their college days. NG makes the mistake of telling Dr. Smith he always used to think to he was a loser back then. Dr. Smith is offended and the two get into a heated argument. NG, feeling extremely cocky, flexes his biceps and asks, “Well what are you and your tiny ass gonna do about this?” Dr. Smith stands still, shocked and impressed by NG’s physique. “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” says NG, turning to leave. Seeing his chance, Dr. Smith quickly grabs NG from behind in a chokehold. NG gasps and chokes in surprise, trying to break free. Dr. Smith only tightens his group. NG slowly begins to succumb as his struggling grows weaker. Finally, NG briefly rolls his eyes before going limp and finally passing out. Dr. Smith smiles at this victory and slowly lowers NG to the floor, lying him flat on his back. Dr. Smith briefly enjoys feeling NG’s chest and abs (with his shirt still on).

After a while, Dr. Smith moves to straddle NG’s waist, still feeling his chest and abs, but soon he can’t help himself. Dr. Smith starts delivering light punches to NG’s stomach. He appreciates and comments on NG’s physique. Seeing no signs of waking yet, Dr. Smith first gently pats and rubs NG’s stomach before starting with some harder, deeper punches. NG soon slowly begins to react with grunts of pain, finally beginning to wake. Dr. Smith stops in time for NG to sleepily open his eyes and ask, “What are… What are you doing?” NG attempts to sit up but Dr. Smith quickly reacts with a karate chop to the neck. NG is briefly stunned by the attack before he rolls his eyes and passes out again with a groan. Noting that he’s knocked out again, Dr. Smith pulls the unconscious NG up to a sitting position and lifts both his arms in a mocking way as if he were flexing. “You’ve got all that muscle,” says Dr. Smith mockingly, “And where did it get you? Knocked out by little ol’ me!” Dr. Smith lets go of NG, who collapses flat on his back again. Dr. Smith happily goes back to feeling NG’s chest and abs again. Suddenly, he gets an idea and says, “We can’t just stop here! Let me go get something more fun.” Dr. Smith stands up and leaves the room. The camera zooms in on the unconscious NG for now.

NG slowly wakes on the floor. He slowly gets to his feet with a groan. “What… what the hell happened?” he asks out loud groggily. He sways unsteadily on his feet as he still tries to shake himself awake. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t see Dr. Smith creeping up behind him with a rag of chloroform. Before he even knows what’s happening to him, Dr. Smith has the rag over his mouth. NG tries to struggle at first, but the surprise attack takes the fight out of him. He briefly rolls his eyes before passing out, his head drooping slightly forward and arms dropping limp at his sides. But he remains standing. Dr. Smith has perfected a new kind of chloroform. People are knocked out by it, but their bodies can still remain standing or be posed. Pleased that his experiment is a success, Dr. Smith gently pulls NG’s shirt off and tosses it aside. He occasionally feels/plays with NG’s pecs, abs, and biceps while also putting him in different poses (flexing his biceps, one hand placed on his stomach, clasping his hands together behind his head, etc.) Throughout all of this, the unconscious NG occasionally moans and grunts, lost in dreamland. Having had his fun, Dr. Smith places an arm around NG’s shoulder and vice versa for support before half walking/half dragging him from the living room and into his bedroom.

Dr. Smith takes NG over to his bed and lays him down so that his legs are still dangling over the foot of the bed. “It’s been fun so far, man, but… now it’s time for me teach you a lesson.” Dr. Smith first sharply presses both of his fists into NG’s stomach. The unconscious NG groans and grimaces in pain. Dr. Smith gently rubs NG’s stomach before throwing a punch deep into his gut. NG groans in pain again, and slowly starts to wake this time. He groggily blinks himself awake and sees Dr. Smith standing over him and asks, “What the hell are you doing?” Dr. Smith throws another deep punch before answering, “Proving that this little ‘loser’ can beat the shit out of you!” Dr. Smith continues his assault on NG’s stomach with slow but deep gutpunches. NG struggles to get up multiple times, but he’s too weakened by now. All he can do is attempt to endure Dr. Smith’s punches. After a while, NG is barely conscious and pleads with Dr. Smith, “Please… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean what I said, man! Knock me out if you have to… just please make it stop!” Dr. Smith gives him a mischievous smile and says, “Well, if you’re sure…” He then throws one last punch deep into NG’s gut (causing NG to jolt from the impact), keeping his fist pressed in. NG reacts at first to the punch with a grunt of pain, but he soon slowly begins to fade. NG rolls his eyes and gives a weak groan before he finally goes limp, knocked out for good. Dr. Smith still keeps his fist pressed into NG’s stomach for a few more seconds until he’s satisfied knowing the other is out cold. He finally lets go of NG and happily dusts off his hands, glad to have knocked out his rude guest. “Hopefully you learned a valuable lesson today,” says Dr. Smith before turning to smile at the camera, “because I’d hate for this video to go online and embarrass you.” Dr. Smith exits the room, and the camera zooms in on the unconscious NG for a few seconds before fading to black. Back up from black and Dr. Smith realizes he isn’t breathing and performs rounds of CPR to bring him back.

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