Axel with Dr. Smith part 2

Belly Button, Feet, Hypnosis

18 min.

This is a custom video and some changes/additions have been made to the script below.


“Hey! Just bought Axel with Dr. Smith Part 2 and I am amazed by the performances. Axel has the best trance face from any of your actors and that should be the expression to strive for in all your future hypnosis videos. Axel really nailed it. I also love the part where he fell backwards on the bed and was as stiff as a board. The acting is really good. I am waiting for his other videos to come out!”

The scene opens up with Axel arriving at the Doctor’s house for a video of the classic muscle posing under hypnosis. The Doctor shows a noticeable interest in how big and strong Axel is and remarks he looks better in person. Talks begin with a comment about what this job entails and that Axel will need to be hypnotized for the scene. And at first Axel is a bit skeptical at the idea of being hypnotized (as they believed he only needed to pretend to be under) or of hypnotism being real but the Doctor reassures him and offers to put him under to prove its safe and real and Axel reluctantly complies. I want close ups up Axel’s face as he goes under, not the classic “eyes rolling to the back of head” but Axel’s eyes gradually drooping as the Doctor hypnotizes him. The muscles in his face relaxing, lips falling open-as Axel’s face relaxes and glazes over, gently being put under a spell, The Doctor’s tone being subtle, almost like a whisper (In the sense that the words slip right past your ears and go straight to the brain if that makes sense.)

“Okay Axel, I want you to just relax and just focus your attention on the necklace. Look at the grooves and curves, at how it catches the light…When the necklace moves, your eyes move with it-baaack and forth…baaack and forth…back and forth. As I swing the necklace back and forth, you feel your muscles begin to relax, like the waves of the ocean and as you relax more and more I want you to notice your mind is getting hazy, muggier, cloudier…and no matter relaxed and heavy your eyes get-they will not look away from the necklace, do you understand?”

To which Axel replies (relaxed, slurred, gone with his eyelids already relaxing): “Yes…I will not look away…”

“Very good. Now I want you to feel a wave of relaxation roll down your neck, down to your shoulders (Right when The Doctor says this, Axel begins to gently rock back and forth in sync with the necklace in still seated, eyes still following.), washing over your chest…down to your arms, trickling down to your hips, washing over your legs, and finally down to your toes…

The Doctor stops swinging the necklace, letting it lose its momentum and return to its still position, with Axel following along with it-stopping his rocking in sync with the necklace, his eyes remaining drooped, heavy but relaxed, unable to close or look away from the necklace as it hangs motionless infront of him, his mouth falling open. The Doctor puts away his necklace and finds Axel is still zonked and staring into spAxel.

The Doctor-curious, asks Axel if he can hear him, to which Axel replies in a slow, slurred “…yes.” The Doctor lifts Axel’s arms up high, shakes them both a bit, drops them and lets them both flop down over and off their armrests…and upon seeing how utterly gone Axel is-decides…

”Fuck the video.”

Axel is seated in a chair and the Doctor to seats himself right in-front of Axel, marveling at his latest hypnotic subject. The Doctor plays with the scruff on Axel’s face, play with Axel’s lower lip, and tilt Axel’s head like dogs are known to and for Axel’s head remains exactly where the Doctor sets it-all the while the Doctor poking fun at Axel for thinking hypnotism was fake, that Axel even entertained the idea that he couldn’t be hypnotized and remembers that Axel was here for a video. The Doctor rests his hand on Axel’s shoulder, gets Axel by the chin-turns Axel’s head towards his own and looking Axel square in his zonked face decides…”I’ve got better plans for you.”

The Doctor decides to test how deeply under Axel is, The Doctor asks if Axel can hear him. Axel answers again in a relaxed, slurred “…yes.”

The Doctor seats himself near Axel again but Axel is now the focus of the shot, the following exchange between the Doctor and hypnotized Axel begins,

“Axel, I’m tying balloons to both your wrists. The balloons are very light, so light-the second I snap my fingers, the balloons will lift your arms toward the ceiling, higher and higher till your arms can’t rise anymore…and what’s left of your mind being carried away with it, further and further away from here. Do you understand?


“Good. Now. *Snaps Fingers*”

Axel’s hands steadily begin to rise and eventually are straight up towards the ceiling. The Doctor comments that went well, very well-he realizes Axel is an ideal hypnotic subject. The Doctor notices Axel’s arms still pointing upwards, wrists loose and limp as they are held by the hypnotic strings and decides to add to his orders,

“Axel, the balloons on your wrists are only getting stronger. So strong that the second I snap my fingers, the balloons will lift you out of your seat. Do you understand?”


The Doctor snaps his fingers, and Axel immediately is brought up to his feet by the hypnotic balloons. He is going deeper into hypnosis faster than most people the Doctor has worked with. I want the camera to focus on Axel starting from his hands still being held up by the “balloons” zooming down to his zonked face, moving down to his torso, down to his legs and feet.

The Doctor tells Axel when he snaps his fingers and says “Wake”, Axel will come out of his spell and when the Doctor snaps his fingers and says “Sleep” Axel will immediately fall back under the Doctor’s spell:

The Doctor decides to take this moment to worship the muscles of the hypnotically bound Axel, the time and areas worshipped and how is at the Doctor’s discretion. Once done, The Doctor chuckles to himself and decides to continue on with his experiment.

(Stopping mid action, mid-sentence, from here on when Axel is told to SLEEP: his arms will fall to his sides, his head will relax and instead of slump down like in most videos, his head will relax and cock to the side-his eyes will droop, his mouth will begin to fall open and form a kind of drunken smile-as if he’s drunk on the relaxation. Along the lines of the fellow in this video:

Before waking Axel, the Doctor decides to tell Axel as well that when he only snaps his fingers, Axel will “check out” for a moment and take off a piece of clothing (starting with his shirt and eventually down pants, then socks and shoes).

Axel, still under and his hands still hypnotically held up in the air-hears the Doctor snap his fingers and says “Wake.” Axel wakes up-arms still in the air before dropping them and is confused about why he was posed like he was and expresses disbelief that he really went under, expressing skepticism like Jamie’s in his hypno video. The Doctor tells him that yes-he really was under as Axel has second thoughts about the job- the Doctor snaps his fingers once, and Axel “gone” for a moment quickly begins taking his shirt off and then coming to again-baffled by what happened, continues to try to refuse the offer to do the video. The Doctor snaps his fingers again and Axel “checks out” once more and his pants come off leaving him in his underwear and he comes to again. This process repeats until Axel is down to his underwear.

“You sure hypnosis is fake?” the Doctor chuckles and asks, and Axel continues to deny it in his underwear. The Doctor tells Axel he can go ahead and put his clothes back on (Only getting his pants/shorts back on) and does just that on and go if he wants and as Axel begins to say his piece before walking away the rest of his clothes in his hands-the Doctor asks Axel to do something for him before he goes, Axel irritatingly asks what…

The Doctor snaps his fingers and orders Axel, to “I’m gonna need you to calm down…and Sleep”.

Axel immediately stops in his tracks, his muscles noticeably relax, eyes droop and mouth relaxes open as he did before, a gone grin slowly forming, and his arms drift to his sides, his hands relax and drop whatever clothes he’s holding (likely his shirt at the time). The Doctor tells Axel to come back over here and Axel, relaxed and gone-in a slurred tone responds:


The Doctor, pleased with his work gives Axel a good pat on the shoulder and pecs, takes one of Axel’s arms-raises it high holds it there for a moment and drops it-letting to fall to his side, to confirm he’s under and will stay under.

“Now, since you’re here and as gone as it gets, I’m gonna take another minute to enjoy these muscles of yours. Now as I do this, you’re just going to sink deeper and deeper for me, so deep you couldn’t leave this state even if you wanted to. And that sounds like crazy talk, doesn’t it Axel?


The Doctor begins worshipping Axel’s chest, and nipples at his chosen pace. After a few moments,

“Axel, go ahead and flex your biceps for me. Now keep them there until I say otherwise, you understand?”


We’re treated to some worshipping of Axel’s biceps, with a bit of chest and nipples at the degree the Doctor wishes. Once we’ve all had our fill, the Doctor orders Axel to bring him arms down and decides to take Axel somewhere more comfortable.

The Doctor orders Axel to follow him to the bedroom but before he does-to drop what he’s holding get out of those clothes…he won’t need them.

Before the camera fades and the scene moves to the bedroom.

The Doctor walks in with Axel in tow (in his underwear if he does not consent to full nudity) and positions Axel with his back facing the bed. The Doctor decides to test Axel. With Axel standing straight, arms at his side, feet close together, and with a “gone” expression on his face the Doctor tells Axel,

“Axel, I want you to bring keep feet together and your hands at your sides. When I snap my fingers now, your muscles will tighten and from head to toe-you find you are becoming stiff, like iron-strong, unbending, unmoving…and only getting stiffer and stiffer with each snap of my fingers starting…now.”

Axel obeys, the Doctor begins snapping his fingers every few seconds and during this I want the camera to start it’s focus on Axel’s face as even his previously blissful face is being replaced with a stiff, focused expression-then pan down to his chest as he tightens his pecs and they remain stiff, his arms, then his legs and his thighs and calves tense, and finally his face as the muscles in his shoulders, neck, and traps tighten and Axel’s face enters a gone/neutral expression (mouth closed, eyes fixed forward. Entranced). Axel becomes like an iron bar, stiff and unmovable. The Doctor impressed by how well his orders are taking to Axel, tells him “I’m liking you more every second.” And placing his hand on Axel’s chest…pushes Axel onto the bed, Axel’s body still stiff as iron like he is hypnotized to be, does not relax when he falls back onto the bed-he falls back stiff as a board. His lower body may be hanging off the bed-however I want the camera to focus and start at Axel’s head moving down his stiff as iron muscles, down his chest, his legs, and his feet ending the shot at the foot of the bed in front of the soles of his feet.

The Doctor lays beside Axel, enjoys his muscles for a moment (Axel does not have to actively tense his muscles for this but he should still appear stiff as a board to the viewer) before deciding waking Axel would make the day a little more exciting. The Doctor also takes this moment to check out the rest of Axel’s body and takes a moment to check out and getting hands on with Axel’s feet as he remains bound in this hypnotic state. The duration of which is at the Doctor’s decision.

Seconds later snapping his fingers and telling Axel to “Wake”. And Axel still stiff as iron, immediately regains himself, and begins to shake off the rigidity in his muscles-is shocked at why he’s (naked or in his underwear) and in the Doctor’s bedroom. The Doctor tries to explain he came in here for the video on his own but Axel isn’t having it, he immediately grabs the Doctors and tries to pin him down to the bed and get answers. Axel’s size and strength make a grapple with him difficult, Axel gains the upper hand, pins the Doctor’s hands down and demands answers-before he can get them though, the Doctor realizes…but he still has a trigger on Axel. The Doctor immediately begins to snap his fingers, and orders Axel to “Sleep!”

Axel noticeably begins to relax-even begins to glaze over and grin but fights it off and doesn’t go down, still pinning the Doctor-but, his strength is starting to fade.

Again, a snap of the fingers and “Sleep!”.

Axel’s refusal to go under again begins to slur, his muscles relax again, and the tables turn in the Doctor’s favor.

Again, “Sleep!”. And Again, “Sleep!’

Until finally…

Axel still over the Doctor, is now completely under-“gone” grin and all. While he’s still pinning the Doctor down-his grip is so relaxed the Doctor orders him to “Get your hands off me!” Axel replying “….yes…” obeys, releases his grip and sits up over the Doctor-arms slumped at his sides, shoulders slack, back hunched, head cocked, and grinning drunk on relaxation. The Doctor gets his breath, tells Axel to get up and face the bed again like he had earlier, to which Axel also complies.

The Doctor, noticeably annoyed by Axel’s outburst and tells Axel that they’re going to have a “nice long talk. Now I’m going to be right back, be a good boy for me *Snaps fingers* and SLEEP.”

Axel-still on his feet, immediately knocks out-glazed expression and all, staring off into spAxel as the Doctor leaves. The Camera begins to slowly focus on his back, his arms, and lastly Axel and his face as he remains firmly under the Doctor’s control.

The Doctor returns with restraints for Axel’s hands and feet. With Axel still gone, the Doctor ties Axel’s hands behind his back and ties up Axel’s feet before ordering Axel to get onto the bed on his knees.

Axel will be on his knees resting at the foot of the bed facing the headboard, feet hanging off and sitting back onto his legs. The Doctor takes a seat right next to Axel puts an arm around Axel (given positioning, the Doctors arm will be around Axel’s neck with Axel’s chin resting on the forearm-like a “snake constricting it’s prey”) The Doctor recomposed tells him that an outburst like that wouldn’t be good for anyone, that he’s strong-too strong for his own good- asking Axel if he agrees-“You agree right?”.


The Doctor tells him that he’d love to have Axel over again for more “work”, but before he does-he’s going to put a few triggers in and tell him how he’s going to address the Doctor from here on…and then let him go.

However, the viewers never hear them.

As the Doctor begins to brainwash Axel, things go quiet. The camera begins to zoom over Axel’s restrained body. Starting at his tied up feet from the front of the bed, to his legs, his back and tied up arms, his chest, and finally to Axel’s head and face and he remains gone-literally in the Doctor’s grip and helplessly being propped up by the Doctor’s arm around his neck. The camera fades out to Axel’s gone face-his new triggers and future an unknown to everyone but The Doctor

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