Scott’s doctor makes a mistake – ALL NEW (reviews)


16 min.

This is a submitted script and some changes and additions have been made to it in the final product.


“This new Mpreg with scott is amazing… the belly is compatible with him and it looks realistic….his birth scene is nice, the pushing and breathing are on point… really wish the birth scene can be longer ? … I don’t mind to have him for another Mpreg! He such a good actor.”

“3 mpreg films in 3 weeks. They are all amazing and great with different aspects and styles that we normally don’t see.”

Scott is standing in front of a camera talking about himself and his life. He tells the camera he Just took a pregnancy test and they are going to find out together what it says.

Scott and J are talking about life . J mentions he needs to find a person for his final exam report on mpreg. Scott pulls out a pregnancy test asking if he can do it.

J does an exam for Scott( no ultrasound Just general exam) Scott ends up throwing up during the exam. J shows him an app he can use to track the size of his baby (also show the fruit size chart).

J is in the kitchen showing a healthy meal option for Scott as well as a health snack Scott mentions flutters and J tells him it’s Just the baby moving

J does an ultrasound and tells Scott he is having twins during this one have them discussing birth plans, maybe hand him a binder with different birth plans and positions ( see attached)

Scott and J are seen doing lamaze class, and finding out the gender of the babies.

Scott is seen cleaning the house, you hear him mention it’s called nesting. You also see him get his bag ready in case they need to go to the hospital.

Scott starts getting braxon an hicks contractions, you see him write down the contractions pattern and call J,y ou hear him mention water intake, what he has been doing, and trying to relax.

Scott has a final exam where J does an ultrasound and check to see if he is dilated at all. J show him the charts to understand what he is saying.

Scott is laying in bed  having contractions. J comes in and helps him through a few, Scott tells him he need to get the tub ready. You see J walk off screen when Scott gets a huge contractions and ends up pushing. You hear him tell the babies it’s ok , and yell for J. 

J walks in and tells him the first baby is coming too fast and if he reaches down he can feel the head . J tells him the next thing he is going to feel is the ring of fire, but he needs to breathe slowly so he doesn’t tear. Scott tries, bug screams out in pain. J tells him to stop pushing so he can check for a cord. He tells Scott he is all good and to push hard Scott has one baby on the floor. 

J helps him to the bathroom. You see Scott in the tub ready to give birth. You see him ask J to get his boyfriend on the video chat. J tells him he got it set up, Scott grabs his phone and takes selfie with the hashtag #go time, You see J struggle to get down to help him deliver his baby. J tells him he needs to push, and harder. Scott has the baby ( maybe tint the water red). J set the baby on Scott and covers him with a towel. J ask him what the name is Scott tells him …..

Scott are in bed. Scott is seen using the breast pump. Scott finished up and set the pump on the nightstand. He mentions how he has been feeling like sore chest, how going to the bathroom is still very painful and ice packs and stool softener are his friend. J comes over and checks him out. J tells the camera that being only 3 weeks post pregnancy his muscles are going back and he is healing nicely. J does a simulated anal exam and Scott can be seen wincing. J tells him the tear and stitches he had are almost completely heal

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