Scott + Beau’s triplets


29 min.

This a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below.


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Beau and husband come home from their honeymoon. They are unpacking their clothes and and putting them away when Beau starts feeling light headed and start complaining about a weird smell. His husband tells him he is probably tired and to go lay on the couch and he can put the rest away.

Beau is sitting on the couch with pickles, ice cream,doughnut,water, peanut butter and chips. He is looking photos on his phone from his Honeymoon. Beau alarm goes off to take his birth control pills and notices that he missed 3 pills. He quick runs to the bathroom and rummages through draws and finds a pregnancy test. You see him in the kitchen making dinner when the timer goes off, he read the test and he sees a plus sign. Beau decide to texts his husband who is in his way home from work this ( hey hon we need, pickles, ice cream, peanut butter, diapers)

Beau husband comes home from work he ask Beau about the list. He is shocked but is really happy. His husband tells him they need to tell the family, Beau says no he wants to wait until after the baby is born and surprise the families. He tells him that would make an awesome early birthday gift for their mom’s. His husband agrees.

Beau has his first doctors appointment. His husband tells him he is going to do the exam. Beau’s husband feels his stomach and listens to the heart beat and ask Beau if he wants to hear his baby heart beat and he does. He places wand on his stomach and they hear the heartbeat. Beau’s husband does an ultrasound to see how the baby is. His husband is shocked, he ask Beau if he is ready for this news, Beau says why, his husband points out 1 head, and then 2 heads, and then 3 heads. Beau is shocked that they are going to be having 3 little babies. Beau ask him if he can tell what they are having, he says no they are curled up and can’t tell. Beaus husband ask him if he is still up to his original birth plan? Beau says yes, he wants an all natural birth. He tells him they should look into hiring a doula (Jay).

Beau and husband hear the doorbell and it is their doula. He introduces him. Beau and his husband invited him in. Jay tells them he has been a doula for 5 years and is currently working on finishing his training to become a midwife. They make small talk about how the pregnancy is going. They tell him they are are having 3 babies. Jay ask them if they know what they are having. They tell him that they would not cooperate. Jay ask him what their wishes are for the birth. Beau tells him he wants an all natural birth and he want to stay at home as long as he can. Jay tells him that sounds like a plan and to call him when he starts having contractions.

Beau is trying to get dress for the day he yells for his husband since he can’t get his pants, shirt, sock and shoes on. You see him try, ultimately gives up and waits for his husband. His husband tries to help him, but his clothes are too small and he can’t button his pants or shirt either. He make a joke about him losing his six pack. His husband ask him to hold on and grabs a paper with the 16 weeks written on it and ask Beau to hold it and grabs his phone and takes a photo.

Beau and his husband are sleeping in bed when Beau feels the baby 1st kick, he tries to wake his husband. He won’t wake up so Beau grabs his arm and places it on his belly and has him feel. His husband wakes up and is shocked at how strong of a kicker the baby is. He rubs and kiss his belly. Then his husband notices how he is sleeping and yells at him for sleeping on his back, he tells him to sleep on his left side. Beau tells him it is to uncomfortable and his husband tells him to try this. He hands him 2 pillows one for under his stomach and 1 for between his knees. Beau agrees and tries it and he tells him it doesn’t feel bad.

Beau is sitting on the couch reading to the babies, (belly showing) his husband walks in and tells him they have to pick a name for the babies. Beau want to name the baby after mom (Carol) his husband is not really set on that name. He tells him he want something different and uncommon. He pick Grace, Hadley and Ellen for a girl and Wyatt,Eli and Aiden for a boy. Beau kind of likes Wyatt but doesn’t like Grace. Beau throws out another 3 boy name Jason, Mark and Isaac and Charlotte,Mackenzie and Harper. His husband likes Charlotte since that where they went on their honeymoon and got pregnant. Beau says how about, Charlotte,Mackenzie, Harper for a girl and Wyatt, Isaac and Eli for boys. His husband loves that idea.

Beau and his husband are sitting on the couch. Beau tells him his back is killing him. Beau husband tells him he can give him a back rub. His husband tells him is sexy pregnant. Beau tells him that is is a lie since he is 41 weeks pregnant and feels like a whale. He tells him he has to do some work in the office and will be back and he should just take a nap on the couch. Beau is sitting on the couch when he has his 1st contractions. He can’t believe he is having contractions. He tries to get up, but he gets another contractions and makes him fall to the floor. His husband walk in and sees him on the floor. Beau tells him that he is having contractions and he can’t move yet. His husband get down to his level and reminds him to breath and rubs his back. Beau tells him is back is hurting really bad. His husband starts rubbing his back.He tells him it could be a while and they should time them before heading to the hospital. Beau tells him to call the doula. The doula shows up. He tell Beau the 3 best things to help are walking around, gravity and relaxing. He ask Beau how he feels about going for a walk around the block: Beau agree and they walk up and down the street. beau gets 3 contractions when they are on their walk and it makes him stop and breath through them.When they get back he tells Beau that he is doing amazing. The doula helps him in the house and he tells Beau husband that he might want to back the hospital bag. You see his husband grabs some clothes, a pillow and his bag. The doula notices that his contractions are 4 min apart and they rush to the hospital.

He helps Beau to the car. He helps open the door and Beau gets a really strong contractions and struggles to get in the car. Beau has 3 contractions in the car and moans and screams in the car and struggles with remembering to breathe. His husband helps him to breath and rubs his belly and tries a to comfort him while driving to the hospital. Beau get 1 final contractions on his way to the hospital which he exclaims that he feels wet. His husband look shocked and tells him he thinks his water broke.

Beau get to the hospital and his husband ask if he want to change into a gown or wait, Beau says he doesn’t want to get into a gown just yet.  The doula helps Beau lean over the bed and his husband rubs his back and makes a joke about his butt. Beau yells at him and tells him this is not the place. Beau then is sitting on the bed with his husband sitting behind him( see photo), he lays on his side. The doula keeps telling him to remember to breath and relax. Beau then start having harder contractions, his husband rubs his belly and reminds him it could be awhile, but very soon they will get to meet their babies. Jay grabs a wet towel for his head, and some water to drink. His husband tries to distract him by making jokes, which Beau find less than funny. Beau husband grabs his phone to take photos of Beau in labor. Beau begs his husband to find the doctor since he changed his mind and want medicine now and he is done doing it natural.  His husband goes and tries to find the doctor,but he finds out that the doctor is in the middle of an emergency and can’t make it. Beau’s husband tells Beau that his doctor is busy, the doula tells him that he can check him since he has had some midwife training(please do the check the same way you did Aspens with just your hands). Jay tells him that he is full dilated and ready to push. He tells him he doesn’t think the doctor is going to make it and he will help delivery the babies. He goes over  some tips and tricks on pushing. He tells Beau to spread his legs, make sure his knees are bent and that he has push for a count of 10 and then take a breath and do it again for 3 times. He gets discouraged that he feels It’s not working his husband tell him it is and he can see the baby. He tells him he has to push not yell or scream. Beau has to push 12x since the baby is quite large. He tells his husband he feels ripping. He tells Jay just pull the baby, Jay tells he can’t, he can help but it up to him to push out the shoulder. The shoulder take longer since the baby is larger. He tells him to keep his leg apart and that will help. He has the baby; it’s a girl. He shows him the baby and then hands it off, He tells him he has a few minutes break before the next one, Beau and his husband embrace each other and then the contractions pick up again harder than ever. Beau starts pushing again and has to push 8 times and the his husband tells him to keep his leg apart and 3 more push he has another girl. Beau and his husband hug and embrace, Beau complaines since he didn’t as long of break like the last one. He screams since this baby is coming faster, he tells him to push even harder and not to scream and focus on pushing, he pushes 9 times, he has another girl. They are  shocked that they have 3 girls  They name them Charlotte, Mackenzie, Harper. Beau is semi sitting with no shirt and doing skin to skin with one of his little girl(see photo)  and his husband is holding 1 of the little girls. Beau ask his husband how much she weight. His husband says 9lb and 15oz. Beau tells him no wonder why it was so hard to deliver her. He ask his husband what the other weights of the babies were and Harper weights 8lb 14oz and Mackenzie weighs 9lb 6oz.

Beau is sitting in the red chair chest feeding her when his husband walks in. He tells him that they need to tell their families before they post any photos online. They start film a video on the couch; telling them about Charlotte and how much she weighs and when she was born (January 2 at 11:55 p.m) Beau holding her. Beau’s husband takes her and then gives him the other babies 1 at a time explain each of them just like Charlotte ( Mackenzie; 9lb and 6oz and born at 12:10 a.m and Harper  8 lb.14 oz born at  12:30 a.m) ( Just repeat one the babies he already held). They finish the video and then Beau ask him when he want to try again for baby. Beau husband smiles and opens his button down shirt and show him the shirt (I was thinking the shirt aspen wore in his mpreg movie). Beau is shocked.

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