Ryder + Jordan’s twin surprise


19 min.


  1. Jordan is making dinner and has placed a “bun in the oven” to reveal the fact that he is pregnant. His husband Ryder arrives home and takes some time to figure it out and is over the moon with the news.
  2.  Jordan is laying in bed with his belly showing and is taking to his baby and is joined by Ryder. The couple then discuss having the baby at the hospital or at home.
  3. Jay the midwife arrives and talks to the couple and does an exam followed by an ultrasound cause something doesn’t sound right. The couples finds out they are having twins.
  4. Jordan is eating junk food and Ryder is trying to get him to cut back and then they call to tell their parents the good news.
  5. The couple is in bed and Jay puts Jordan on bed rest. Jordan is now bigger then ever.
  6. Ryder is working in the office with Jordan when they feel the baby start to kick.
  7. Jordan is working out against doctors orders when his water breaks.
  8. Jordan gives birth in the bathtub with help from Jay and his husband.

Note: Ryder and Jordan made a great onscreen couple and I think you are all going to love it.


“Oh my gosh this video was amazing. It had so much detail and great labor scene. I love how it had the right mix of being serious and comedy. Happy 5 year Anniversary! Can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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