Oh baby (review)


23 min.


“This video was amazing! I loved the double pregnancy and the real life feel. It made me feel like you were an actual couple! The both of the births were amazing! I can’t wait to see more videos like this in the future!”

  1. Jay comes home from work and finds Jackson in the kitchen and they begin to talk about having another baby.
  2. Jay realizes he has forgotten to take his birth control for some time.
  3. Jay comes home to tell Jackson the good news and it turns out Jackson is pregnant to. The reveal is done via baby centric products they both purchases.
  4. Jackson and Jay undergo ultrasounds.
  5. Jackson is in the mirror lamenting the changes to his body.
  6. The couple is in the office talking about various baby related matters and they reveal to each other the genders.
  7. Jay is having trouble picking out an outfit and how awful he feels.
  8. Jackson goes into labor and has the baby at home.
  9. Jay is walking around and doing various positions as he experiences labor pains with Jackson nearby holding the new baby.
  10. Jay has a baby.

Please note Jay is not using any padding at all.

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