Nathan + Johnny’s first born – ALL NEW


18 min.

Nathan and Johnny have been dating for almost year now and still love to hook up. We see the two undress each other and have sex (simulated). Some time has passed, and Nathan is now having some tummy upset as Johnny consoles him. Nathan thinks he might be pregnant so he takes a test and finds out he is. A friend and him come up with a cool idea to reveal the pregnancy to Johnny. The two are celebrating their anniversary in front of a roaring fireplace with champagne. Nathan doesn’t take a sip and Johnny asks why and the surprise is revealed. Nathan has his first appointment with the doctor and has his heart, lungs, and pressure checked. Johnny’s been told the gender and surprises Nathan with a confetti cannon. The two are having a boy and float the idea of naming him Joseph. The two practice some exercises and then head to the hospital. Nathan’s water breaks and he goes through a painful labor with no drugs. In this video we show Nathan’s asshole as the Dr. checks to see if he is ready. The baby boy is born and the two enjoy some private time with Joseph.

Two versions are available for this video. One via Clips4sale which includes the sex scene and anal shot during the pregnancy (21 min. 33 seconds) and the CLEAN version via Gumroad (18 min. via green button at the bottom). This is the link to the Clips4sale version:


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