Matt + Kyle’s second child – ALL NEW – reviews posted


20 min.

This is a submitted script and some changes have been made in the final product.


“I absolutely love the new video. I thought it was cute how it felt like a part 2 and how they already had one and was showing how they adjust.”

“This video is great I love that Film 911 continues to try new mpreg scenarios and stories. Kyle is a cutie again and connected with the material, and Matt is one of the most attractive models in quite a while. Loved seeing the paternal moments of both really shine through. They sold the role of being second time fathers quite well!”

“I purchased this film yesterday, i watched it and i must say this is the best film so far, both actors are amazing, the birth scene was brilliant, would love to see more of these two mpeg movies. overall amazing work.”

Matt and Kyle’s Growing Family

Scene 1: Matt is in bed in his tight, package hugging undies. Kyle comes in wearing his pajamas. He is distracted and doesn’t really notice Matt in bed yet. He announces that their newborn Sophie is finally asleep. He is in the middle of relating this, when all of a sudden he notices his sexy hubby in bed and the mood lighting candles on the bedside. Kyle looks amused and enticed and asks his husband what the occasion is. Matt says it has been a while, and he wanted to spice things up. The couple begins to have simulated sex.

Scene 2: **later** Kyle and Matt are sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast. Kyle is dressed in work clothes. Matt is holding the baby and feeding her. Small talk about what’s on the agenda for the day. Kyle remarks how hungry the baby is today and how big she’s growing. Suddenly, Matt gets a look on his face and gags. He hurriedly gets up and passes the baby to Kyle and runs to the bathroom to puke. Concerned, Kyle follows him and asks what’s wrong. Matt just says that a huge wave of nausea washed over him and he had to go puke. Kyle asks if he should take the day off to stay home with him and the baby. Matt doesn’t think it’s necessary… he’ll be ok. Kyle is hesitant, but agrees. He kisses the baby on the head and passes him back to Matt and leaves for work. After he leaves, Matt says out loud, talking to the baby “I don’t know, Sophie, that was so strange. It almost felt like the morning sickness I had when I was pregnant with you. But that’s crazy… it couldn’t be…”

Scene 3: Matt and Kyle are in the Dr.’s office. The doctor asks them how they’re doing and how the baby is. They talk about how fast she’s growing and how much they love being fathers… but miss the regular sleep. The doctor says that’s wonderful and he’s glad they’re enjoying fatherhood… because he has some news. Matt is pregnant again. The couple is shocked. Matt starts to panic, but Kyle calms him down, reminding him that they wanted at least one more baby. It’s just happening a bit sooner than they planned. And besides, now their babies can grow up close in age and be great friends. Kyle tries to reassure him that this will actually be a good thing.

Scene 4: Ultrasound, Matt is showing now. He’s 4 months along. They speculate on the gender and discuss baby names. Kyle is given the opportunity to use the ultrasound equipment on his husband’s belly.

Scene 5: Matt is lying on the couch/chair (shirtless if possible), very pregnant now. He’s 8 months along. Matt lets out an uncomfortable “OH!” as he feels the baby begin to kick. He tells Kyle to feel his belly, and Kyle gets up close to the belly. The couple decides to open the results from their last appointment and find out the sex of the baby. They are very excited to learn they are expecting a little boy.

Scene 6: Matt yells for Kyle. Kyle comes running in and finds Matt standing in soaked undies. Matt explains his water broke and asks Kyle to call the doctor. Matt tries to calm down through a series of breathing exercises and Kyle tries to help him get comfortable, but he is in severe pain. Dr. Jay arrives and helps Matt get situated in bed, where after a painful delivery, he finally pushes out their baby boy, Russell

Scene 7: Epilogue

The daddies snuggle up on the couch admiring their new addition. Kyle passes their little bundle and goes to grab their daughter Sophie. The new family of four spends quality time together.

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