Dax Carter’s little bundle of joy – ALL NEW


22 min.

Please keep in mind this is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script.

Scene 1
Dax is at home, sitting on the couch and scrolling through his phone. He stops scrolling and smiles. The camera pans to his phone to show him looking at a facebook/Instagram photo of two guys and their baby/young child. Just then the door opens. It’s his husband Jay coming home from work. Jay has big news. He’s been promoted at the hospital to senior obstetrician. The couple is excited and Dax says this calls for a celebration. Jay agrees and says he’ll call their favorite restaurant and get a table. Dax shakes his head and said he was thinking they could celebrate in a different way… Dax tells Jay he wants Jay to put a baby in his belly. Jay is surprised, he wasn’t expecting this. Dax explains that he’s been thinking about it for a while, and that now with the promotion the timing is right. He’s always wanted to start a family and wants to take this next step. He knows Jay will be such a good daddy. After a bit of back and forth, Jay agrees and they take things to the bedroom to get started on making their baby.

Scene 2
Dax comes out of the bathroom holding a pregnancy test. Jay eagerly asks “well?” but Dax sadly shakes his head no. Jay comforts him, saying not to worry, it will happen for them soon. Dax laments, wondering if something is wrong with him. They’ve been trying for months. Jay continues to console him, saying he’s seen this happen before. Sometimes it just takes time.

Scene 3
The couple is spooning in bed when Dax suddenly wakes up and bolts off to the bathroom to puke. Jay checks in on him, rubbing his back as he pukes again. When he calms down, Dax asks Jay if he thinks this might be morning sickness. Jay says he can take him to the hospital later and find out.

Scene 4
In the hospital, Jay performs an ultrasound on Dax and finds out that they are indeed pregnant. The couple is thrilled. Finally, after so many months of trying they are going to have a baby. They find out that it’s a boy, and Dax is a couple months along.

Scene 5
Dax is lying in bed, rubbing his tummy which is larger. Jay comes with a snack/meal for Dax, who excitedly begins to devour it. As Dax is eating, Jay is rubbing Dax’s belly and kissing it. Dax thanks Jay for taking such good care of him. Jay says he’s the one that should be thankful with Dax sacrificing his body to grow their baby. Some playful banter ensues about Dax being hungry all the time and about the baby growing bigger and bigger. Suddenly Dax feels a sharp kick… the baby has kicked for the first time. He grabs Jay’s hand and guides it to his belly where he felt the kick. The baby kicks again. Jay and Dax cozy up to one another and marvel at their little man’s activity in the womb.

Scene 6
Dax and Jay are in bed under the covers. Stirring as they wake up, Jax says good morning and asks how Dax slept. Dax says not bad. He woke up around 2:00 when the baby started kicking hard, but he eventually fell back asleep. Jay pulls back the covers to reveal a shirtless Dax with a HUGE belly. He’s very pregnant and could pop any day. Jay begins to rub/caress the belly and remarks how he wishes he could lay in bed with Dax and their baby all day, but he has to go to work

Scene 7:
Jay is leaving for work. He tells Dax that if he needs him for anything, just to call, he’s right around the corner. He gives Dax a kiss on the cheek and bends down to kiss the belly, telling the baby “to behave for daddy” before walking out of the house.

Scene 8:
A mix of scenes of Dax doing various chores around the house in his underwear. Frequently caressing his belly and talking to the baby. The baby will begin to give some really hard kicks. Finally Dax will begin to feel contractions. He collapses on the bed where he is in pain and wondering if he’s in labor. Just then, his water breaks, confirming his suspicions. He can’t get up and his phone is on the kitchen counter so he can’t call his husband.

Scene 9:
Some time lapse. Dax has managed to get his shirt off and continues to experience contractions on the bed. Jay walks in the house with lunch, he was going to surprise Dax and spend his lunch break with him. He hears Dax struggling and runs into the bedroom. When he realizes Dax’s situation, he runs to his side and Dax says he needs to get to the hospital. Jay insists there’s no time, that they’re going to have this baby at home.

Scene 10: Birth scene. Jay delivers Dax’s healthy baby boy. (Crying as the baby is born to make it realistic). Jay swaddles the baby and brings him to an overjoyed Dax who kisses the bundle. Jay climbs into bed with his husband and the scene ends with a solid minute of the two marveling over their bouncing baby boy (remarking on his features, how big he is, etc… Dax should also pass the baby to Jay who should get a chance to hold him.

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