Brad + Max make a choice – ALL NEW (reviews)


24 min.

This is a custom video and some changes/additions have been made to the script below.


“The newest mpreg video was so cute. They actually made me think they were college students who had too much fun one night. I love the story line and how it portrayed all of their journey.”

“The new mpreg video had me so convinced that it was real and it was so good omg I just loved it.”

“The custom was fantastic! Really enjoyed it. I hope that it is getting positive feedback. It always makes a HUGE difference for the mpreg stuff when both guys can act! Thanks again for bringing it to life.”

Scene 1: Brad is studying for an exam when he gets a phone call from his sister. He tells her what he’s been up to, which isn’t much. He’s in college and is really focused on school. Although he did let himself go out last weekend and he met a guy: Scott. A total hunk. Plays on the university soccer team. Nothing happened unfortunately, because Scott had to leave with his DD all of a sudden. But Brad hopes maybe they’ll run into each other on campus sometime so he can ask for his number. There’s a knock on the door. Brad answers it and sees Scott there. He’s stunned and tells his sister he has to go. Scott explains that he had a great time the other night and has been trying to track brad down all week. Brad is flattered and invites him in. He suggests that maybe the two of them watch a movie or something.

Scene 2: short simulated sex scene between Brad and Scott. Scott says he wasn’t prepared and doesn’t have any condoms. He asks if Brad is on birth control, and he says yes.

Scene 3: 2 months later. Brad and Scott are now a couple. They’re cuddling in bed. Brad wakes suddenly and runs to the bathroom to puke. Scott follows him in and is worried. This has happened multiple times this week and Brad hasn’t been feeling well in general. He insists on taking brad to the hospital.

Scene 4: Dr Jay tells the couple that Brad is pregnant. They are stunned. Brad is on birth control. Dr. Jay says on rare occasions even people on birth control can conceive. If there was ever a time they didn’t use a condom, that was probably when it happened. He leaves the couple to let them talk. Brad and Scott discuss they’re options. They both can’t believe the situation. They think they are too young to be parents. They are finishing school and are about to start their lives. Besides, they haven’t even been dating long. There’s some awkward silence and Scott suggests maybe they should end the pregnancy. Brad looks conflicted but agrees that maybe an abortion would be best.

Scene 5: *Dream Sequence* Brad is holding a baby and marveling over it. The camera pans away to Scott who enters the room. When it pans back to Brad, he has his arms still positioned as if he were holding a baby, but there’s nothing in his arms. He begins to panic and asks Scott where the baby is. Scott reminds him that they had an abortion.

*real time* Brad and Scott are in bed asleep and Brad is restless from his bad dream. Scott wakes him up. Brad, distressed, tells him he had a nightmare and he doesn’t think he can go through with the abortion. He understands if Scott wants to leave him. Scott hugs him and says he’s been second guessing the decision too and that he’s not going anywhere. Brad asks if Scott thinks they can raise a baby. Scott says they made it together and they’ll raise it together. They’ll find a way to do it and finish school.

Scene 6: Brad is showing now. The couple does an Instagram Live gender reveal to share with their friends and family (could go many ways with this) and it’s revealed they’re having a boy

Scene 7: Brad is sitting up in bed, reading for class when he feels a big kick. He winces and calls for Scott to come feel the baby. Scott comes in and puts his hands on Brads belly. The baby kicks again. Scott is amazed. Scott kisses the belly and talks to it. “That’s a pretty big kick. Maybe you’ll be a soccer player like your daddy?” Brad tells Scott he’s super hungry and asks him to make him a snack he’s craving.

Scene 8: A quick ultrasound scene where they find out the baby is growing nicely and very healthy. They are about a month away from the due date.

Scene 9:

Short scene. Brad has been having a bit of a rough day. Scott offers to give Brad a massage to help him relax. (the stuff from like the first minute or two of this video Scott encourages Brad to practice the breathing exercises that they learned in their last Lamaze class. Scott affectionately nuzzles/kisses Brad’s neck while massaging him.

Scene 10:
The couple is relaxing in bed discussing baby names. Brad is at his largest. Scott puts his hand on the belly to feel it and remarks about how he still can’t get over that their baby is growing inside there. He remarks on how amazing it is that any day they’re going to be fathers and how these 9 months really flew by. Brad says that’s easy for him to say since he hasn’t had to do the hard work of carrying it. Scott continues to rub and kiss the belly and then rests his head on Brad’s stomach, who begins lovingly stroking his hair. Suddenly Brad make a face. He tells Scott something’s not right… and then he gets it. His water broke. Scott helps Brad, who’s in tight fitting undies with wetness to show that his water broke, off screen.

Scene 11: Brad struggles through a painful birth with a supportive Scott by his side. Finally their little boy makes his grand entrance. He’s swaddled and handed to the new fathers who share a tender moment with their newborn

Epilogue: Scott and Brad are in bed, studying for exams. Scott remarks how they need to make the most of this time before the baby wakes up. And on cue, their son begins to cry. Brad gets up and brings him into bed, where the dads hush and comfort him.

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