Ben & Quinn’s little ones – ALL NEW


This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. Since the video is shorter than usual, you will get a 10% off discount code with purchase. Discount code valid till July 30th.

Scene 1:

Quinn is in bed and in the last moments of delivering their baby. We see Ben holding his hand as the doctor tells him to push. The baby is delivered and the two are seen enjoying their first moments with their baby boy _______.

Scene 2:

Ben and Quinn are snuggling on the couch and Quinn brings up that they haven’t had sex since ______ was born. Ben is reluctant but heads to the bedroom with Quinn.

Scene 3:

Ben is finishing up teaching an online ab workout class and notices some changes to abs and asks Quinn if he notices anything. Quinn says he looks great and not to worry.

Scene 4:

Ben wakes up Quinn cause he is feeling nauseous and throws up. Quinn comforts him and says he should see the doctor.

Scene 5:

The two return from the doctor still in shock that Ben is pregnant. They had planned to space out the babies and feel a bit overwhelmed. 

Scene 6:

Ben decides to start teaching workout classes for others who are pregnant and we see him recording a video. During the filming he feels the baby move for the first time and is caught off guard.

Scene 7:

The two are watching the 3D ultrasound video of their soon to be born baby girl and discuss baby names.

Scene 8:


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