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Sebastian and Jay are watching a movie that features mind control and Sebastian isn’t buying it. Jay pulls out a pendant and tells him he can prove it. Sebastian goes under and Jay goes to town trying to prove it by moving him to different places, using triggers (flex, strip, freeze, hug, hand touching forward causing sleep, pecs, belly button, and more) all the while Sebastian denies it and explains it away. Last scene has Sebastian frozen and told to enjoy Jay worshipping his body.

Note: I am trying to trim these synopsis’s down a bit as you will see above. This model is a professional actor.

This is the original submitted script that we followed with changes if you’d like to read a more detailed version:

Enrique and Jay are watching a movie. Enrique starts shouting out that this movie is a piece of crap, and asks Jay what does he think?. Jay tells Enrique to be quiet. Shocked that Jay is enjoying the movie he starts complaining  saying there’s no such thing as mind control.  Jay is annoyed that Enrique won’t shut up, so he stops the movie and says he’ll be right back. Enrique hits play on the remote and shakes his head at the BS he’s watching. Jay returns with a pendulum and show it to Enrique. Jay says he can control him with this and Enrique laughs at the sight of it. Enrique says you think that little piece of metal can control me? He says this isn’t Star Trek nor does Jay have “The Force” to control his mind. Jay just says we’ll see. Close up shot of Enrique face as Jay begins to swing pendulum. Jay tells Enrique to watch the pendulum swing back and forth. Jay tells Enrique his eye lids are getting very heavy, and you feel very relaxed. Jay counts down from ten. Enrique complaints that it’s not working and he’s wasting his time. When Jay reaches zero Enrique head tilts down as he falls into a trance.

Jay tells Enrique about sleep and wake command. Jay also tells Enrique when he hears highly illogical, his right hand will move slowly towards his forehead. Once his index finger touches forehead he’ll fall asleep. Jay tells Enrique to wake. Enrique tells Jay I told you it wouldn’t work, there’s no such thing as mind control. Jay says sleep. Jay repositions Enrique body as he’s moved to the other side of the couch and Jay takes a seat next to him. When Jay says wake he asks Enrique about his new sitting position. Enrique tells Jay he’s been seating in the same place since the start of this shitty movie. Enrique goes on and on about how bogus mind control is. Jay asks Enrique you think it’s highly illogical? As Enrique hands goes up Jay asks him what’s wrong with his hand. Enrique tries to play it off and uses his left hand to bring it down. Jay ask if someone is controlling his mind? Enrique doesn’t answer since he’s trying to stop his hand from touching his forehead.  When Enrique falls asleep Jay places some trigger words:




As Enrique preforms these tasks he still denies he’s being controlled and gives a reason why he’s doing them.

Jay tells Enrique to wake. Enrique tells Jay no matter what Jay says or does, there no such thing as mind control. Enrique pats Jay on the leg and says lets watch something else. As Enrique is ready to stand up, Jay says sleep

Jay moves Enrique to a new room and wakes him. Jay asks wasn’t in living room just sitting down? Enrique says no he was going to the kitchen. Jay says strip and Enrique removes his shirt and tells Jay the room is hot. Jay uses the trigger words multiple times and each time Enrique gives a reason why he did it.  When Jay says sleep Enrique is just wearing his underwear and socks.

Jay gives Enrique new trigger word

pec bounce


what ever hidden talent Enrique has

Jay wakes Enrique and uses new and some old trigger words. Enrique still insists he’s in control. Jay says sleep.

Jay gives Enrique a new trigger words, freeze and unfreeze. When he hears freeze he won’t be able to move but will be aware of what’s going on and he can talk. Jay will be able to move Enrique around with no resistance. Jay wakes Enrique. Jay tells Enrique to squat and freezes him in mid squat.  Enrique ask what’s going as Jay repositions his body. Jay says unfreezes. Enrique looks confused and  Jay says strip. As Enrique lifts his leg to remove sock, Jay tells him to freeze. Jay asks why he stopped?  As Jay moves his arms and torso in different positions, Enrique asks why can’t he move and why Jay so strong?  When Jay unfreezes Enrique he shoves Jay to the floor as he tries to get away. Jay freezes him. Jay re-position his body again. Enrique confess mind control is possible and pleas to let him go. Jay says he’s not done and pushes Enrique backwards with his index finger pressed against his chest.

In bedroom we see Enrique still being pushed backwards by Jay’s finger. Enrique asks what is he going to do? Jay places Enrique near the bed and says sleep. Then Jay taps his forehead that causes Enrique to fall on the bed. Jay wakes Enrique and sits him on the edge of the bed and freezes him. Jay fondles Enrique chin, checks and neck and kisses/licks his nipples. Enrique pleas for Jay to stop and apologize for making fun of mind control. Jay places hand over Enrique mouth and tells him silence. As Jay continues to fondle Enrique, he mumbles Jay to stop. Jay tells Enrique to sleep and his head tilts down. Jay fondles Enrique a little bit longer before he lies Enrique down on bed and continues to fondle him.

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