Sean Holmes the human statue – ALL NEW


12 min.

This is a custom video and therefore some elements may have been changed. There is no nudity in this video even though script mentions it.

Derek comes to his friend Jay’s house for a visit. He seems depressed. Jay asks why. Derek says that he’s supposed to go back to school in the fall, but his summer job fell through and now there’s no way he’ll have the money to go. Jay says he has an idea for a way Derek could get the money.

Jay, who happens to be an art collector, tell Derek that he’s always wanted to have a living statue as part of his collection. Jay is also a hypnosis expert and says he’s developed a way he could hypnotize Derek into staying absolutely still like a statue for as long as he wants. He says that if Derek is willing to do it for the summer, he’ll give him the money for school.

Derek says no way man. The whole thing is too weird. Jay tells him to think of it like a summer job. He won’t have to do anything but stand there and he’ll get all the money he needs.

Derek is still skeptical, so Jay suggests just trying it out now for a few minutes. If he doesn’t like it, he won’t bring it up again. Derek still seems wary and nervous, but agrees. Jay tells Derek to take his clothes off. Derek looks shocked and asks why and jay says he’s going for the effect of a Greek statue. Derek again looks skeptical, but slowly takes his clothes off (would be great if he gets nude, but tight briefs would be ok).

He tells Derek to try a bunch of different poses. He tells him to flex his biceps, put his arms behind his head and a few others. They settle on him standing there like Superman with his fists on his hips.

Jay then takes out his watch and waves it in front of Derek’s face. He tells him to watch it swing and on the count of 10, he won’t be able to move until Jay says unfreeze. Jay gets to 10, and Derek is absolutely motionless in the pose Jay picked, staring straight ahead.

Jay says wow you look hot. He then pulls out a bottle of oil and rubs Derek’s motionless body down. The camera pans around Derek’s body, still unmoving. Camera stays on him for a bit with Jay checking him out and appearing to be thinking.

Jay then says sorry man, I can’t let you go. You look too good like this and fit right into my collection. I promise I’ll let you go in time to start school in the fall and give you the money I promised.

The camera then stays on Derek’s motionless body for a few moments and fades out.

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