Nephew Ollie joins the site


This a custom video and some changes may have been made to the script below in the final product.

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“Wanted to thank you for the hypnosis video with Ollie, especially the sleeping sequence was super hot!”

Dr. Smith has decided to start a new website that features hot guys hypnotized and programmed to be unaware of him filming them throughout their day (we see a work in progress on Dr. Smith’s screen with v/o). Essentially a voyeur site. His nephew Darren is visiting again and he tries to recruit him as a model but he refuses saying he isn’t into model/acting for adult sites, only legit stuff. Unlike gays now showing everything off on Only Fans (talk about money). Dr. Smith ask him if he wants to see a new option his older customers can use to use his hypnosis services at home. This is specifically for seniors with vision problems. Dr. Smith brings a stool over and its him in front of the TV and puts him under. Darren tries to look away and Dr. Smith gently keeps moving his head into position. We then see Darren’s eyes roll back and his head slump forward. 

Dr. Smith then tells Darren that later he will return and Darren will be totally unaware that he is in the house.

We now see Dr. Smith following Darren throughout the day as he works out, showers, and finally sleeping. While sleeping, Dr. Smith removes his towel and licks Darren’s belly button, sucks on his nipples, and worships his body. We can hear Darren softly snoring and at times turning a bit but not noticing Dr. Smith. Darren rolls over and Dr. Smith caresses his back and ass and unzips his pants but Darren rolls back over.

In the next sequence we see Dr. Smith freezing Darren while he looks at porn.

A few days later, Dr. Smith is talking to his investor about how well the site is doing when Darrens storms in angry. Darren tells him he needs to remove the footage now or else. At that moment, Dr. Smith puts him back under and makes him strip naked. Darren is then told to jerk off while Dr. Smith watches and then is ordered to come back to shoot more later.