Nathan gets recruited by Dr. Ford – ALL NEW

Hypnosis, Unwilling Escort

Please note this is a custom script and some changes have been made to it in the final product.

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Nathan in this role is a new real estate agent in town who is advertising his services door to door. He is sharply dressed in a button-up collared shirt and sharp tailored dress pants which show off his nice ass. His hair is neatly combined into a side part. If he can wear glasses for the part, I think that’ll be really sexy. He can be clean shaven if he wishes, or bearded, but I would like him to keep his chest and pubic hair natural.

Diego is cast in this as Dr Smith’s partner and also medical associate. He is known as Dr Diego in this skit. He is dressed sharp in handsome clothing like Dr Smith will be.

Dr Smith is a voyeuristic participant in this script.


Dr Smith invites him in for a chat, and explains he is interested in putting his house up for sale. Dr Smith says he currently lives here with his partner, Dr. Diego, who is also his trusted medical associate in his private practice. Nathan is excited and says this would be one of his first new ventures and is eager for the opportunity, having just started this new career path fresh from college. He says he’s going to need to look around the apartment, and that’s when Dr Smith offers him a cup of drink first (show Dr Diego sneaking something in the drink while in the kitchen), and Nathan sips up whatever Dr Diego brings out, unaware it’s drugged. Dr Smith asks if he has any friends or family in town and he says he’s brand new here in the city, has no friends and his family and him aren’t on speaking terms. Dr Smith ominously says “hahaha that’s great…” but then Dr Diego corrects him and says “great for you because you get to be your own man! And no one can hold you back” And Nathan laughs and agrees. Dr Smith says he has to make a phone call. He steps away. Dr Diego chats up Nathan, flirtily and kinda inappropriate. Nathan asks how long they’ve been together, and Diego responds that they’ve been together a couple of years, but they’re very much in an open relationship and are free to do what they wish. Diego flirts with Nathan a little but Nathan awkwardly smiles and says he’s not interested but is rather flattered.

We see Dr Smith on the phone with a “Mr Latcher” who he addresses, and he tells him that he has found him his new personal escort, and he’s a handsome and young one too. Dr Smith begins to negotiate a price with Mr. Latcher, and at one point is almost angry that he isn’t being offered enough. He eventually settles for a price, and Dr Smith says he will “prepare” his personal escort for his pleasure, and deliver him to his mansion by night-time.

As Dr Smith and Dr Diego walks around showing Nathan the home, Nathan begins to feel giddy and stumbles slightly, he also says he can’t seem to see properly and feels his mind becoming foggy. Dr Smith exclaims “oh dear” and Dr Smith and Diego helps him onto his dining table, sitting him on the side of it… and exclaims that perhaps he needs to cool off a bit and that he’s burning up (after feeling his forehead). Nathan doesn’t put up much of a resistance as Dr Smith and Diego begins to unbutton his clothing and verbalizes that he’s going to make him feel more comfortable, and slowly by slowly begins to remove his layers. I would like Dr Smith and Diego to undress Nathan until he is completely naked, not even socks should remain. Dr Smith and Diego undresses him gently and with care, and also voyeuristically looks at his body, admiring it, and pays the most attention to his genitals when they are revealed. I would like a closeup of this scene on Nathan’s dick. As Dr Smith/Diego undresses him, Nathan will occasionally appear wincing in pain and grabbing his head, and he says he feels like he’s burning from the inside-out. His eyes look like he’s in discomfort. He doesn’t seem to really mind that he’s being undressed. When Nathan is fully naked, Dr Smith/Diego then helps him lie on the table flat and Nathan passes out within seconds. Dr Smith then begins filming his naked body, the camera focusing on closeup shots of his face, his chest, his genital area (if uncut, Dr Smith will pull his foreskin back) and also his feet. He also turns him over and shows his back view, down to his ass, spreading his cheeks, and then to his feet. Dr Smith talks to the camera saying that Mr Latcher will be very pleased with his new boy-toy discovery. And that he’s going to let Diego “sample” the merchandise first before releasing him to Mr Latcher.

The next scene is set in Dr Smith’s office. Nathan is sitting in his armchair, naked. He wakes up and is confused as to where he is. He sees Dr Smith and Dr Diego, realizes he is completely and utterly naked, and quickly covers his private parts and asks where his clothes went. Dr Smith says that his clothes are being dried and he says that Nathan had passed out and ended up falling in his swimming pool, and his clothes are soaking wet. Nathan says he doesn’t remember this but can’t also seem to confirm it didn’t indeed happen. He says his memory feels very foggy and his head hurts. He says he remembers feeling like his entire body was on pins and needles, a burning sensation. Diego remarks that this is quite unusual and concerning, and says that it’s good that he’s a medical doctor himself, and he says he would like to conduct a physical examination on him to find out why this is. Diego asks him to relax and that he’s already seen all of his body as they were the ones who undressed him, and there’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Nathan says he doesn’t even know them, and this feels strange. Nathan remarks that the only person who’s seen him naked is his boyfriend. Dr Diego says that as a licensed medical doctor, he won’t let him leave until he himself has given him a clean bill of health. And he fudges a lie that he refuses to get sued for an adult male fainting in his home and him not attending to his wellbeing. He says it would be malpractice to let him leave without first examining him. He also reminds Nathan that he is still his potential client and could make some good money from this. Nathan looks at him innocently with wide doe eyes… and then awkwardly says okay, and says he’ll do what it takes so he can get on with his business. Dr Smith advises that it’s wise of him to listen to their medical advice. He says “darling, I’ll let you conduct the physical examination this time.”

From this part of Dr Smith is a voyeur to Diego sexually and sensually testing Nathan.

Diego has Nathan stand up and Diego stands directly in front of him, pushes his hands away covering his genitals, and begins to touch his chest and nipples with both hands. This scene should be filmed from a short distance away so we can see Nathan’s body. Nathan looks awkward but allows this to happen still. Diego gets uncomfortably close to his eyes, and then asks him to open his mouth and checks his teeth. He then touches Nathan’s neck and feels it. He then also feels the area around Nathan’s genitals, and this time there will be a close-up on them, his penis wiggling as Diego touches around the area. If he has foreskin I want Diego to pull it back and also to lift up his penis and feel his balls. If Nathan can pop a boner that’ll be hot too. Nathan is then asked to turn around, and Diego examines his back throughly with his hands, and then moves on down to his ass and puts one hand each on the bottom of each ass cheek and squeezes it. If you could do this close-up and also a full-body view, that’ll be great.

This scene should be filmed from a distance so we can see Nathan’s entire naked body – Dr Diego then gets him to do some squats and also to hop on one foot at a time while holding his knee. He also has Nathan touch his nose with his finger to Diego’s finger which moves left and right. He also has Nathan follow finger up and down. He also has Nathan walk back and forth a few times normally, then in a straight line with his arms out.

Standing in front of him and behind him, Diego also then runs his hands down his chest, nipples, the side of his body, down to his waist, then legs, and then the inner thighs. And then the arms, and also touches his hands softly and tenderly. He remarks that Nathan has soft hands. Diego also has Nathan sit down and he checks his feet as he raises his leg up one at a time. He also has Nathan bend over and touch his toes, both of his front body view and of course his back view as he bends over. It’ll be hot to show his ass crack. I want Nathan to also has his feet spread shoulder-length apart as he bends down.

Diego then says he needs Nathan to sign a form on his computer to complete the exam. Nathan walks to the computer, sits down, and looks at the screen, expecting a form… but he asks “what is this?” The screen is a hypnotic video, which catches Nathan’s curiosity. Nathan is shown looking at it with suspicion and confusion, and when he tries to look away Diego grabs his face from behind and forces him to keep looking at it. “Stop… please! Stop!!!” Nathan screams for help. Dr Smith grabs him by the rest of his body to assist Diego. Diego laughs happily and remarks that he will be all his to enjoy, before he ends up being sold to Mr. Latcher for the rest of his life until he “expires”. Nathan screams for help again while still struggling but is held down by them both and the screen fades out.

New scene. Nathan is sitting back in the armchair in his naked state, but this time quiet, and his face blank and his eyes expressing emptyness, while still wide open. He has no life left in his eyes. Dr Smith looks at him and says “we really did a number on this one, babes.”

Diego laughs and says watching that hypnotic imagery for the last four hours has wore his brain and his defenses down.

He says that Nathan should now be able to take suggestions and follow them without questioning or fighting back.

Diego sits across him and tells Nathan, welcome to his new life as part of the Latcher Home for Troubled Men. He says under the care of Mr. Latcher in his secluded mansion in the woods, he will serve him and listen to his every word and order. He says that Mr. Latcher has taken in dozens of troubled men and gave them a home, gave them work to do in his large private estate. He says many of these men will serve under Mr. Latcher until their contract expires, after which they may be released back into society, if Mr. Latcher chooses so. Diego says to nod if he understands and to say “Yes, master.” Nathan nods and says yes master. Diego then says from now on, he will forget all his memories of his life, of who he is, but he will only know to listen to the words of Mr. Latcher and Diego, who will be his owners from now on. He says that hearing the words “Latch On” will make him completely open to listen to commands, and asks him to say yes master if he understands. Nathan nods again and says yes master. Diego also says the words “Latch Off” will cause him to remember who he is, but also be unable to move his body. He again asks him to nod and say yes master if he understands. He does so. At this point it is clear that Nathan no longer is his former self, but a new man.

Diego then says he is going to have some fun with him now, and enjoy his body before he has to let him go as he Mr. Latcher has paid a tidy sum for his body. As he says this, he places his hand on his thigh and rubs up and down it. He then says “Latch Off.” Nathan expression now changes to fear and discomfort, and he verbally expresses a desperate, “please… let me go”. Diego  then gets down to Nathan’s height as he sits there, beside him, and begins to kiss his neck and lick his neck. Nathan closes his eyes, and his mouth opens so slightly ,showing he is enjoying this feeling but also not wanting this to be the case and he keep saying “please stop”. As Diego continues to kiss and lick his neck and even his ears, Nathan begins to moan quietly. Diego then puts his mouth at his ear and whispers, “Latch On.” Instantly Nathan stiffens up and his eyes become wide open and expressionless.

Diego then has him stand up against the wall. He has Nathan lean against his wall, proclaims “Latch Off and Do Not Speak” so Nathan goes back to being conscious and expressive but unable to speak, and he stands right in front of Nathan, invading his personal space, and begins to run his hands along his chest and nipples saying he’s going to give him an oral exam now. Nathan now looks uncomfortable and somewhat scared. He also leans in close and listens to Nathan’s heartbeat, his ear against his heart. Nathan will look displeased as this is happening. He then also begins to lick and suck on Nathan’s nipples, taking time with each individual nipple. I don’t want just a close up of this scene, I want to see Nathan’s entire body while Diego does this, as well as the close-up please. If Nathan can produce a accidental boner, that would be so hot. He also then holds Nathan’s face in his hands and gets uncomfortably close to him, looking into his eyes as he removes Nathan’s glasses (if he wears them at the start of the script like I asked). He compliments Nathan’s eyes, saying they’re beautiful, and Nathan stays silent, while looking back at him with scared wide eyes. Diego tosses the glasses away and says he won’t need to see anything more from now on. He also puts his hands on Nathan’s waist and pulls him in, Nathan’s naked groin pressed against Diego’s own groin. Diego gazes into Nathan’s eyes as they are nose-to-nose, and says they are going to kiss now and for him to “Latch On”. Nathan changes again and says a expressionless and emotionless, “Yes, Master.” and they begin to kiss passionately. Diego starts to get handsy and gropes Nathan’s penis and balls, and also fondles them, and also grabs at his ass. Dr Smith remarks how fucking sexy him kissing Nathan is, and how impressed Mr. Latcher is going to be with this new sex slave. Dr Smith watches them with fervent interest, even touching himself.

The kissing continues as Diego starts to pull him towards the floor, and Diego is on top of Nathan as they keep kissing.

Diego then brings Nathan out to the living room, and has him lie on the dining table. He then stands at Nathan’s feet area, spreads his legs and knees apart (like a giving birth position), and begins to lick at his balls. Nathan is shown, again, neutral and unable to provide any expression of pleasure. Diego then commands him to show that he’s enjoying this feeling of his tongue against his balls, and Nathan then begins to show he’s enjoying it, he looks as though he is in complete ecstacy as his balls are being licked. Diego asks that he moan and say how good it feels for Mr. Latcher, and Nathan remarks to Diego how good it feels, while claiming it is Mr. Latcher who is making him feel so good. “Oh yes… Mr Latcher… just like that… oh yes…. fuck yes, Mr. Latcher.”

Diego then does the unthinkable – he holds Nathan’s penis and then begins to suck on it. Nathan continues to moan and makes really hot sexual expressions, while Diego continues to spread his knees and legs apart with his hands, and sucks Nathan’s penis up and down while also continuing to lick his balls. “Fuck yeah, babes. You’re so fucking good,” says Dr Smith as he watches and touches himself sexually.

Diego then has him get on all fours on the table, and walks around him while enjoying the view. Dr Smith then stands in front of Nathan and has him suck on his fingers. We watch as the naked Nathan on all fours sucks on Dr. Smith’s fingers, and Dr Smith asks that he look at him. Nathan then looks at him while doing this. Diego takes out his camera and films this, asking that Mr. Latcher see how good he is at sucking. So we get to see a wide-angle view of Nathan sucking Dr Smith’s fingers and also a “Dr Smith perspective view” where it looks like Nathan is sucking our own fingers and looking at us. Diego then films Nathan as Dr Smith asks him to crawl around on the floor for him.

The two then hook up in the bed (kissing, blow jobs, and finally they both cum).

The video ends with a naked Nathan sitting on the couch, facing the camera. We are able to see his entire naked body. Dr. Smith is sitting perpendicually across, questioning him.

“Who are you?” – No one, he replies.

“What is your purpose?” – to serve Mr. Latcher with faith and loyalty and undevoted attention.

“Do you have friends or family?” – Mr. Latcher is my only family now, he loves me like a son and I him like a father.

“Who do you belong to?” – Mr. Latcher, he says.

“Who does your body belong to?” – Mr. Latcher, he says.

Dr. Smith then says “all right, the time has come for you to be transported to Mr. Latcher’s estate.” Diego embraces Nathan in a hug, and then kisses him on the lips. Dr. Smith and Diego walks Nathan outside where a car is waiting for him. Nathan is shown entering the car and the car drives away.