Matt with Mr. Latcher


17 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made in the script below. It also contains blooper footage at the end. The video includes muscle worship.

Mr. Latcher has been getting more specific with what he is looking for which has made Dr. Smith’s job very difficult. In particular he has been wanting someone a bit older, sporting a swimmers body, and ideally of Italian descent. Today Dr. Smith is going to introduce Matt to Mr. Latcher.

Matt can be seen sitting next to Dr. Smith blind folded, wearing a speedo, and slightly wet cause he has just come from the pool. 

Dr. Smith begins speaking to Mr. Latcher and goes over what it took to procure Matt (we see Matt enter his ride share only to be overcome with gas) and then asks him some questions.

1. How old are you?

2. Are you gay/straight?

2. Do you have a girlfriend?

3. What sport do you enjoy?

4. Would you ever have sex with a man?

5. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

6. Will you follow all the commands Mr. Latcher gives you? (Matt stumbles to say yes but says yes). Will you obey all his sexual commands? (Yes)

Dr. Smith says he is still ironing out some kinks with Matt but he will be ready by Mr. Latcher’s bday on the 22nd. Dr. Smith then goes over delivery details (back entrance, unmarked car, what he should wear, etc. . ) Then the video cuts to us seeing the process of programming Matt.

Matt is strapped to the gurney and a strobe light is flashing down on him from above. Dr. Smith’s voice can be heard telling him to focus on the light (as he struggles to get loose). Matts body suddenly goes still, his eyes fixed, and the strobe stops. A headset is placed on his head and we see his blinking rapidly.

Matt is now in the bedroom and dressed in a suit. Dr. Smith is now showing Mr. Latcher a new stripper mode. Matt starts to slowly undress and teases the camera (focus on nipples, belly button, and muscles). Dr. Smith pauses the programming and then shows Mr. Latcher sex positions. (4 total). Dr. Smith leaves the room and we see Matt starts to come around and freak out. Matt runs down the hallway and finds Dr. Smith and attacks him but Dr. Smith stops him in his tracks with the shutdown safe word HOME. Matt stops and returns to a controlled state and walks back into the living room and sits down.

Dr. Smith then explains the safety feature and subsequent brain washing that was done to Matt after the incident and moves on to showing off Matt’s body. Matt is then told to go into NATURAL mode. Matt turns to Dr. Smith, how can I be of service today Dr. Smith? Dr. Smith asks for a massage and for some apple sauce.

Now Dr. Smith shows him how Matt can be used as a bodyguard. Dr. Smith puts on a mask and pretends to be stealing jewelry when Matt overpowers him.

Finally, maybe you want to have some role-play fun. Matt can be an inmate you found on the side of the road, in the military, or even a dog on a leash. But I know you’re favorite is to just enjoy him knocked out cold.

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