Matt volunteers for the show – ALL NEW


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“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Matt Volunteers for the Show vid. Matt is hot and a good actor. Loved seeing him naked and embarrassed for our amusement. Keep up the stellar work.”

Matt is going door to door selling alarm systems and stumbles upon Dr. Smith’s home. Dr. Smith invites him inside but is in the middle of a crisis as his volunteer for a private Zoom birthday party hypnosis show didn’t show up. Looking Matt up and down he realizes this young man would fit nicely. Unfortunately Matt refuses so he tries to convince him by showing him an example on his phone. The phone reveals the spiral to Matt and he goes under.

Matt is now in front of the computer and Dr. Smith introduces him to the audience and has some fun. This video features:

Barking like a dog

Dancing like a ballerina

Shaking of the ass


Muscle worship

Multiple waking up scenarios where Matt is confused/angry about what is going on

Freezing and moving his body into different positions


Close up shots of his nipples and belly button being felt up


Oiling up of hi body while he is unaware of what is happening and just carrying on a conversation

Matt worshipping his own body and penis

Dr. Smith using Matt as a foot stool

This is the custom script the video is based on if you want more detail. Please note that we did make changes and added some things as seen above:

Film opens with DR. SMITH on a Zoom group birthday party call trying to calm down a client (can talk directly to the camera).  With social distancing and isolation, DR. SMITH has been selling online hypno shows for zoom call parties.  Unfortunately, the guy who should have shown up to be the “volunteer” has skipped out and left DR. SMITH with an angry online party.  There is a knock at the door and it is a face-mask wearing delivery guy dropping off a package.  DR. SMITH sizes him up and decides that he would make an acceptable replacement.  He offers the delivery guy money to be the guinea pig for the online hypno party show, but the guy is not interested and says he has other deliveries.   DR. SMITH is not going to take no for an answer as he has to save face with his clients.  DR. SMITH ends up putting the guy under – pick the method (i.e., spiral on a phone, clinking of a spoon, pendant, etc.).

  1. SMITH explains to the client that while his unreliable assistant may not be there, he has a nice replacement that should meet all requirements. DR. SMITH introduces the subject to the online audience and puts the delivery guy through different hypno tests (e.g., forgets name, makes animal noise, etc.). Once it is established that the subject is a good one, Dr. Smith freezes him out and tells the audience that it is time for the show to cross over into the adult content.  Dr. Smith tells the online birthday boy at this point that he is giving the subject to the birthday boy as a gift and it is time to unwrap the present.  DR. SMITH removes the face mask so the audience can get a clear look at the face.  He then moves on to the subject’s shirt.  After the shirt is off, Dr. Smith temporarily wakes the subject, who is dumbfounded and embarrassed to be shirtless.  He goes to grab for his shirt, but Dr. Smith freezes him again.  DR. SMITH asks his online audience is they want to see more.  Obviously agreeing, DR. SMITH strips the subject of his socks, shoes and pants – with Dr. Smith repeating the waking up after each set of clothing is removed and the subject getting more frantic before being put under and frozen again.

At the underwear, Dr. Smith waves his finger at the online party and tells them that they need to behave and leave the subject some dignity.  Dr. Smith throws the subject’s clothes to the side and brings out a towel.  He wakes up the subject, who is embarrassed and angry that he cannot find his clothes and is just in his underwear.  Dr. Smith offers him a towel until his clothes can be located and the subject snatches it and wraps it around himself.  Dr. Smith puts him under again.  Dr. SMITH reaches up and removed the subject’s underwear from under the towel and sniffs them.  He promises the online birthday boy that he will send the subject’s underwear to him as a belated gift, but they will leave the subject in the towel to preserve his dignity.  Dr. Smith then wakes up the subject, who is furious at this point.  He starts berating Dr. Smith and refuses to be calmed down.  Dr. Smith then says he has changed his mind and snatches the towel off the subject leaving him nude in front of the online audience.  The subject is shocked staring out at the online audience.

Dr. Smith freezes the subject again and turns the subject and poses him in different poses for the audience’s perusal.  Dr. Smith wakes the subject who is mortified and starts complaining – yelling at Dr. Smith and the online audience – and goes to grab the towel, but Dr. Smith freezes him again.  Dr. Smith asks the online audience what they want to do next and the message is they want Dr. Smith to oil up the subject.  Dr. Smith tells the subject that when he wakes he will think that he is calm and normally dressed and will not realize that anyone else is touching him until Dr. Smith says so.  Dr. Smith engages in a dullish conversation with the subject while sensually oiling him and getting into it.  Dr. Smith makes the subject aware and he is furious and starts shouting again and goes for the towel, but Dr. Smith freezes him again.  Dr. Smith asks the online audience what they wants to do next and they respond that he wants to watch the subject up close get hard and cum.  Dr. Smith then suggests to the subject that he is at home, alone, and is really turned on.  He has not cum in weeks and now is the night that he really wants to do it.  The subject begins wanking off and gets hard to the delight of the online audience.  As he is cumming, Dr. Smith brings him out of the trance and he is shocked to realize what he has done in front of the online audience.  The subject is finally allowed to run off screen stark naked.  Dr. Smith offers all of the subject’s clothes to the birthday boy as a gift and then tells him that everything was filmed for posterity.

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