Logan’s acting coach


22 min.

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This is a submitted script and some changes have been made to the script in the final product.


“Just a quick email to say the Logan videos are great, Logan really gives his all with mannerisms and expression to make the videos more fun, realistic and sexy. Logan has long been one of my all time favourite Film 911 models and i always welcome his return.”

 The theme for the video is centered around hypnosis with nudity and body worshipping. Personally, I would like this to be one of your longer videos for better appeal but understand if you decide to make it shorter. Drew is just a filler name, can be performed by any actor. 

The background for this video is Dr. Smith has an extra job of being a part time acting coach. Drew was recommended to come seek coaching from Dr. Smith as he is trying to prepare for his lead role an upcoming play (can be any play, even a made up one) as the director says that he is not ready. The sticky part to this is the director is also Drew’s dad and that’s the only reason he got the lead role. Drew is also really cocky and does not believe he needs help. 

The scene begins with Dr. Smith greeting Drew in the Livingroom area and small talk begins how Drew is preparing for an upcoming film and the director believes that he needs coaching to help him tighten his skills. It is important for him to do great on opening night as Broadway casting executives will be there. Drew tells Dr. Smith that this is a waste of his time, and he is a great actor. Dr. Smith tells him he would be happy to help and tells him about his years of experience before asking Drew to show him what he’s got. 

They go for a test of some of the lines of the play as Drew’s acting is very bad and he cannot remember his lines. Dr. Smith tells him that he has a solution that might help him. He informs him that in the past, he has used hypnosis on most of the actors he’s coached and think it might be beneficial for him. Drew tells him he doesn’t believe it will work and this is all a scam. Dr. Smith convinces him after saying “if it doesn’t work, he’ll sign the paper for his dad saying he’s ready for the role. 

Dr. Smith pulls out his pendant and begins to swing it back and forth. He tells him that he’s going to count from 10 and as he gets closer to 1, he’s going to fall into a deeper trance. As he is counting down, Drew is still saying this won’t work before getting to 1 and Drew falls into the trance. 

“Now Tom when I wake you, you will have no memory of anything that has happened and will believe that you just got here” 

From there Dr. Smith gives Tom his trigger words: 

1. You will be completely unaware of anything that I do to your body. 

2. You will now believe that my name is “Coach Daddy” and not Dr. Smith 

3. Whenever I say your name “Drew” you will orgasm. With each time becoming more sexual. You will not realize you’re doing this. 

4. Whenever you hear the word “strip” you will strip an item of clothing and hand it to me, without realizing that you’re doing it. 

5. Whenever you hear the word “flex’ you will begin to flex for 10 seconds without realizing that you’re doing it. 

6. Lastly, instead of the word “action” you will believe that the only way to start a scene is if I spank you once on the ass. 


Upon waking, Dr. Smith and Drew go through the entire introduction again. Drew Is still very cocky and stating things he said before about being a perfect actor and this is a waste of time. Dr. Smith begins running through the triggers as they’re casually talking about the play and his role. After these triggers are ran some, Dr. Smith asks him again to run through his lines again. Drew in a cocky voice waits for a bit and says “hello, I cannot start until you spank me! Do you not know anything about acting?” in which Dr. Smith laughs and spanks him. During his run through, Dr. Smith is still operating triggers and feeling his body. until Drew Forgets his lines again before being put back to sleep. 

Dr. Smith puts Tom back to sleep with this new set of triggers: 

1. For the rest of your acting career, you will only start a scene if someone smacks your ass. You will refuse to start any other way as you believe its wrong. 

2. You will believe that being naked is how your character is normally and will refuse to be “out of character” 

3. Whenever you hear the word “bounce” you will begin to pec bounce, but you will not be able to stop until I snap my fingers no matter how hard you try. 

4. Whenever you hear the word “actor” you will require me to worship your muscles as you perform multiple flexing poses for 10 seconds then are confused as to why you wanted that. 

5. Whenever you hear the word “chicken” you will act like a chicken for 5 seconds then are confused as to why you did that. 

6. Whenever you hear the word “cut” you will freeze in place with your limbs being completely movable. You will stay frozen until I say “action”. He is still conscious during this and asking why he cannot move. 


Dr. Smith wakes him up and immediately Dr. Smith jumps back into conversation about the play. He’s giving him critiques on how his practice just went and obviously Drew doesn’t believe it. Dr. Smith and Drew are talking, and triggers are the new triggers being activated. Dr. Smith is still feeling on his body and they’re still attempting to practice these lines and scenes. After the freeze trigger, he’s put back to sleep again. 

Dr. Smith puts Tom back to sleep with this NEW Triggers: 

❖ He will forget all about what just happened with being frozen. 

❖ “Now Drew, upon waking, whenever you hear the word “recast” you will stand in attention and wait for your new casting role is. Upon giving you your new role, you will instantly go straight into performing that role. You will not snap out of it until I say, “and scene”. You will be aware about what you just did after. 

❖ You will not be able to insult or attack me. Each time you try, it turns into a hug/compliment 


From here they go back into conversation and practicing, and Dr. Smith is using the new recast trigger. He will perform the following scenes: 

“You’re trying out for the college football and needs to show how strong he is to the coach, Dr. Smith, by flexing for him and having his body worshipped” (like Beau the personal trainer) 

“you’re a body builder on stage performing.” 

o Now Drew will begin to become a body builder, performing multiple poses and Dr. Smith is still worshipping his body. 

“You’re a guard dog.” 

o Drew will begin to act like a full dog. Wagging his tail, on all 4’s, barking and all. 

“you’re a stripper.” 

o Drew will believe he is now a stripper and begin giving Dr. Smith a lap dance. 

“You’re a ballerina” 

After these are performed, he knows he’s been hypnotized and tries to attack Dr. Smith but obviously tries to attack him but it turns into a hug. Maybe even try to call someone for him to warn about Dr. Smith but it turns into compliments he will not be able to tell what really happened. He tells Dr. Smith he doesn’t even want the role anymore; he just wants to leave. Insults or attacks turn into hugs and compliments. 


Dr Smith is enjoying this session; he decides to put another set of triggers on Tom after putting him back to sleep: 

1. You will believe that the only way for you to leave right now is if you cum for me. 

2. You’re going to tell your dad that you need more coaching before the opening night and will report back here after each rehearsal. 

3. Your clothes will now be invisible. You will put your imaginer clothes on while talking to me and leave my home naked. 


From here, Drew is still being cocky about what Dr. Smith is doing is wrong and he will not be back (he definitely will with the new trigger) while putting his imaginary clothes on, he is talking a lot of crap. Before he leaves as the scene ends. 


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