Kyle the Private Investigator – ALL NEW


20 min.

This is a custom video so therefore there may be some changes/additions to the script below in the final product.

Kyle opens the door to Dr. Smith’s home and puts his tools away. A flashlight appears as he begins to search the home. In the bedroom we see a chloroform rag, handcuffs, and a needle next to the bed. Kyle takes a photo of each items and then enters Dr. Smith’s office. Frozen on the screen is a video of Dr. Smith taking advantage of a young man. 
Kyle gets a little nervous and his eyes dart around the room. It’s then that he notices a security camera facing him. Quickly he moves out the room and proceeds down the hall. Out of nowhere, Dr. Smith appears and tazes him repeatedly. We now find Kyle handcuffed to a chair, drowsy, and being interrogated. Dr. Smith keeps asking him who he is and for the code to his phone and he refuses. Dr. Smith grabs his wallet and find out he is a PI. Kyle tells him he needs to let him go or things will be worse for him. Dr. Smith laughs and tells him soon he will be under his control. 
Forcefully, Dr. Smith hold his head and makes him watch the spiral on the screen. Kyle tries to stop be he can’t and slowly he goes under. Dr. Smith now installs the following trigger:
Control – when Kyle hears this word he his hand will rise and he will touch his nose with his pointer finger. This will cause him to immediately go back under. (do this a few times)
Kyle wakes and demands to be let go. Dr. Smith reminds him he is under his control now. Kyle’s hand rises and he can’t stop himself from touching his nose. Kyle is now out. The following triggers are now added:
Kyle wakes and Dr. Smith says he will let him go. Dr. Smith frees him from the handcuffs and he makes his way to the door. Dr. Smith yells freeze and he is stuck in position. Then Dr. Smith manipulates him into all sorts of positions (hands on head, prayer, leaning forward, and tea pot) and moves him into another part of the house. Kyle wakes and is confused on how he got there and tries to call for backup. Dr. Smith says strip and he drops the phone and starts removing his shirt all the while frustrated as to how this is happening. Kyle is then frozen. Dr. Smith feels up his chest/belly button for a bit. Kyle is awoken and freaks out and tries to escape only to be frozen 3 times in over a short period of time. Kyle is put to sleep and new triggers are added.
Kyle is told that when he wakes he will follow every command given and answer yes master. Kyle is then asked to:
1. Remove more clothing
2. Do exercises/flex
3. Give Dr. Smith a massage
4. Cuddle
5. Act like an animal + zombie
We see Kyle perform all those acts and then he is told when he wakes he will delete the evidence on this phone and forgot about Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith also puts a ring tone into is phone that will send him back to his house when he needs some fun.

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