Jordan’s transformation – ALL NEW


28 min.

This is a custom video and some changes/additions have been made to the script below. Includes bonus footage of Jordan stroking more.

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Jordan: Ex-boyfriend to Gay BFF

Synopsis: Samantha is Dr Smith’s Favourite Niece.

Samantha’s Boyfriend Jordan is a major asshole though. All he does is work at a big law firm and he’s always rude and judgemental to her. She tricks Jordan to go to Dr Smith’s house to give him an attitude adjustment to something more fun.

Note: If possible, can Jordan bring multiple outfits for this Custom? First Outfit is a button up shirt and slacks, something nice and formal.

Other Outfits would be something you’d see a gay guy wear at like.. Fire Island or at a crazy gay party event. Is he able to bring a few outfits like:

a) tiny croptop that just covers the pecs and short shorts or

b) a speedo with a fanny pack (or whatever is close enough to that)

c) Just skimpy clothing/underwear in general that is really revealing and slutty

[1st Scene, Jordan meets Dr Smith for the first time. Hypnosis.]

Jordan enters the house wearing formal clothing, he is very grumpy. Samantha told him he could stay at her Uncle’s house for the night since it’s near a meeting he has for his law firm.

Dr Smith is trying to be polite and a good host but the entire time since he came inside, Jordan is just talking bad about Samantha and insulting her about everything.

Jordan specifically mentions that he hates that she’s “so slutty and partying all the time” and how he’d “Never waste his time partying”.

You convince him to watch a video either on the TV or on your phone which has a spiral effect which hypnotizes him.

When he is completely under, you call Samantha and ask her:

“Are you sure you want me to change your asshole boyfriend into your gay BFF? A change like this is pretty unreversable!”

Samantha agrees on the other end of the phone.

There will be a close up shot of Jordan’s face as he is hearing hypnotic commands.

You’ll convince him that he was never straight, he’s never had any attraction to women what so ever. In fact, he’s always been attracted to men but was too scared to come out of the closet.

The only reason why he has the guts to finally come out of the closet is from the support from his BFF Samantha, who was always there for him and helped pretend to be his girlfriend.

The entire time you’re telling him this, Jordan keeps twitching and flinching like he is trying to fight the hypnotic effects.

You re-inforce that he is gay in his head until he repeats back to you very slowly…:

“I’ve… never… been… attracted… to…. women… I’m….. gay…. I …. Love… Men….”

You will enforce and change him in other ways.
You’ll tell him, he should be free to talk how he always wanted. You tell him from now on, he can’t

stop talking in a very stereotypical “Valley Girl” type accent, with lots of words like “Like, Totally”. (For the rest of video, when he is out of hypnosis, he will talk like that)

You’ll tell him that he hates boring office work and ‘boring law stuff’ and his favourite hobbies are actually Fashion, Social Media and Partying.

You’ll tell Jordan that he really wants to quit his job at the law firm and become what he has always wanted to be… which is a Stripper.

You’ll also convince him that he needs to come out publically.

Jordan will be brought out of hypnosis.

Jordan will immediatelly be way more upbeat and fun with his “valley girl” accent. He will say something like:

“Like, OMG, Dr Smith.. there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell someone but I’m too scared too…. I’m gay”

Dr Smith will act “shocked” but supportive of his coming out.

Dr Smith will ask him if he is 100% sure he is gay, which Jordan will say yes.

Dr Smith will also ask if he’s never had any attraction to women and Jordan will say never.

Jordan will feel the urge to call his boss and say that he can’t handle being a lawyer and quits.

Jordan will also make a public social media post proclaiming to be gay and how Samantha has always supported him and it’s time to be honest with everyone else.

[2nd Scene, Jordan comes out of hypnosis. Party Time]

You’ll put him back under hypnosis and instill some trigger words in him.

Whenever he hears these words/triggers, this will happen:

Fashion Show – Jordan will be compelled to strip off his clothes and try on a new slutty outfit in front of whoever says it. He will encourage the person to look him over and will pose for them. He will also ask to be felt up and touched and wants to genuinely know if he looks cute in the outfit.

(This will be triggered multiple times with lots of outfit switches if Jordan is ok with that.)

Music – Whenever Jordan hears music or someone says music, he will want party music to be playing and when it is playing, he will feel compelled to dance like a party animal, like twerking or grinding and humping the closest person to him.

(If possible, play some dancy club music)
Kiss – Jordan will want to compliment the closest guy about how hot he is and make out with them

for 2-3 seconds

Strip – Jordan will be compelled to strip and show off his body.

Muscles – Will ask for the closest person to feel his muscles while he flexes.

Shots – Jordan will really badly want to do shots of vodka with someone. (You can just use water in a shotglass/cup to pretend)

You will bring him out of hypnosis.
Dr Smith will congratulate him on being so brave and tell him maybe it’s time to celebrate with some


That will trigger the dancing and throughout the rest of the scene, all the triggers will be triggered multiple times, like Music, Kiss, Muscles, Strip and Shots.

[3rd Scene, Fashion Show]

Then, Dr Smith will suggest a Fashion Show. This is where Jordan would have all the outfit changes.

Just like the trigger, Jordan will be compelled to change into one of his sexy outfits. He will pose a lot and show off the outfit for Dr Smith.

He will also want to be touched and complimented.

This will happen multiple times depending on how much costume changes that Jordan is comfortable with.

When he changes into the next outfit, he won’t care that he is stripping naked in front of Dr Smith. I’d like there to be at least 3 Fashion Show ‘Outfits’ if possible.

[4th Scene, Stripper scene.]

Jordan will admit that he really wants to be a stripper. Dr Smith will tell him that Jordan can practice on Dr Smith and Jordan agrees.

Jordan will do a whole strip routine and give a lap dance to Dr Smith until he is fully naked. Like fully on lapdance grinding on Dr Smith if comfortable.

If Jordan is comfortable to do so, I would like it to end with a Jacking off sitting on a chair with cumshot finish.

If he is not comfortable with that, I would like it to end with him giving a naked lapdance to Dr Smith. –
[5th Scene, Farewell. Just Dr Smith on Screen]
Just Dr Smith on the phone with Samantha

“Hi Samantha, just letting you know that the change was a success and Jordan should be arriving back to your house soon!”

“Requesting to modify and change my Niece’s Boyfriend to be gay is something that I did not expect to do, but I’m happy to do anything for my favourite Niece, Samantha!”

“However, I have to admit, the change was actually quite difficult to make but I finally got the hypnosis to take effect”

Jordan enters the scene, still wearing a slutty outfit. “Oh here he is now, Jordan say hi to Samantha!”

Jordan says something like “OMG, Hey Girl, I’m totally on my way back to yours. Are you Like Totally, ready to get smashed at Derek’s tonight?! Alright, see you there babes!”

Jordan hangs up the phone, says bye to Dr Smith, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and telling him he’ll see him later as he walks out the shot.

The End.