Jordan’s restitution – ALL NEW (review)


This is a submitted script and some changes have been made in the final product. Purchase your copy here:


“Not only Jordan is sexy AF, but also a great actor. Really enjoyed his video and smart outfit. The script was fun and hot, hope we get to see more of him as a pup cause he is just adorable.’

SMITH: Hello? (opens door to entryway)

J: Yeah (annoyed), I found a note underneath my doormat this morning that read:

URGENT, come see your upstairs neighbor as soon as possible (waves around a piece of paper)

J is dressed up either in a nice suit or like he’s ready for a night out (nice shirt, jacket….just a lot of layers)

SMITH: Oh, yes (timidly). I’m Dr. Smith…obviously I’m your upstairs neighbor. I know that you’re relatively new here and…

J: (cutting Smith off) What’s this about? (Looks at watch) I’ve got a [meeting or date] that I have to leave for.

SMITH: Right, sorry…So I went out to my car this morning and noticed that the front fender and headlight were smashed in as was the tailgate of your car. I know that street parking around here can be kind of tricky and mistakes happen so if you wanted to settle this without going through insurance, I’m happy to figure something out.

J: (laughing cocky) I have no idea what you’re talking about, dude. (Checks watch again) You’ve got the wrong guy.

SMITH: You drive a black SUV, right?

J: I do…(getting defensive) And so do a million other people.

SMITH: Yeah (nervously), but that’s YOUR black SUV down there, right? (points out window)

J: (looks out window) Yep.

SMITH: With the large dent in the tailgate?

J: Yeah, there’s a little scratch on it, I guess. (still defensive)

SMITH: Right in front of the red car with a smashed fender and broken headlight?

J: DUDE! I DIDN’T HIT YOUR CAR! Did you ever think that it was just a coincidence or that maybe YOU’RE just a bad driver?

SMITH: That seems highly unlikely given the circumstances. Look, (pleading) I don’t want any trouble or anything. I just want to get our cars fixed without going through the hassle of insurance.

J: That’s not my problem. (checks watch again) I’ve got to go. (turns to leave)

SMITH: (angry) You’re not going anywhere until we figure this out (grabs J’s shoulder)


SMITH: (reaches into pocket) I’ll repeat myself. (takes out pendulum) You’re not going anywhere until we figure this out.

J: (laughing, rolling eyes) Seriously, man?! What is this? A fucking joke?

SMITH: Oh, on the contrary (swinging the pendulum back and forth). You’re going to find out just how serious I am.

J: Whatever, man. I figured you were a huge loser. I mean, you’re always up here alone, just talking to yourself (J’s eyes follow the pendulum)

SMITH: You’re going to start to feel very relaxed. I’m going to count down from ten and you’re going to fall into a deep trance and obey everything I say.

J: (chuckles) You’ve got to be kidding me. (eyes still following the pendulum)

SMITH: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

(J’s eyes close as he becomes entranced. Smith, with a smug smile on his face, grabs J’s wrist and checks the time.)

SMITH: Perfect timing. I was just about to get ready for my weekly live video podcast. Looks like this week will be an extra special show. Come with me (Smith leaves the room and J follows, blank hypnotized expression on his face)

SCENE CHANGE: Different room, in front of a webcam with microphone setup

SMITH: Hello everybody! (addressing the camera while J stands motionless and dazed) As you all know, each week we discuss a random topic like a current movie or TV show, recent politics, general day-to-day ramblings, but today’s show will be extra EXTRA special. (Gesturing to J). This is my new downstairs neighbor, J. I wish that we would have met under different circumstances, but J here needs to be taught a lesson. You see, he hit my car while trying to park on our street. Obviously, I was a little upset, but hey, it happens. I was willing to work with him to avoid getting insurance involved so we could just move on with our lives. However, J decided to be a jerk and give me an attitude while having the nerve to deny that it wasn’t his fault! I simply can’t allow such behavior to go unpunished. J here also thinks that I’m a lonely loser who talks to himself all day (smirks). What he doesn’t realize is that my audience has tens of thousands of loyal fans and our community is growing larger and larger every week. He also doesn’t realize that I am a master hypnotist and that one of my most popular segments involves discussions about hypnosis. So what do you say guys? Is it fair to make J pay for his mistakes? (Smith checks the comments) Andddd the overwhelming response is an enthusiastic YES! So, let’s go!…..As you can see, my new buddy J here is quite the dresser. He even mentioned that he has a [meeting or date] today. He must have spent a fortune on his outfit, which is good thing, because I am going to auction off EACH and EVERY article of his clothing to the highest bidding audience member in order to cover the damages to my car. Let’s start with this jacket (Smith removes J’s jacket and checks the tag). Comfortable fabric…Not too heavy….Made in Italy?…Wow, let’s start the bidding at $200. (Smith checks the comments as the bids rise) Okay! Okay! FIVE HUNDRED for the jacket? Sold to SmithFan4Ever! Let’s move on to our next item!

The auction/stripping down of J continues piece by piece of clothing (Shirt, tie [if wearing a suit], undershirt, belt, watch, pants, socks, and so on to the highest bidders with cheesy usernames). This will continue until J is in his underwear, which should be tight briefs or a skimpy bikini brief/thong if possible.

SMITH: Wow, you guys, I can’t believe it. We’ve already made [ridiculously high amount of money] so far! Before we get to the best part, let’s check in with J and see what he thinks of our success. (Turning towards J) J, when I snap my fingers, you will wake from your trance, and when I snap them a second time, you will return to your trance. Understood?

J: (Blank expression) Understood. (Smith snaps fingers, J awakens and looks around) WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT DID YOU DO? (struggling, in vain, to cover his crotch). Do this several times while freezing and unfreezing him.

SMITH: (smiling gleefully) I told you that we’d figure out this fender bender issue. My video podcast fans have raised [however much money] already by buying your clothes.


(Smith snaps his fingers again. Instantly, J is back in his trance, arms at his sides)

SMITH: (checking comments) Oh, great idea HypnoFan225! Before we sell our final item, HypnoFan225 offered to pay $50 to have J flex for us. Go ahead, J, show us what you’ve got! (J proceeds to flex, front and back, nice and gratuitous) Alright, everyone, I think we’re good on the muscle show for the time being. Let’s get back to the auction. Our final item is…. (Smith runs his finger down the waistband of the underwear and snaps the underwear from the rear)….a very soft pair of underwear. Great elasticity. Amazing style. Do we have an opening bid? (the bidding continues until a satisfactory number is reached) And we are SOLD to Trance_Man! I wish that you were here in person to accept your prize, but in your absence, I will do the honors! (Smith slowly pulls down the underwear, leaving J totally naked) Well, guys, unfortunately it looks like we’re all out of items to sell

Lingering shot on J’s naked body while Smith checks the comments and his eyes light up

SMITH: Amazing ideas everyone! This is why I love our online community. I have an offer for $50 from JJ451 to show everyone J’s asshole (Smith grabs and spins J around. J bends over and spreads his cheeks, if he’s willing)

The requests continue from commenters: money to crawl on all fours, pose suggestively (bend over, touch his dick, hands over head, laying on couch, etc), act like a monkey/dog, have Smith oil up J’s body, answer shoe like a phone, kiss Dr. Smith, touch himself while he touches Dr. Smith’s chest, act like a zombie, etc.

SMITH: All right guys, as much as I’d love to keep the show going all day (he checks the time on J’s now-sold watch) I should get going (he checks one more comment)….okay, okay…we have one more request for a BIG finale, from SexySub69: one thousand dollars to see J cum for you all! I simply can’t pass up an offer like that. Give the crowd what they want J!

If J is willing to do so, he will cum, with a lingering shot of the aftermath.

SMITH: Thank you to everyone who made today’s show extra special. Your purchases will be sent out for delivery tomorrow. And be sure to tell all of your friends to tune in for next week’s show when we auction J’s clothes again to raise money for my car to be detailed. In the meantime (Smith looks at J), you can go to my bedroom now.

 Smith puts J’s his clothes back on (while having him frozen and moved into different positions while felt up) and puts him back in place and tells him he will remember nothing and come back weekly for more shows.