Jonathan is rock hard (reviews)


Please note this a custom video and some changes have been made to the final product.

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“Hi J. Wow!  Video was great. You did a great job with everything I asked and the result was really hot. Jonathan got even more muscly and cut.  He’s always been one your best actors and this was no exception. Hope you guys had some fun doing it.”

“Watched it again. Again is was great and holy crap did he look good, especially during the jerk off scene. I think you have the best job in the world:-)”

The video opens with Dr. Smith angry and shouting into the phone.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, I need that money you owe me, and I need it now.  It’s been months man.”


Dr. Smith: “I don’t care if you lost your job and don’t have the money.  You owe me. Come over here right now so we can settle this!”

We go to the next scene.  The doorbell rings. Dr. Smith opens the door and Jonathan comes in.

Jonathan: “Ok. I came right over like you wanted, but it isn’t going to change anything.  I got laid off from my job, and I don’t have any money. I promise if you give me a little more time, I’ll find a way to pay you back what I owe you.”

Dr. Smith: “No Jonathan.  Time is up. You know there are severe consequences for people who don’t pay me back.  If you can’t give me the money you owe me, then you’re going to have to find a way to work it off.”

Jonathan: “How do you expect me to work it off?  You want me to do yard work or something?

Dr. Smith suddenly smiles and lights up like he has an idea.

Dr. Smith: “I just had an idea.  Can you do me a favor? Slowly turn around and let me have a good look at you”.

Jonathan: “You want me to do what?”.

Dr. Smith: “Just turn around slowly.”

Jonathan looks unhappy about it, but does what Dr, Smith asks, slowly turning in a circle, letting Dr. Smith look him over.

Dr. Smith: “Now, take your shirt off.”

Jonathan: “What?!”

Dr. Smith: “You heard me. Take your shirt off.”

Jonathan: “I am not going to take my shirt off.”

Dr. Smith: “I’m only going to say this one more time.  Take off your shirt or I’ll call my goon squad.”

Jonathan looks scared.  He then slowly does what he’s told and removes his shirt.  Dr. Smith smiles and looks him over.

Dr. Smith: “Flex for me”.

Jonathan: “Are you kidding me?”

Dr. Smith: “I’m sick of this. I’m not repeating any more instructions.  Next time you don’t just do what you’re told, I make a phone call and we end this quickly.”

Jonathan starts flexing under Dr. Smith’s gaze.  He flexes his arms, and then his abs. He turns around and flexes his back.  This goes on for a few moments. He then turns to Dr. Smith, who is clearly enjoying the show.”

Dr. Smith: “Now take off your shoes, socks and pants.”

Jonathan startts to protest, but thinks better of it, and again, slowly does what he’s told, stripping down until he’s standing there in only his underwear (preferably a pair of tight briefs).

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, you know you’re a really good looking guy.  You have that lean muscly body that I’ve always admired. I’ve always fantasized about watching you flex and then pose in any position that I wanted.  You’re built like a Greek statue, and that’s how I want to have you. That’s how you’re going to pay me back”

Jonathan, looking sick to his stomach: “You want me to do what?”

Dr. Smith: “You’re going to be my toy.  You’re going to take off your clothes and flex and pose for me.  Then we’re going to pick a position for you to stay in for a while, for as long as I want.  When I get bored, we’ll pick a different position. It’s going to be a fun year for me, which is about as long as I figure it’ll take you to work off your debt”

Jonathan: ‘You’re crazy man.  There’s no way I’m going to do that..and a whole year?  I’m not going to be your toy. Please, I’m begging you. Give me a little more time.  I’ll get you your money.”

Dr. Smith: “No way. This is it Jonathan. This is the only way we can work it out.Take it or leave it.”

Jonathan looks really agitated and like he’s thinking

Jonathan: “Fine.  I’ll do it. I guess I don’t have a choice”.

Dr. Smith: “Excellent.  Follow me.”

They walk into the living room and Dr Smith points to a corner, where Jonathan then goes and stands.

Dr. Smith: “You’re not done yet.  Take off those briefs.”

Jonathan, pleading: “Come on. Be reasonable.  Please at least let me stay like this.”

Dr. Smith: “Fine, stay like that, at least for now,.  First, let me say that you’re as beautiful as I thought you were, and I’m looking forward to this.  Now, I’d like you to do a pose off for me. Take turns flexing your arms, your legs, your abs. Really let me see your body.”

Jonathan seems really shy, but again does what he’s told  He flexes for Dr. Smith. He flexes his biceps and his abs.  He flexes his legs. He shows us his back. He keeps trying different poses, holding each for a few seconds.  This goes on for a bit.

Dr. Smith: “OK, I’d like you to strike a specific pose.  Stand up straight, putting one hand behind your head and the other hand on your hip.

Jonathan gets into that pose.

Dr. Smith, “Now flex your body a bit, and have your eyes look down slightly.

Jonathan complies.  Dr. Smith then walks over and makes minor “adjustments” to the pose, moving Jonathan’s limbs exactly to his liking.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, that’s perfect.  Now, please hold that pose.”

Jonathan stands for a bit while Dr. Smith admires him.  Then Jonathan starts to twitch, and then move a little and start to look kind of upset.  He then drops his arms.

Jonathan: “I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I really tried, but it hurts to stand still for that long and it’s just too embarrassing.”

Dr. Smith: “There may be another way.  I’ve been practicing hypnosis. I can hypnotize you and give a suggestion that you stay still. To make it even easier, I’ll put in another suggestion that you’ll feel nothing but happy while you’re under.”

Jonathan: “You want to hypnotize me?”.  Is that safe?”

Dr. Smith: “Of course it is, and it’ll let you do what you need to do”.

Jonathan: “Fine, just do it.  I just don’t want it to hurt and want it to be over.”

Dr. Smith pulls out a pendant and sways it in front of Jonathan’s eyes.

Dr. Smith “I’m going to count down from 10.  When I finish, I’ll say sleep and you’ll be completely under my control.”

Dr. Smith then counts down 10.9…..1.

Dr. Smith, “Sleep.”

Jonathan’s eyes close and his head droops.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, you are now completely under my control.  Do you understand?”

Jonathan: “Yes”.

Dr. Smith: ““Jonathan, I’m going to tell you to get into a position.  When I say “freeze”, you will remain frozen in that position, unable to move, until I tell you to “unfreeze”.  You will also feel nothing but happy while hypnotized. Again, do you understand?

Jonathan: “Yes, I understand.”

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, you will now get into the position we just worked out.”

Jonathan gets into the position they had just set up with his one hand behind his head and the other on his hip, flexing and gazing down.

Dr. Smith: “Freeze”.

Jonathan is frozen in place in the chosen pose.  Dr. Smith is extremely happy with his creation.

Dr. Smith: “You look amazing,  just like I thought you would. Things are almost perfect.  I just need to make one quick change.

He yanks Jonathan’s briefs off, leaving him completely nude.

Dr. Smith, laughing: “Sorry, Greek statues don’t wear underwear, and you don’t know the difference now anyway.

He then worships Jonathan’s frozen body.  He runs his hands over his chest and abs and his legs.  He touches his hair and runs his hands over his shoulders over his shoulders. The muscle worship session goes on for a while.

He then sits in a nearby chair to admire his creation.  He seems uncomfortable in the chair, moving his legs around. He then looks up at Jonathan and a mischievous smile comes across his face.

Dr. Smith: “Maybe I’ve been thinking too small.  This chair is uncomfortable. I’ve always wished I had a place to put my feet up.  Maybe I have one now. Jonathan, when I say new position, I will describe a position.  Whenever I say the name of that position, you will get into that position and freeze once again until I either say unfreeze or the name of another position.  Jonathan, new position, when I say footstool, you will curl in a ball at my feet in such a way that I can put my feet up on your back. Jonathan, footstool”.

Jonathan moves over to Dr. Smith and curls in a ball at his feet, his back in the air.  Dr. Smith then puts his feet up on Jonathan’s back and lays back in the chair.

Dr. Smith: “I can get used to this”.

They stay like this for a few moments, with Dr. Smith reading a book, and looking down at his footstool from time to time.  He then takes his book and realizes he has no place to put it down.

Dr. Smith: “I have another idea.  Jonathan, new position, coffee table.  When I say coffee table, you lay down on your back and then push yourself up with your legs and arms, having your body form a flat surface.  Jonathan, coffee table”.

Jonathan then unfurls and lays down on the floor, face up. He then pushes himself up with his arms and shins, his chest and legs forming as flat a surface as he can.  Dr. Smith then puts his book down on Jonathan’s chest and admires his handiwork.

Dr. Smith:  “I’ve never had a coffee table I’ve wanted to feel up before.  Maybe it’s time to polish the furniture”.

He grabs a bottle of oil, puts some on his hands, then runs his hands up and down Jonathan’s prone body, down his chest, abs and legs.  Jonathan doesn’t move, staying firmly in place and staring straight forward. This goes on for a bit and then Dr. Smith gets up.

Dr. Smith: “I wonder what else I can use you for.  Jonathan, new position, when I say coat rack, you will stand up straight, with your left arm up in the air at a 45 degree angle and your right arm out straight.  Jonathan, coat rack”.

Jonathan gets up from his coffee table position on the floor and walks over to Dr. Smith.  He then assumes the coat rack position as described, staring straight ahead and becoming motionless.  Dr. Smith goes and grabs a shirt, a coat and a hat (or similar items). He hangs the shirt on Jonthan’s left arm and coat on his outstretched right arm, then putting the hat on his head.  He then steps back and admires his handiwork.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, never thought there could be such a sexy coat rack”.

He admires him and lets him stay like that for a while.  The camera pans around him showing him off.

Dr. Smith: “Now, I think I want to see a little more of that body of yours.  Jonathan, new position, when I say table, you’ll turn around facing away from me, grabbing your knees, keeping your back a flatish surface and letting me see that ass of yours.”

He takes the coat, shirt and hat away from Jonathan’s arms and head.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, table.”

Jonathan turns around and bends over, grabbing his knees as Dr. Smith instructed.  We see Jonathan’s ass very clearly. Dr., Smith takes the hat and puts it on Jonathan’s back.  He then worships Jonathan’s ass, caressing it, making sure to also touch the now taut backs of his legs.  Again, the muscle worship session goes on for a while, with Dr. Smith clearly enjoying it.

Dr. Smith: “Let’s try another fun one and maybe up the ante a little. Jonathan, new position, when I say statue 2, I want you to stand up, put both arms up behind your head and arch your back as much as you can.  In getting ready for the new position, you will stroke yourself and get a little hard. Jonathan, statue 2.”

Jonathan stands up straight and strokes his dick, getting it a little hard.  He then moves into the new statue position. He puts his arms behind his head and arches his back backward, stretching out his chest muscles and letting us see his package. He again stares straight ahead and remains motionless.

Dr. Smith: “This is a good one.”

Dr. Smith again runs his hands all over Jonathan’s body, enjoying another muscle worship session.

Dr. Smith: “Now what should we do next.  I do have some work to do on the computer.  Jonathan, new position, when I say bench, you will go in front of the desk in my office and get on your hands and knees, so I can sit on your back”.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, bench”.

He and Jonathan walk back to Dr. Smith’s office, Jonathan in a dreamy state.  When they get to the room, Jonathan gets on his hands and knees in front of the desk.  Dr. Smith (carefully) takes a seat on Jonathan’s back. He runs his hands through Jonathan’s hair and playfully smacks his butt. He types at his keyboard for a while, reaching down to stroke Jonathan from time to time.

After a while, Dr. Smith gets up.

Dr. Smith: “I feel like laying down for a bit, but I want to admire my creation while I get ready for my nap.  Jonathan, new position, when I say statue 3, you will go to my bedroom near the bed and assume a new statue pose.  You’ll stand up straight with one hand behind your head and the other holding your dick like you’re about to jerk off.  Jonathan, statue 3.”

Jonathan then gets up and in the same dreamy state, walks with Dr. Smith towards the bedroom.  He stands near the bed and assumes the position Dr. Smith described, with one hand behind his head, and the other holding his dick.  Dr. Smith climbs into bed, lays on his back, and admires Jonathan.

Dr. Smith: “Wow, you look so good.  Wish I could see you actually follow through and jerk off as a statue.  Actually, what am I crazy? I’m in complete control here. I can have you do whatever I want.  I’ve always had a fantasy about a statue coming for me. Jonathan, with your one hand, I want you to jerk off for me, otherwise staying as still as you can for me in your statue position.  When you’re done, you’ll again assume position statue 3 and freeze”

Jonathan then begins jerking off (he should just do the best he can in otherwise staying still – understood it might not be that easy).  Jonathan continues to jerk off while Dr. Smith watches from the bed. The Jonathan statue then comes for Dr. Smith as instructed. Jonathan then goes back into Statue 3 position, arm behind his head, hand on his dick, and freezes.  The camera lingers on his body for a few moments. Dr. Smith gets up from the bed, grabs a towel, and cleans Jonathan up, while Jonathan stays still and continues to stare straight forward. Dr. Smith gets back into bed.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, you did really well today.  We’re going to have so much fun this year. Right now, though, I’m exhausted.  Let’s put you to good use while I take my nap. Jonathan, new position, when I say nightstand, you will kneel at the side of my bed with your two hands held out flat reaching towards the bed. Jonathan, nightstand”.

Jonathan kneels down at the side of the bed, with his head down and open hands outstretched.  Dr. Smith then climbs into bed, putting his glasses on one of Jonathan’s hands.  Dr. Smith drifts off to sleep and scene ends.

It’s a new scene, one year later.  We’re back in the living room, and Dr. Smith is there admiring Jonathan, who is standing there nude and motionless, back in his original statue pose, the same one he stood in at the beginning.

Dr. Smith: “Jonathan, it’s been quite a year.  I’ve had so much fun with you and you’ve been more useful than you can imagine. It’s going to be tough to let you go, but a deal is a deal.  I said one year, and you’ve paid off your debt to me. Jonathan, wake.”

Jonathan slowly comes to life.  We see him stretching and blinking his eyes.  He looks stunned for a minute seeing Dr. Smith and then he remembers what happened and actually smiles.

Jonathan, looking down at himself: “I thought we said I didn’t have to be naked.”

Dr. Smith: “Well, I couldn’t help myself.  OK Jonathan, you’ve fulfilled your obligation to me. You’re free to go. Thanks for doing this, and I wish you nothing but the best as you go back to your normal life”.

Jonathan looks at him for a moment and seems sheepish.

Jonathan: “I know this sounds really weird, but how would you feel about keeping me?”

Dr. Smith: “What?  You want me to keep you?”

Jonathan: “I know it sounds weird, but yeah, I kind of do.  I don’t really have anything to go back to. I have no job. I have a crappy apartment.  I don’t really know what happened here, but I just remember feeling happy all the time. Why would I want to give that up?”

Dr. Smith: “How long would you want to stay?”

Jonathan: “You can keep me as long as you want.  I’m happy to be whatever you want me to be for as long as you need.”

Dr. Smith, looking surprised: “Wow!  Ok, that’s fine with me. Are you sure, and are you ready to go back under now?”

Jonathan: “Yep, I’m sure, and I’m ready now.  I also just want to say thank you. This is really cool”.

Dr. Smith, “Jonathan, sleep”.

Jonathan falls back into the trance.  Dr. Smith sits back in his chair.

Dr. Smith: “Footstool”.

Jonathan dutifully comes over to him and curls up in a ball at his feet, staying motionless.  Dr. Smith puts his feet up on Jonathan’s back with a big smile on his face.

Dr. Smith: “I think I’m going to like this”.