Jonah the Unwilling Escort – ALL NEW

Hypnosis, Unwilling Escort

19 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script in the final product. This video includes some awesome point of view video shot with an iPhone 13 pro.

Model comes to Dr. Smith for some relaxation/hypnosis help. Model is an aspiring actor and currently has the role of the young prince in a revisionist play of Sleeping Beauty. In this modern update, the prince is the one placed under the curse of sleep until love’s first kiss and it is a female warrior that awakens him. Unfortunately, when rehearsing the pivotal scenes where he is to appear sleeping, the model cannot keep still and gets the giggles, etc. The director is getting irritated and suggested that the model see Dr. Smith for some relaxation/hypnosis help so he can actually pull off the sleep scenes believably.

Dr. Smith tells the model that he can help. He puts the model under and then tries a few scenarios with him to test how good a subject he is (I will leave those tests up to you). Once it is established that the model is a good subject, he tells the model that he is going to put him under further to deeply establish the techniques that will help with the scenes in question. 

Dr. Smith puts the model under further. He gives him some relaxation talks and then tells him that when triggered he will literally live the role in question. Once he hits his mark in the play and hears the appropriate line, the model will fall into a deep sleep and will not awaken until a further trigger is given. Then he will wake up fully. Dr. Smith tells the model that the best place to enact the scene and test the effectiveness of the technique is his bedroom. He and the model head there.

Once on the bed, Dr. Smith gives the model the sleep trigger and he is out flat on the bed. Dr. Smith raises and lowers the model’s arms and legs to test how deep under he is and gets no reaction. He checks his eyes and same. Model is deep asleep.

At this point, a devilish smile crosses Dr. Smith’s face. He takes out his cell phone and calls the director. From the conversation, we realize that the producer, director and Dr. Smith are all in cahoots. Apparently there is an ongoing effort that whenever a hot talented actor gets cast in something that they are involved, they conspire a reason for said actor to be sent to Dr. Smith for “relaxation” techniques through hypnosis. Dr. Smith tells them that model is a terrific subject and they were correct about how hot he is. We now hear that the plans are to get these actors under hypnosis and then get compromising photos/film of them for use later. If the actor hits the big time, then the photo/footage will sell for huge money. If the actor does not make it big, then the photos/footage can still be used on websites, etc. Dr. Smith tells them he will get some good stuff.

Off the phone, Dr. Smith turns his attention to the sleeping model. He starts to remove articles of clothing, starting with shoes/socks. He snaps photos with his cell phone and/or gets footage of each body part being bared. He makes lascivious commentary as the model slowly gets stripped down. 

When down to his underwear, Dr. Smith decides to have some fun. He briefly triggers the actor awake. The groggy actor has enough time to realize he is suddenly in his underwear on the bed and start to question Dr. Smith before Dr. Smith puts him back under. Dr. Smith removes the underwear and gets plenty of rear and frontal shots for posterity.

Dr. Smith is entranced with this model and the total control he has over him. He begins touching the model all over and caressing/kissing him. He rubs him everywhere. He brings out some oil and oils him up. Dr. Smith then begins jerking the model off. Shortly before the model cums, Dr. Smith triggers the model awake. The model is groggy and trying to understand what is happening. He makes some half-hearted efforts to push Dr. Smith away, but is too weak. Despite his protestations, the model cums for a laughing and thrilled Dr. Smith. The entire episode captured on film. 

Dr. Smith triggers the model back to sleep. Dr. Smith then tells the model that he will wake him back up and the model will head to the bathroom for a shower and then get dressed. He tells the model that he will retain the relaxation techniques and triggers for use during his role in the play. He will have no memory of being stripped, wanked or filmed by Dr. Smith. He will only have good memories that the session went very well and was a success. He will highly recommend Dr. Smith to any of his hot actor friends and colleagues. If he sees any photos or footage in the future depicting the events of the day, he will have no idea how it happened and Dr. Smith will never be under suspicion because he is a consummate professional and a good friend who helped the model in a time of need. Dr. Smith wakes the actor back up and he heads in to shower. THE END.

Obviously if the model you have in mind balks at you touching him or wanking him, I will leave alternatives up to you. My only requirement is that the model is completely nude and the scenario of taking photos/film of him while in his hypnotic sleep is kept in the story.


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