Johnny loves his straight best friend – ALL NEW


This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. Please note there is some low noise from the camera’s auto focus in the video.


“The video is on par with the other hypno video with Aldo, just super hot!!!”

Johnny and Aldo both sitting swaying as Dr. Smith introduces them.

Dr. Smith: Aldo, Johnny, say hello to Mr. Latcher.

Aldo and Johnny: Hello… Mr. Latcher.

Dr. Smith: Now I know you only requested one guy but these guys come as a pair only. Let me show you why.

Johnny and Aldo are talking and having fun when Aldo checks his phone in the kitchen.

Aldo: Oh crap! Gotta pick up Sara. We’ll hang out later. You really need to get a girl so we can go out on a double date.

Aldo smiles before leaving and heading out. Johnny looks down dejected.

Johnny: Yeah… Getting a girl huh….

Aldo: Dude. Who is this guy you keep wanting me to meet? Don’t tell me you’ve gone gay on me!

Johnny laughs: Never… You know me. He’s just a friend.

Dr. Smith appears: Ah Johnny! And this must be Aldo. It’s so great to meet you.

Johnny: So you know how you aren’t sure about what to do for your bachelor party. Well, Dr. Smith here is a hypnotist!

Aldo: Really? A hypnosis show?

Johnny: Come on, wouldn’t you want to see Mikey acting like a monkey?

Aldo: I’d like to see YOU acting like a monkey…

They all laugh.

Aldo: And isn’t hypnosis fake anyway?

Both Johnny and Dr. Smith give each other a secret glance that Aldo took the bait. Dr. Smith continues..

Dr. Smith: Oh I assure you it’s not fake. I can show you if you’d like…

Aldo: I don’t know about this…

Johnny laughs: C’mon. Once you experience it, you’ll know you want to hire him.

Aldo: Fine… But if you dare make me act like a monkey… you’re a dead man!

Dr. Smith: Now it’s very simple. I just want you to watch the pendant go back and forth… Back and forth…

Aldo’s eyes go back and forth.

Dr. Smith: You’re getting more and more relaxed. You can’t keep your eyes off the pendant…

Aldo: I don’t think this is working…

But Aldo keeps staring.

Dr. Smith: Don’t think about that. Just follow the pendant. Think only about following the pendant and letting yourself go…

Aldo: Only…. pendant… let myself… go….

Dr. Smith pulls back the pendant and smiles in victory.

Dr. Smith: and that’s it. Now Aldo is under my complete control. Aren’t you Aldo?

Aldo: Under your complete control….

Johnny gets excited and jumpy: You really did it! Oh my God I didn’t think someone can be hypnotized like that!! Can I…. can I touch him?

Dr. Smith: Go ahead. He won’t feel or notice anything, unless I command him to!!

Johnny goes up to Aldo and waves his hand in front of Aldo’s face and Aldo stares blankly ahead: Damn, you really don’t know what’s going on do you? I’m sorry I have to do this, but I’ve loved you for a long time. I just had to have you before you get married…. to HER…

Aldo stares off unblinking, blankface. Johnny takes off Aldo’s shirt. And starts feeling him up.

Dr. Smith laughs: I can see why you like him so much.

Johnny: Yeah.. Erm.. Do you think I might be able to have some time alone with him? 

Dr. Smith: Oh yeah.. Sure! Sorry about that. I’ll leave you to it. And oh? Aldo? You’ll obey Johnny just as you obey me, got it?

Aldo: Yes Dr. Smith… Obey Johnny…

Dr. Smith: Have fun you two lovebirds.

Johnny nervously laughs: Beg me to take your pants off…

Aldo: Please Johnny, take my pants off.

Johnny gulps as he unbuttons Aldo’s pants and pulls them down. Aldo staring ahead unblinking, swaying, face blank.

Johnny hugs Aldo and starts nuzzling him.

Johnny: Tell me you love me.

Aldo: I love you Johnny….

Johnny: Keep repeating it.

Aldo: I love you Johnny….. I love you johnny…. I love you Johnny… I love you Johnny….

Aldo keeps repeating this as Johnny kissing Aldo’s neck and face and show kissing all around while Aldo stares blankly ahead, repeating his mantra and it fades to black.

Cut to Johnny and Aldo back in the kitchen.

Johnny: You okay dude?

Aldo: You know the wedding is in a few days. I love Sara but GOD I am nervous!!!

The doorbell rings and it is Dr. Smith.

Aldo: Hey Dr. Smith.

Aldo looks at Johnny: What’s he doing here?

Johnny is nervous: Well… I’m nervous too.

Aldo: About what?

Johnny: Well, I love you so much which is the only reason why I would do this…

Aldo is super confused.

Johnny: I don’t want to keep lying to you… I paid Dr. Smith to hypnotize you so I could play with you.

Aldo: Play with me?!??!

Johnny: Yeah…. we had sex and everything.

Aldo: SEX??!??! You sick fr…..

Dr. Smith: OBEY!!!

Aldo suddenly goes blankface and calm and eyes blankly staring straight ahead, swaying.

Aldo: Obey…..

Dr. Smith: Well that didn’t go as planned did it? That’s rough… I’m sorry.

Johnny looks at Aldo swaying: It’s not fair. I would have treated him so good, better than what SHE can do.

Johnny suddenly gets an idea.

Johnny: I got it! Do you think maybe… maybe you can get him to fall in love with me?

Dr. Smith: What you’re asking is very unethical.

Johnny goes awkward crazy in denial: I don’t care! Please man please.

Johnny gets cut off and goes blank face, swaying

Dr. Smith: RECRUIT!!!!!!

Dr. Smith smiles evilly and caresses Johnny’s blank face: You two can be together. But it’ll be under my watch. I know you would have enjoyed this if you were awake, but be thankful. Now both of you, underwear now!

Both Aldo and Johnny: Yes, Dr. Smith….

Show both staring ahead but stripping to underwear.

Dr. Smith: Face each other, look into each other’s eyes.

Aldo and Johnny does so.

Dr. Smith: Now for what you’ve been waiting for… Johnny when you kiss Aldo you will be bound to him forever. KISS

Show both Aldo and Johnny leaning forward,, blankface kissing with no emotion for a few before fading to black.

We now see Dr. Smith showing Mr. Latcher the fun he can have with a couple versus a single guy.

is there)

Dr. Smith: so that’s the story of how these two got together. You understand that I just can’t separate them, can you? You’ll take both of them? Wonderful! And as a surprise, I’ll give you a two for one discount for your continued patronage. Please wire over the regular amount to finalize the transaction and I’ll get the newlyweds on their way!


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