JB with Mr. Latcher – ALL NEW (reviews)


17 min.


“JB’s videos (Latcher and the Hypno one) were the ones I purchased were both hot. The Latcher one we got to see his nice bulge and the hypno one we got to see his nice big cock. Hoping to see more of JB very soon.”

“The JB Mr. Latcher video is so good! Loved the new insult and compliment triggers. JB is hot and a good actor. The back-to-back manipulation part using those triggers and others made the video even hotter.”

JB is under control and being introduced to Mr. Latcher via video and answers the following questions:

How old are you?

Are you gay or straight?

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Do you have a college education?

Are you involved in sports?

What did I do to you?

Then we see the process in which he is duped into giving away all the shares of his company to Mr. Latcher. It starts with a meeting at home and ends with JB watching a spiral on tv tell he is under. Once under the following triggers are installed:


Compliment – say nice things about Dr. Smith

Insult – talk shit about himself


Worship – bow down and worship at Dr. Smith’s feet

Nipple – touch his nipples





In the next few scenes we see JB triggered with these words while in different situations around the office.


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