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“JB’s videos (Latcher and the Hypno one) were the ones I purchased were both hot. The Latcher one we got to see his nice bulge and the hypno one we got to see his nice big cock. Hoping to see more of JB very soon.”


JB Meets Dr. Smith for a hypnosis session for sports performance

Dr. Smith asks JB what inspired him to reach out for a hypnosis session.  JB explains that he’s a competitive athlete and he’s heard that hypnosis can be used to enhance performance.  He’s curious and interested in exploring what it could do for him to give him an edge.  He is open to it and wants to try it, although he expresses some hesitation that he doesn’t want to lose control or become a “mindless zombie” like he’s seen in the movies.

Dr. Smith assures him that hypnosis can achieve breakthrough results in many areas of his life and that he can’t be made to do anything against his will.  Of course, Dr. Smith has already determined that there’s probably a LOT of wiggle room when it comes to JB.  

Dr. Smith uses the excuse of “let’s establish a physical baseline before we get started.  That way I know what I have to work with in the hypnosis sessions.  Do you mind if we take some photos for documentation?”.  JB agrees and Dr. Smith invites JB to remove his shirt. Dr. Smith assures JB that he’s sure they can achieve some great results with hypnosis because they’ve got such a great foundation to start from.


With JB’s permission, Dr. Smith begins an induction using his infamous pendant, counting down from 20.  Around number 10 JB, although obviously beginning to be affected, half mumbles “I don’t…think…it’s…work…ing…” and by the time Dr. Smith reaches the number 1, JB’s eyes roll back, his head drops, and he slumps forward.  Dr. Smith catches him and checks to make sure he’s truly under by lifting and dropping his arms.  They flop to his side and make his body slump even deeper.  Dr. Smith raises JB’s chin so we can see his sleeping face.  He runs his fingers through JB’s hair, pushes it gently back from his forehead and does a few eye checks to see that JB is indeed deeply under, his eyes rolled back or unresponsive.

Smith:  JB, you will hear nothing but my voice and answer truthfully any question I ask you.  Do you understand?

JB:  Yes sir

Smith:  (to himself – Hmm, already calling me sir!  This is a good sign…)  JB, you will continue to call me sir from now on.

JB:  Yes sir

Smith:  JB, I’m curious.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being totally agressive and 10 being totally submissive, where would you rate yourself?

JB:  8, sir

Smith:  I thought that might be the case.  We can use that in your programming.  JB, from this point forward, you will obey my every command without question.  It will turn you on to be totally submissive and obedient to me.  In fact, doing my bidding will only serve to increase your naturally submissive nature.  You want nothing more than to make me happy.  Do you understand?

JB: Yes sir

Smith:  Good boy.  You’re enjoying this deep state of hypnosis, I can tell.  And you’ll be able to return to this wonderful place from now on whenever I point to your head or say the word “sleep”.  The word “sleep” drops you 10 times deeper each time you hear it.  In addition, I’m going to give you two other triggers – “freeze” and “release”.  These will affect you even when you are not in trance.  When you hear the word “freeze” you will become stiff as a statue, hard as stone, unable to move, think or speak.  And you will remain that way until you hear me say “release”.  Do you understand?

JB:  Yes sir

Smith:  Great.  Now, let’s see what we’ve got to work with…  JB, when I wake you, every time I snap my fingers you will freeze and I will remove an article of your clothing.  You will find nothing unusual about this and when I release you you will continue talking with me as if nothing is out of the ordinary.  Waking on the count of 3.  1…2…3!

JB snaps to and looks a bit confused, but quickly recovers.  Dr. Smith continues to ask him about his sports, his team, what specific athletic goals he wants to achieve.  And all the while Dr. Smith keeps snapping his fingers, freezing and undressing JB until JB is down to his underwear, unaware of his predicament.

Smith:  JB, I think you’ll find hypnosis will be the perfect tool for you to realize your full potential.  

JB:  I hope so, Dr. Smith.   But does it really work?

Smith:  Absolutely.  See for yourself!  When I snap my fingers, you will realize exactly what has happened to you.  (Snaps fingers – JB jerks into consciousness to find himself exposed and embarrassed)

JB:  Whoa!  What the fuck??  What have you done to me?  This wasn’t part of the plan!  I’m getting outta here and I’m going to the police!

JB makes a move to go, bending over to pick up his clothes and threatening Dr. Smith.

Smith:  No, it wasn’t part of YOUR plan…  FREEZE!  (JB freezes in whatever position he’s in)…But it definitely was part of MINE.

Dr. Smith then proceeds to position JB in various poses – like a superhero with his chest out and his arms on his hips, shifting JB’s head so his chin is out and eyes staring off into space.  He puts JB’s thumb in his mouth, manipulating his hand/thumb and mouth to make it happen.  He frequently strokes JB’s cheek and runs his fingers through his hair, complimenting him on what a handsome jock he is.  Smith pulls JB’s thumb out of his mouth.

Smith:  I think it’s time we see the whole package, JB.

Smith snaps his fingers one final time and JB obediently removes his underwear and stands erect, eyes glazed over and blank.  Smith explores his cock and balls, complimenting them, examines JB’s ass.  He then approaches JB from behind, caresses his chest, his hair, and nuzzles his neck.  Then, while holding JB firmly from behind, his arms wrapped around JB’s chest, he triggers JB awake…

Smith:  Release!

JB comes to, confused and suddenly realizing he’s completely naked and being fondled.  He begins to protest and struggles to break away, but Dr. Smith has other ideas.

Smith:  Sleep!

In the middle of protesting, JB’s eyes close, his head drops, and his body goes fully limp in Dr. Smith’s arms.  He is completely helpless.  Dr. Smith decides it’s time to have some more fun.

Smith:  Such a good, obedient boy.  Let’s clean you up and make you more comfortable so we can begin our work.  When I snap my fingers you will awaken, completely unaware that you are naked and in my arms – you just blacked out briefly – must have been an effect of the tough workout you had in the sun today.  You will stand and realize that you need to clean up after that workout.  You’re still sweaty and smelly and you’d really feel better if you took a shower.  You’ll ask me if I mind if you take a shower and you won’t mind at all if I come and watch.  In fact, you like it when other guys watch you shower.  Do you understand?

JB:  Yes sir.

Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and JB comes to.  He looks a bit dazed, then straightens up, apologizing…

JB:  Wow, I’m so sorry – I must have gotten too much sun during my workout today.  I probably just need to relax.  Do you mind if I take a shower?

Dr. Smith:  Sure, not a problem.  Let me show you where everything is.  We can keep getting to know each other while you’re in the shower.

JB:  That’d be great!

Time to clean up

They head toward the bathroom together.

(Note:  the whole next scene is about the objectification of JB and Dr. Smith turning him into a mindless doll to be manipulated and played with – emphasis on soaping up his body, shampooing his hair, massaging his head, stroking him, etc.)

Cut to JB adjusting the water temperature and stepping into the shower while Dr. Smith continues to chat with him about his school and sports and girls.  JB wets his hair and makes sure to get his whole body good and wet, caressing himself sensually.  When he looks at the camera or at Dr. Smith, Dr. Smith says “freeze”, and we’re treated to this wet, dripping hunk staring blankly off into space.  

Smith:  I simply can’t resist taking advantage of this opportunity, JB.  You’ve got a body that simply has to be touched.

While JB’s frozen like a statue, Dr. Smith takes advantage of the situation and grabs a bar of soap and starts soaping him up all over, massaging his pecs, abs.

Smith puts the bar of soap in JB’s hand, resumes his position and says “release”.  JB continues showering like nothing has happened.

Smith again says “freeze” and approaches JB once more.  He puts some shampoo in his hand and slowly, lovingly starts to massage shampoo into JB’s hair.

Dr. Smith:  I’m sure you’ll love this new shampoo I developed, JB.  It’s got an anesthetic in it that will seep into your scalp and numb your brain, making you even more susceptible to my programming.

Dr. Smith continues to run his fingers through JB’s hair and talk about how good it feels, how JB obviously can’t move, but how he probably can already feel his mind going numb and what a relief it is to not have to think for himself.

Finally, Dr. Smith returns to his seat and releases JB.  JB looks a bit startled when he comes to, but then continues to shampoo himself until he’s done.  Any conversation now is a bit slurred, robotic – it’s obvious that the drugged shampoo is having the desired effect.  JB seems a bit sluggish and confused as he answers any of Dr. Smith’s questions.  He rinses himself thoroughly, steps out of the shower and turns to Dr. Smith with his hand reaching out asking for a towel.  One last time, as Dr. Smith hands him a towel, he freezes him to have some more fun.

Dr. Smith takes the towel and rubs JB down all over as the stud stares mindlessly into space.  Dr. Smith then takes a comb or brush and begins to style JB’s hair, running his fingers through it and combing or brushing it like one would comb the hair on a doll.  All the while, Dr. Smith is complimenting him and talking to him about how good it is to have an obedient boy to play with, how happy he is that JB decided to come by, and what great plans he has for him.

Smith:  Time for the next step in your training, boy.

“Empty Your Mind”

Dr. Smith manipulates JB’s limp limbs, dropping his arms, rubbing his chest, even kissing his unconscious toy.  He starts to play with JB’s penis, stroking it gently and caressing his balls.  JB remains blissfully unaware.  Dr. Smith lies next to JB, watching him sleep, and while stroking his hair, he says

Smith:  JB, I’ve been looking for someone just like you – handsome, fit, gullible and naturally submissive.  Someone I can mold as I wish.  

Smith then commands JB to get up, stand at attention, and stroke himself.  JB obediently stands and stares off into space, his body erect and solid, his mind blank, his hand robotically pleasuring himself

Smith:  But it’s going to take some work to program you properly.  I need to lay a solid foundation before I can count on your complete obedience…  We have to remove any barriers or resistance that you might still have and make room for your new programming.  We’re going to start by emptying your brain.

JB: (still stroking mindlessly) Yes sir

Smith:  Have you ever seen an office water cooler?  The type with the big jug of water on it?

JB:  Yes sir

Smith:  Good boy.  I want you to imagine that your beautiful head is just like that water jug.  And all the thoughts in your head are the water.  Can you picture that for me?

JB:  Yes sir.

Smith:  Excellent.  When I say the words “empty your mind”, your jaw will drop, your mouth will hang open, and all the thoughts in your head will simply flow out, just like the water in the water cooler.  You’ll actually feel your brain emptying of all thought, all cares, all resistance.  And all that will be left is a warm emptiness, a good feeling that makes you happy.

JB:  Yes sir.

Smith:  JB, “empty your mind”

JB’s jaw drops, his face goes slack, and his eyes empty.  It’s as if one could see all his thoughts draining out.  He’s just a dumb shell of a jock.  It would be cool if he could even drool a bit to emphasize the mindlessness he’s succumbed to.

Smith:  That’s it.  Just let all the thoughts drain away.  You’re an empty vessel for me to fill, aren’t you?

JB: (mumbling incoherently) 

Smith:  Perfect.  I think you’re ready now for the next stage of your programming.  I’ve sent a new program to your phone…

JB is back in his office and given his final instructions before he leaves.