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15 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. This was written for Connor originally but he was unavailable to play the role so Dr. Smith stepped in.

Ethan, a sports jock, comes over to his friend Connor’s house to chill. As Ethan and Connor are watching TV on the couch, Connor grabs a cloth and chloroforms Ethan. Ethan struggles to break lose but Connor continues to hold the cloth tight to Ethan’s mouth. Ethan starts to slowly fade, as his eyes start to roll back into his head. As Ethan slowly fades, Ethan finally falls asleep. Connor fondles Ethan’s motionless body and plays with Ethan’s long hair. Connor takes Ethan’s shirt off; as Ethan’s arms and body move around like a ragdoll. After taking Ethan’s shirt off, Connor positions Ethan on his lap and fondles his shirtless chest; as Ethan’s legs are spread open. (Very similar to the Klein video, when Klein is on the couch passed out). Ethan’s eyes slowly start to open, and Connor decides to hypnotize Ethan has his body remains motionless. After hypnotizing Ethan and putting him to sleep, Connor gets up and leaves as Ethan lays on the couch knocked out.

Ethan finally comes around and wakes up as Connor enters the room. Ethan is wondering what happened and seems confused. Connor explains that Ethan passed out watching TV. Ethan then gets mad and starts yelling at Connor and acting like a tough guy. Ethan starts yelling that “Connor isn’t going to get away with this and that he’s going to kick Connor’s ass”. Ethan then starts to leave, and Connor says the magic word “Slave” as Ethan is walking out. At that point, Ethan’s body becomes motionless as Ethan’s friend now has control of Ethan’s body. Connor explains to Ethan what has happened and says, “Your body is under my control and soon your mind will be under my control as well”. Ethan begins to start pleading with Connor to stop and not to do this. Connor starts to fondle Ethan’s body and plays with Ethan’s ass, as Ethan stands there motionless. Connor then says, ‘Go and sit on the couch”. Ethan walks over and sits on the couch as his face looks concerned about what’s going on. Connor then tells Ethan to spread his legs open and Ethan spreads his legs wide open. Connor begins fondling Ethan’s body. Connor again takes Ethan’s shirt off. Ethan is still begging not to take over his mind to the point where he’s almost crying, all while Connor is still fondling Ethan’s motionless body.

Connor decides to take Ethan mind and body over together and Connor says the words “Control” and while Ethan is pleading not to, Ethan stops talking, and his face becomes motionless, mindless, glazing off in the distance. Connor says, ‘That’s right, you’re mine now”. Connor says ‘Sleep” and Ethan falls asleep and his body becomes motionless. Connor fondles Ethan’s hair and body. After fondling and looking over Ethan’s body for a bit, Connor awakens Ethan and takes his mind out of the trance. Ethan’s body is still under control and motionless.  Ethan says, “What happened”, “Please stop, Please Stop”. Connor then immediately puts Ethan straight to sleep by saying “Sleep”. Ethan’s body instantly goes to sleep, his body quickly slouches down on the couch as his legs become more spread open showing Ethan’s nice thighs. Connor begins to fondle Ethan’s thighs and close to his dick. Occasionally as Connor fondles Ethan, his thighs would twitch. After fondling for a bit., Connor leaves the room.

After some time, Ethan slowly comes to and tries to crawl his way out on his hands and knees. As Ethan is crawling, Connor reenters and begins asking Ethan “Where’s you going”. Still begging Ethan says, ‘Please stop” as he’s trying to crawl away, and Connor says ‘Sleep” and Ethan’s body falls to his side and roles over on his back with his hands and legs spread open and passed out on the floor. Connor then takes Ethan’s pants off and begins fondling Ethan’s body. As Connor is touching Ethan’s body, Ethan’s body continues to twitch. When Connor touches near Ethan’s dick, Ethan’s thighs would twitch. At the end, Connor says ’You’re all mine now. All Mine” as Ethan says there motionless.

Connor then tells Ethan to stand up and to put his pants back on. Connor then demands Ethan to walk to the bedroom. Ethan walks to the bedroom in a zombie format and then stands in front of the bed. Connor then says “Sleep” to Ethan and Ethan falls asleep by bending over; still standing but bent over with his arms dandling.  Connor then gets behind Ethan and from behind grabs his hair to pull the motionless Ethan up and toward Connor. Connor fondles Ethan’s body a bit as he holds Ethan’s standing, motionless body. Connor then turns Ethan around and holds Ethan’s ragdoll body only by his chin, with Ethan’s arms dangling and then puts his finger on Ethan’s forehead and ever so slowly pushes Ethan’s body backwards onto the bed.

Ethan’s body is positioned with his back and ass on the bed and his feet are touching the floor; showing off his spread open legs and his thighs. Connor then starts to fondle and kiss Ethan; as the camera gets a straight shot of Ethan’s thighs. Connor then, pulls up Ethan’s full body onto the bed like a ragdoll and gets Ethan under the covers and then Conner gets under the covers as well. Camera gets a close shot as Connor cuddles up with Ethan. As the video ends, Ethan’s eyes occasionally open showing his eyes rolled up into his head. Video Ends    

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