Ethan the CEO – ALL NEW


This is a custom video and some changes have been to the script below in the final product.

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Dr Smith: Now Ethan, I am going to take out a pendulum and I want you to follow it very closely with your eyes. (Dr. Smith swings the pendulum in front of Ethan’s eyes) Watch it as it swings back and forth. Back and forth. You are feeling really relaxed and receptive to my voice. I will count backwards from ten and then you will fall into a deep sleep. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7- 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. Ethan falls into a trance. I want him to say smth like „You are losing your time, it won‘t work on me“ before falling under. And Dr. Smith begins addressing the audience.

Dr. Smith (to Audience): Good, Ethan is out for the moment. So I see your boss is a bit of an arrogant jerk (reacts to nodding audience), yeah that‘s what I thought… Oh and he also underpays you guys?! Well then, we’re going to have an amazing show for you tonight! Let‘s look at it as payback time! We‘re gonna teach some humbleness into this big guy. Let‘s start with some basics shall we? Dr. Smith turns to Ethan and goes through the standards of not believing he’s been hypnotized, forgetting his name and because he was chickening out earlier (as dr. Smith will remind the audience) he act like a chicken everytime dr. Smith says the words chicken or chick.

I want Ethan to condescengly say stuff like „see it didn’t work“ and „sorry to have ruined your show“ or „this must be so embarassing for you pal“. He won‘t know why he is still needed on stage and be confused why he can‘t remember his name and why his employees are laughing at him after he makes chicken noises. I want him to be increazingly annoyed by the laughing, starting with „why are you guys laughing?“ to „if you don‘t stop, I‘m gonna fire your asses!“

Dr. Smith: Sleep! (Puts an annoyed Ethan under trance).

Dr. Smith: (to audience) Now Ethan is in a very receptive state again. He seems to be an excellent subject, so it is time to move on to the main portion of tonight’s entertainment. Your big boss seemed very proud earlier of how much bigger and muscular he was compared to me. I don‘t really see it under that suit, do you? Let’s see if we can fix that.

Dr Smith: (to Ethan) Now Ethan. When I say the word “Strip”, you will remove an article of clothing and not realize that you are doing it. You will do so until you are down to your underwear. When I say the word “Flex”, you will flex for a few moments without realizing that you are doing so. When I say the word “Wake”, these commands will take effect. Wake!

Ethan wakes up and Dr. Smith begins the show alternating strip and flex commands. Ethan removes his shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and flexes in between, while Dr. Smith asks him a variety of personal questions(I want him to sound arrogant and a bit homophobe, say he‘s straight, married and have 2 kids, make him also talk about how he was a popular jock back in the day and was a football and wrestling star through high school and college), all the while Ethan is oblivious to what he is doing and is sure he is still wearing his expensive cloths. Once down to his underwear, Dr. Smith tells him to sleep. Ethan falls back into a trance.

DR. SMITH (to the audience): Now this is not a strip club, so I will stop there, but look at him! You‘re boss might be an arrogant prick, but considering his physical form we can understand why! He must have spent a lot of time in the office gym!

DR. SMITH (back to Ethan): Ethan, when I wake you again, I am going to start chatting with you some more. About 10 seconds into our chat, you will suddenly realize that you are standing in front of everyone in just your underwear. You will be embarrassed and freaked out and start putting your clothes back. Wake!

Ethan wakes up and Dr. Smith engaged in some brief chat. Ethan suddenly realizes he is in his underwear and freaks out. He snatches his clothes and starts getting dressed, shouting at and insulting Dr Smith with words like „pervert“ „faggot“ and „jackass“ as well as shouting to the audience that he‘s gonna fire every single one of them for making him hire this pervert hypnotist. He gets pretty much dressed when Dr. Smith says „look now who‘s embarassed“ while laughing. To that remark I want Ethan to look at Dr. Smith with murdurous eyes and suddenly grab Dr. Smith throat with one hand and starting to choke him while saying menacingly „I‘m gonna kill you fucker!“

Dr. Smith (choking): Sleep! Ethan releases Dr. Smith and he coughs while trying to regain his breath. Dr. Smith (to audience while still a bit panting): That asshole… big mistake… Now normally at the regular shows, I would have stopped here. But it seems your jackass of a boss really needs to be taught a lesson, so tonight we are going to really have some fun with our hot shot CEO, Ethan. If any of you have cell phones or cameras, I would suggest having them at the ready because you are definitely going to want to get this for posterity.

DR. SMITH (to Ethan): Now Ethan. When I wake you again, you will think that you are at a charity event. You have been training for weeks for this and it is now time for you to do a full monty striptease. You are feeling incredibly sexy and the more you strip the more you get for the charity. This makes you feel good and you want to strip off everything. Wake! Ethan begins a sexy striptease for the audience. He gets back down to his underwear and starts showing some reluctance towards removing them. Dr. Smith starts telling him that it is really important for everything to come off so the charity gets all its money and starts shouting “OFF! OFF! OFF!” Ethan finally strips them off and dances around a few more moments shaking his bare rear and genitals at the audience before Dr. Smith puts him under again.

Dr. Smith: Now Ethan, it was very nice of you to expose yourself to us, but with a body like that, I think the whole world deserves to see it! So I want you to feel even sexier than when you were stripping. I want you to caress yourself, play with your nipples as well as flex for your employees. I want you to beg them to film and take pictures of you so they all remember how good you look. I also want you to order them to share those nudes online because everyone needs to know how hot you are. You will expose yourself completely to them and be careful to present yourself from every angles. Wake!

Ethan starts caressing himself and flex, I want him to occasionaly plays with his nipples. I‘d like Dr. Smith to occasionally laugh and be surprised by some of Ethan‘s flexing position. After the asshole thing Ethan is put under again.

DR. SMITH repeats the earlier effect of waking Ethan up and having him realize he is completely naked in front of the audience. He is embarrassed and starts to freak out again. I also want him to remember how he exposed himself to his employees before and order them (shouting) to delete their footage. But before he can put anything back on or attack dr Smith again, Dr. Smith puts him under.

DR. SMITH: (to the audience) And now a very special and explosive climax to our show. Dr. Smith proceed to place Ethan‘s hand behind his back. He then tells Ethan that when he wakes, he will believe his hands have been handcuffed behind his back, and that his feet will feel like they are nailed to the floor. Now matter how much he wants to escape, he cannot get his hands nor feet to cooperate. Dr. Smith then wakes up Sage.

Ethan is pissed that he is naked and „handcuffed“ and frantic that he cannot get his feet to move, I want to see him visibly struggling while trying to move and escape. He notices his employees are still filming him and is embarassed and tell them they if they don’t stop now and delete those everything they are all fired and not to come on monday (of course they continue filming). Dr. Smith begins to oil up and worship Ethan, who is furious and sputtering the whole time, i want him to insult Dr. Smith like earlier, but also react and threaten random audience members like „Put down you’re camera John. I knew you were a faggot, you‘re gonna jerk off to that later huh?!“ or „Stop taking pictures Stacy, I know you‘ve probably never seen a naked man before in your life you fatty!“. And of course the „I‘m gonna sue you all if I find a single picture of me naked on the internet!“. It is important that he just doesnt stand there still while all this happens. I want to see him trying to escape by wiggling and jerking his body. I want Dr. Smith to say smth to the likes of “You haven’t learned nothing yet, not smart insulting the guy that holds your dignity in his hands, I think it‘s time for the audience to see your hard dick, I‘m gonna love making you cum for them” to finish this sequence

To that remark, we see Ethan fall silent and stop struggling, I want him to look scared but still angry and start try to bargain with Dr. Smith and his employees.

Ethan: No, no, no… Wait please, you can‘t do that to me. Ok ok, I’m sorry (see him struggle saying that). I’ll give you whatever you want, money, a lot of money if you stop the show and don‘t jerk me off, please! Make everyone forget what happened tonight and make sure all those recordings from everybody gets deleted.

Dr. Smiths: Oh, is that so. How much money?

Ethan: One million$

Dr. Smith: Well how about 3?

Ethan: Deal, now release me. Do your fucking job!

Dr. Smith: Sleep!

Ethan falls into trance.

Dr Smith: Okay Ethan, I know you were lying. So now tell me what was behind your mind when you were feeding me your bullshit

Ethan (in his trance and with a monotone voice): Yes, I was lying… I would have transferred you the money… but that money would have come from my employees, as I have been stealing profits from their bonuses for years. It would then look like as if you hacked and stole from their accounts. After you kept your end of the deal and make everybody forget, I would haved released those transfer datas to the police and you would have ended up in jail, where you belong…

Dr. Smith: (To the Audience) Well well, isn’t that interesting. Your boss is even more of a scumbag than I thought. Well it would be easy to go to the police, but I have a better idea. How about we all get revenge on the big boss and make your jobs a lot more interesting:

So Ethan, when you wake up. I want you to believe that I hypnotized everybody and made them forgot everything that happened, as well as made them delete every nude footage of you. And because you know that fact for sure, you won’t be able to understand those naked pictures of you online is really you! I want you to believe I made that for free as well, because I was “intimidated” by you. You will then get dressed and leave the stage thinking you “won” tonight. But the truth is that you will not be dressed, actually, you won’t get to be clothed at all while working! This is payback for the employees you screw over! From now on, you will still be able to see your casual cloths, but you won’t be able to see any underwear, nor business attire you own, instead you will wear “imaginary business suits” and think you are dressed for work even though you are completely naked. You won’t even believe people at your company telling you you are nude and will refuse to wear anything people give you during office hours. I’m nice enough to let you wear normal cloths in your private life, so you still can function in society, but because your such a dick to your employees, I think it’s deserving that they get to see yours t work! This last command will last for the rest of your life and will be impossible for anyone, even for me, to override with hypnosis or therapy! Wake!

Ethan wakes up and starts to get “dressed”. I want him to tell Dr. Smith while getting dressed with his “invisible cloths) that he made a good decision to comply with his demands and would have regretted the alternative. I want him to brag by saying he always wins in the end, that’s why his competitors are so afraid of him.

When Ethan is “dressed”. I want Dr. Smith to say smth like “nice suit by the way”

Ethan: Thanks, it’s very expensive. You will never be able to afford it and pull it off like I do. (He turns around and shows off the “suit” while saying that”

Dr. Smith: That’s for sure!

Ethan then leaves the stage still totally naked.

DR. SMITH (to the audience): I hope you enjoyed tonight’s festivities and the unveiling of your arrogant boss, I think he got what he deserves. I’m sure that looking at your hot CEO naked body during office hours will compensate for your low pay rates. Be sure to share the word on what a great show this was and feel free to upload any photos or video footage to the internet, so your friends can see what a great show I put on and can see Ethan…REALLY SEE ETHAN!