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This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.

There is a knock on the door, and Smith answers it to find Ethan standing there, holding pamphlets He is dressed in a nice shirt and tie and black shoes, neat hair.  Ethan introduces himself, and explains that he is from the Evangelical Church down the block, and is raising funds to support a ballot measure to block homosexuals from working as school teachers.  (You can make up a number, like “Proposition Ten” — I don’t know your local political system, so change this as needed to make sense.)

Smith, pretending not to be pissed off,  introduces himself and invites Ethan in to tell him more.  They sit on the couch in the living room;  Ethan compliments the apartment and asks what Smith does for a living.  Smith says he is a hypnotist.  Ethan replies that he doesn’t approve of hypnosis;  his church thinks it’s sinful.  Smith laughs and tells him not to worry — don’t believe the hype — hypnosis is nothing but normal relaxation.  He holds up his pendulum and says “See?  It’s just a piece of jewelry on a chain, nothing special…” and swings it back and forth, catching Ethan’s gaze.  Ethan is automatically following the pendant with his eyes, but hasn’t realized that Smith is trying to hypnotize him.  Smith goes on as if it’s regular conversation “People think hypnosis is magical mind control, but it’s just focusing and relaxing.  Anyone can focus and relax, right?  Nothing wrong with how focused and relaxed you are now.”    Ethan is responding “Yeah”, “I guess”, “okay”, until finally his eyes stop following the pendant and just stare straight ahead.  Smith puts down the pendant and waves a hand in front of Ethan’s unresponsive face.   “You should have listened to your church”, he says.

Smith tells Ethan   “When you wake up, you will have no memory of me being a hypnotist or hypnotizing you.  Every time I snap my fingers, you will take off an article of clothing without noticing.  You will only notice when I ask you what you are wearing.  When I tell you to sleep, you will go back into a trance.  Do you understand?”  Ethan replies in a sleepy voice “I understand”

Smith snaps his fingers and says “wake up!” Ethan comes wide awake, and says “sorry, my mind drifted there for a minute.  What were we talking about?”

Smith and Ethan have a conversation, during which Smith occasionally snaps his fingers, forcing Ethan to strip down to his underwear. (For conversation, smith can be asking about this church — how long has it been around (just a few months) — how much money has he raised ($180 so far today) — how many people are in the congregation (about 130, but growing) — Is Ethan from LA  (no, he moved here from wherever) — does Ethan like it here — etc.  Socks and shoes should come off together rather than individually so it doesn’t take so long to strip him.

Finally when Ethan is down to his underwear, Smith asks “What are you wearing?” — Ethan notices that he is almost naked, and it totally embarrassed and apologetic.  “I don’t know how that happened, etc”.  Ethan starts to frantically put on his clothes again.  After his pants are on, Smith snaps his fingers and says “Sleep”.  Ethan’s head instantly drops forwards and his arms fall to his sides.  Smith tells Ethan to open his eyes, but stay in a trance.  He orders Ethan to get out his wallet and give Smith all the money he’s raised so far.  Ethan does so.

Then Smith orders Ethan to strip down to his underwear again, and to stand at attention.  “You have a surprisingly nice body.  Flex your arms for me.”  Ethan flexes, and Smith feels him up.  Smith takes his time, exploring Ethan’s body and posing him in different ways like a mannequin.

After that, Smith says:  “Okay Ethan.  Since you think gay people are sub-human, you can be sub-human yourself.  When I snap my fingers, you will become a dog.  A very obedient dog.  You will go back to your church and pee on the carpet.  Do you understand?”  Ethan says “I understand.”  Smith snaps his fingers, and Ethan drops to all fours, barking and sniffing around.  Smith makes him beg and roll over.  Then he tells Ethan to go back to his church.  Ethan crawls over to the door and scratches at it to be let out.  Smith stands up to let him out, then…

Smith says “wait, I have a better idea.  Ethan, stand up.  Come here.”   Ethan stands, back in trance, and returns.   “When I wake you up, you will be an opponent of Proposition Ten.  You will go door-to-door in the gay neighbourhood to raise money to fight that proposition.  You will do absolutely anything for $50 towards the cause.  In fact, you want nothing more than to please the gay men you are canvassing, and you will make that clear.  Do you understand?”   Ethan replies “I understand”.  Smith says “After canvassing for four hours, you will return here and canvass me last.  Do you understand?”  (Ethan replies)   Smith continues: “Now put your clothes back on.  Or better yet, let me find you something better to wear…”

Fade to black, then back to the living room where it is four hours later.  Smith is reading a book.  There is a knock on the door.  When Smith answers, it is Ethan, but he is wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt.  He has no memory of being there before.  Smith invites him in.

Ethan says “Hello, sir, my name is Ethan and I’m raising money to stop Proposition Ten.  Can I interest you in what I’m selling?”  Smith asks him what he’s selling, and Ethan says “Me.  Here, feel my arm.”  He flexes his arm for Smith, who feels it.  Ethan says “there’s more” and pulls off his shirt, encouraging Smith to feel him up.   “For a donation of $50 to stop Proposition Ten, I will do anything at all.”  He gets on his knees in front of Smith suggestively.  “Anything.”

After feeling him up a little, Smith snaps his fingers and tells Ethan to sleep.  Then he tells Ethan to open his eyes, and to get up.   Ethan does so.  Smith goes on to say “Ethan, when I wake you up, you will be back to your regular self.  You will remember absolutely everything that you did today.  But you cannot harm me in any way, now or in the future.  Do you understand?”   (Ethan replies “I understand”)   Smith continues: “You will never be able to talk about what happened to anyone, or communicate it in any other way, except when we are alone.  And you will obey any instruction I give you, calling me ‘master’.  Do you understand?”  (Ethan replies “I understand, master”)

Smith snaps his fingers, and tells Ethan to wake up.  Ethan looks, around, and at himself, shocked as the memories come back.  Then he turns to Smith in a rage and says “You asshole!  What did you do to me?  I’m going to kill you.”  Smith orders him to kneel. Ethan replies “Yes master” and drops to his knees.  (Note:  I don’t want that to be trance-y — he should say it like he’s wide awake, like it just came out of him mouth and he’s more surprised than anyone to hear himself say it.)  Ethan tries to correct himself “No… no… you’re not my fucking master and I won’t do what you say”

Smith says:  “I think you will.  Clasp you hands behind your back”.    Ethan replies “Yes master… fuck.” and does so, still on his knees.  Smith fishes Ethan’s wallet out of his pocket.  “How much money did you raise today?”  Ethan says “I’m not telling you anything”  Smith corrects himself “Tell me how much money you raised today”.  Ethan replies “Yes master.  I raised over $1000.  But you can’t have it!”

Smith puts the wallet back into Ethan’s pocket.  “I wouldn’t dream of taking it.  Ethan, as soon as you leave here, you will go directly to the community centre and donate all the money to the No on Ten campaign.”

Ethan replies “Yes master”

Smith says “And you will describe to them in detail how you raised it”

Ethan replies “Yes master”

Smith says “Get up and put on your clothes.”  Ethan replies “Yes master” and does so.  As he’s buttoning up his shirt, he says sullenly  “you are going to burn in hell for what you did to me”

Smith says “Freeze” and Ethan freezes like a statue.  Smith fixes Ethan’s tie, and straightens up the shirt, while saying “I don’t want you to leave here mad.  So when I unfreeze you, you will feel nothing but admiration, love and gratitude to me for opening your eyes today.  Now wake up.”

Ethan can move again.  He takes Smith by the shoulders and pulls him into a long hug.  “Thank you so much for everything, Doctor Smith”, he says.  “I have to go make that donation now.”

Smith says “I’m glad to help out.”    As Ethan is leaving, Smith calls after him:  “Oh — one more thing?  Then next time you’re in your church — pee on the carpet.”

Brad replies “Yes master” and leaves.

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