Eddie is shy – ALL NEW


20 min.

Nephew is really shy and keeping his head down, really shy and talks to Dr Smith about how much his social life sucks. Dr Smith hypnotizes him to make him a super confident cocky hunk so that he can have more fun socially.

Fun Scene Ideas and Triggers include:

  • Flex – Flexes for a 5-10 seconds when he hears the Flex trigger word
  • Strip – Strips when he hears the Strip trigger word
  • Name – Fist pumps the air and yells “Fuck I’m Sexy!” whenever he hears his name
  • Hump – Humps the air and yells “I fuck lots of chicks/dudes” (whatever he prefers) whenver he hears the Hump trigger word
  • Worship – Tells and encourages Dr Smith to touch and feel his muscles for 5-10 seconds and enjoy it whenever he hears the Worship trigger word
  • Compliment – Will compliment himself whenever he hears the Compliment trigger word
  • Gets oiled up by Dr Smith
  • A scene where he does a Photoshoot with Dr Smith
  • A scene where he becomes totally in love with his own reflection and starts telling himself how sexy he is in the mirror.
  • A scene where he calls up his friends just to randomly tell them how hot and sexy he is.

Just lots of fun triggers and scenes were someone who acted shy suddenly becomes the cockiest and ridiculously self obsessed hunk.


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